The much-maligned bunker is set for a makeover after the NRL signed off on a multi-million dollar contract with cryptocurrency exchange Swyftx.

As first reported by The Daily Telegraph, the three-year deal will see the non-tangible funds boost the league's bottom line, with branding set to extend to the video adjudication system.

This recent concurrence now sees the NRL become the latest sporting competition to open their doors to the product, following on from the AFL's five-year, $25 million deal with - arena sponsors of the Los Angeles Lakers.

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While the finer details of the NRL's agreement have not been disclosed, reports suggest the figure signed off on sits south of that signed by their code-based rivals.

Speaking in the wake of the ink drying with the Brisbane-based exchange, NRL CEO Andrew Abdo claimed the deal would be beneficial for both parties.

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“Swyftx is an Australian business that operates on a global scale and there are unique ways for our partnership to benefit both organisations,’’ Abdo said.

“We have a diverse fan base and Swyftx brings an opportunity to promote the game to a wide audience.”

Swyftx branding is also expected to be seen right across both the NRL and NRLW season, with the current contract also available for an extension through to 2026.


  1. Hmm. A little misleading, I think.
    The bunker is not getting a makeover; it is getting a sponsor.

    More interesting (to me anyway) is how Swyftx will stump up the readies for this sponsorship. Will they provide real, folding money? Or will they provide bitcoin to a certain value, each month?

    Or – more imaginative still – will the whole deal be denominated in actual bitcoin, which on conversion to real money generate far more – or far less – than the NRL expects? If it is the last of those three, how will the NRL show the value in its books?

    All interesting stuff, Ed. Perhaps you can start by asking Andrew Abdo about the sponsorship’s currency denomination, then take it from there.

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