SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 20: Blake Ferguson and Josh Dugan arrive for a New South Wales Blues State of Origin captain's run at ANZ Stadium on June 20, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Disclaimer: I'm terribly sorry for bringing Origin up now that the series is over. I agree that it dominated too much of the media coverage outside of the series itself, but the reaction on social media has been such that I simply couldn't resist.

Ever since news broke that Laurie Daley was not offered the expected contract extension, and one more shot at Origin glory, speculation has run riot across the media and social media alike.

Most pointed to the fact that a change was needed. Fresh ideas introduced and perhaps a new way of thinking vital to any future success.

Some, rightly, drew attention to the fact that although Daley did end QLD's almost decade of dominance, that one series win was surrounded by a string of series losses.

Others pointed the finger directly at Josh Dugan and Blake Ferguson whose afternoon on the drink drew attention to the supposed culture, ultimately bringing down the Daley empire.

There is no doubt the reports that outlined the two Origin outside back's afternoon at the pub certainly didn't help Daley's cause, to say it is responsible for Daley's 'sacking' is both inaccurate and lazy.

For those who hadn't heard, players were given a free day to relax. Most stayed low key, but Dugan and Ferguson decided to have a few beers and a punt at the local. There was no suggestion of any wrong doing but the decision to drink rather than stay in and watch the depleted NRL round was ill advised.

As professionals, with a series deciding game just days away, it is to be expected that the two should have known better, despite not acting up or even staying out late, or anything of the such.

Laurie Daley didn't drive the guys to the local, but the general feeling is that the guidelines should have had their attention fixed purely on the upcoming fixture and not the ponies.

The whole situation could, and should, have been better managed, but the situation didn't cost Daley his job, poor results did.

Daley found a way to lose the unlosable series.

No Inglis, no Thurston, no Scott.

Queensland was on their last legs. Injuries ran riot. They had to blood rookies in the biggest series decider since, the last series decider.

NSW could not lose the series. They simply could not.

Yet they found a way.

Some incredible team selections and an over reliance on a player who has never been up to Origin standard sealed Daley's fault, not an afternoon on the drink by two players.

For one, Blake Ferguson should never have been there the second Tommy Turbo was declared fit.

A certain halfback, who was on his 32nd chance, was given free reign to run the side, yet was massively outplayed by a youngster in his first Origin game.

NSW's supposed all star forward pack were whacked silly by a bunch of rookies and players supposedly over the hill.

That cost Daley his job.

His inability to fire the side up in the biggest game of all of their careers cost Daley his job.

So Dugan and Fergo had a few quiet beers on an afternoon and had a few dollars on the dish lickers ...

Certainly didn't Laurie's fate as Origin coach.

The 22-6 result did.

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