SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 17: Adam Doueihi of the Rabbitohs attempts a conversion during the NRL trial match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and Wigan at ANZ Stadium on February 17, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

Adam Doueihi was a star in South Sydney’s backline in their late-season surge towards the finals, but following the signing of Latrell Mitchell, the Lebanon international appears the odd man out in Redfern.

Doueihi has been the Rabbitohs’ own ‘Mr Fix It’ since his debut early in the 2018 season, playing every position in the backline as a display of the youngsters versatility.

A natural five-eighth, Doueihi took the reigns at fullback for the Bunnies and shone, the team’s best on ground in their right loss to Canberra in the preliminary final.

However, Doueihi looks certain to spend the next two seasons at least languishing in a bench role or in the club’s NSW Cup side following the signature of Latrell Mitchell.

Mitchell has signed on until the end of 2021 on a $1.6 million deal, with a verbal guarantee that the two-time premiership winner will play fullback.

Centre pairing Braidon Burns and James Roberts are both under contract until the end of 2021 as well, while halves pairing Adam Reynolds (2021) and Cody Walker (2022) are both shored up with the club.

Not to mention Alex Johnston and Dane Gagai, however neither are believed to be at the club beyond the end of the 2020 season.

While it’s a good headache for head coach Wayne Bennett to have, Doueihi is talented enough to be starting at most clubs, and there’s no doubt the utility wouldn’t be happy spending two seasons coming off the interchange bench.

The Dragons are one club that could be interesting in the youngster’s signature, with fullback Matt Dufty currently set to languish in reserve grade due to his defensive struggles.

The departure of Gareth Widdop also opens up a slot on the Red V’s roster, with South Sydney desperate to move a few players on to try and accomodate Jai Arrow for the 2020 season.

While there’s no indication yet that Doueihi will depart, he remains the odd man out for South Sydney, and would have no shortage of suitors if he was to hit the open market.


  1. Nice to have this problem at Souths for a change.
    Back line injuries and now debunked MRC cost Souths premiership.
    Will be refreshing to compete on an even playing field in 2020

  2. Not going to happen, Doueihi will remain at Souths, Souths have already knocked back the Tigers and Storm who wanted him, he is a talent and won’t be on the bench or playing reggies, where Bennett plays him is up to him, but Nrl is a long season and depth is important.

  3. Swap Adam Doueihi and Alex Johnson for Josh Addo-Carr
    Plus a guarantee to release Tino Faa… to the Titans and they release Jai Areow early.

    Storm get 2 players in and out, titans get 1 player in and out. Rabbits get 2 players in and out.

    Storm get a future halves partner to pair with Munster in Adam. They also get Alex Johnson to replace Josh Addo-Cart who wants out. Johnson is actually a pretty similar player to Josh.
    Titans get their man early and release Jai early.
    Rabbits have to let go of a promising young player in Adam and Alex Johnson but pick up Jai early and get a top quality winger from the Storm.

    Rabbits have their stacked team, Titans are happy, and Storm get something good back in return for letting Tino and Josh leave.

  4. It will be interesting to see how the Rabbits are going to line up in the backs this season a lot of players that can play a lot of different positions.

    I think it would be a mistake giving Mitchell the Fullback spot as the current game has shown to be a top level fullback it’s about consistent effort, more so then any other position. That is the area where Mitchell truely falls behind and he can hide it well in the centres as well as playing to his strengths.

  5. Agree Penso he isn’t going anywhere. He can play so many positions well he’s too valuable. Gagi and Johnson are still the most likely.

  6. doueihi’s family ate spewing with Richardson and his broken promises, they want Doueihi out of Souths and back at his Junior club WT…

  7. 2041 January 13, 2020 at 11:28 pm
    “doueihi’s family ate spewing with Richardson and his broken promises”

    What promises?




  9. Here is a prediction for you.

    Latrell will start the season in a blast. All pent up frustration coming out and souths will rise up the ladder to maybe even the top 4. Around mid season, Latrell will start to fade. Flashes of brilliance yes but nothing like the first half. Souths will slip down the ladder but still remain in the top 8. Bit of a new lease of life for Mitchell come the finals but Souths won’t make the big one. From 2021 onwards, Latrell will start to gain weight and become sluggish. His value will drop like a brick and by 2025 he will be goneski.

  10. Nice to see the Roosters have passed the sombrero on to a different club.
    They shall now be known as Sombrero South’s.

  11. isdon…. i must say I don’t blame the Titans for not wanting to release him early at this stage. He is their best player, and if the report is correct it seems that Souths have offered with Gagai or Johnston in return for an early release. Johnston may be a good try scorer, but that is generally on the end of a good backline, which he won’t have the luxury of at the Titans. Gagai has not been in top form for some time now (unless wearing a Qld jersey), and nothing suggests he will imporve the Titans either. I say they stay strong and only release Arrow if Souths are willing to offer someone of more value. That said, I can’t see them releasing Burgess or Murray, so Arrow may need to see his contract out.

  12. Kev, maybe Rescued Rabbitohs is more apt considering they have all of this money to spend due to “rescue packages” given by the NRL with the medical retirements of Burgess and Inglis 😉

  13. Sorry guys. I’m a Dragons fan, not a Souths supporter but Roosters are still the Sombrero kings. By a long long way.

  14. Still not so sure about South’s not releasing Doueihi . They want the Titans to release release Jai Arrow early from his contract. So I think the Titans are in a perfect position to get a player from South’s right now. Whether that is Doueihi or anyone else.
    If he or a few other players don’t get a first grade position this coming season. They’ll also most likely be gone by mid season. You keep signing players from elsewhere , you’re bound to lose players that were already there.

  15. Murray won’t be going anywhere, that’s a fact. Farewell Gagai and Johnston. And you Rooters supporters will never get over the fact that Souths screwed you and your uncle Nick BIG TIME. Chricton v Mitchell… I know which team is the winner is here !!!

  16. Not at all like Egan eels47.
    I hear Penrith is still one player short of the full squad to start with.
    They’ve released far more players than they’ve signed . Just the same as they’ve done for many years .
    They decided to release Egan & the second player sharing that hooker position is from St.Marys .
    Are Penrith signing lots of top line players? Maybe Koroisau & the other two aren’t exactly top line players.
    If you’d like to discuss how buying lots of players from elsewhere can block the pathway to first grade for lower graders? That award goes to ?
    South’s, Parramatta or the Nuggets.
    In fact last season Penrith debuted more lower grade players than any other club. Also fielded a side that came almost entirely through the Penrith system later in the year .

  17. Spin it however you like EOD, Egan is one of the players who came through “the Penrith system” who is now not there as you signed a player to replace him. If Api wasn’t signed, Egan is still there, so the comparison is apt. I’m not saying it is a bad signing, as Api is an upgrade on Egan. I also didn’t say Penrith have signed a lot of top line players.

    Also, if we are going to talk about how good your junior depth is and how many players that have come through your system are in the team (a convenient change from the ususal local junior, but that is ok), how about we talk about results? Where did the Panthers finish last year, and the year before that, as opposed to where the were expected to finish? At the end of the day it is about results. If these young guys come good for Penrith and produce the results, that is great, but how many years have we been saying that for now?

    Parra finally came to the realisation that spending massive overs on players towards the end of their career or rep money for not rep players wasn’t working. The majority of our signings in recent years have been unwanted at their clubs, and haven’t been signed on huge $$. We have also come out and said that we need to right our past wrongs in regard to development of players. The club is working to improve our recruitment and retention policies, which is a good thing. Last year we had good results in comparison to the last decade or so, and the hope is obviously that it continues. You constantly carry on over Parra’s recruitment, but I am not sure why. None of us Eels fans on here are arguing the other way, except to say what I have, that the club is now attempting to change things.

    Don’t forget too EOD, most of these little comments I throw your way are for a laugh more than anything. It’s also good to take up a bit of the comments on things not all about Souths and the Roosters.

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