The Dolphins will scrap all Alternaleaf branding from their jersey and signage displayed during NRL games.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) have confirmed the Dolphins have worked with the government-run organisation to ensure the club would not be in breach of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989.

This Act prohibits any advertising to the general public of prescription-only medicines, of which medical canabis is one.

In a statement released by the TGA, they confirmed they had made enquiries with the club and company over the partnership following the partnership being made public knowledge.

“We are pleased that the Dolphins club has taken action to ensure any materials visible to the public during their games, including jerseys and signages, do not directly or indirectly promote the use or supply of medicinal cannabis,” Professor Anthony Lawler, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Health and Aged Care and head of the TGA, said in a statement released by the TGA.

Despite that, Alternaleaf remain committed to their partnership with the Dolphins in "other ways."

“Nothing has changed from early April, when Alternaleaf branding was covered on Dolphins NRL assets by the team as a precautionary measure,” said Alternaleaf spokesperson Kelly King per The Guardian.

“We continue to work with the Dolphins in other ways, and greatly value the ongoing partnership we have with them.”

The TGA have previously takent legal action against companies for promoting prescription-only medications.

The Dolphins removed all public references to the brand approximately four weeks ago.