MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 26: Cooper Cronk of the Kangaroos runs with the ball during an Australian Kangaroos training session on October 26, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

The Sydney Roosters have announced the signing of Cooper Cronk on a two-year deal for seasons 2018 and 2019.

33 year-old Cronk is a two-time Dally M Player of the Year medalist and has played 323 first grade games since making his NRL debut with the Melbourne Storm in 2004.

“We are delighted to have secured the services of Cooper for the next two seasons,” said Roosters Chief Executive Joe Kelly.

“Cooper has played the game at the highest level for a number of years and we are keenly aware of what he brings to the Club. Together with the established leaders within our squad, we see him as a wonderful addition to our roster,” he added.

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Cronk expressed his delight to be joining the Foundation Club, saying: “The Sydney Roosters are a proud Club with an esteemed history, and this is an exciting new opportunity for me.”

“It marks the start of a new chapter for me both professionally and personally and I look forward to joining my new teammates and coaches, and immersing myself in the Club’s culture in lead-up to the 2018 season,” he added.

The Australian representative will officially join the Roosters in early 2018 following his World Cup commitments.

Sydney Roosters 2018 Player Movements

2018 Gains
Kurt Baptiste (Canberra Raiders, 2018), Cooper Cronk (Melbourne Storm, 2019), Joshua Curran (2019), Matthew Ikuvalu (2018), Lachlan Lam (2018), Dean Matterson (2018), Frank-Paul Nu'uausala (Wigan Warriors, 2018), Reece Robinson (2018), Billy Smith (2019), James Tedesco (Wests Tigers, 2021)
2018 Losses
Paul Carter (released), Kane Evans (Parramatta Eels), Michael Gordon (Gold Coast Titans), Aidan Guerra (Newcastle Knights), Shaun Kenny-Dowall (Newcastle Knights), Liam Knight (Canberra Raiders), Mitchell Pearce (Newcastle Knights), Connor Watson (Newcastle Knights)
Mitch Cornish (2018), Blake Ferguson (2021), Ryan Matterson (2021), Dylan Napa (2019), Victor Radley (2023), Chris Smith (2020), Daniel Tupou (2021), Sitili Tupouniua (2019)
Off Contract 2018
Kurt Baptiste, Mitch Cornish, Brock Gray, Lachlan Lam, Reece Robinson, Eloni Vunakece
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  1. Roosters 2018 Line Up:

    1. Tedesco
    2. Tupou
    3. Mitchell
    4. Ferguson
    5. Gordon
    6. Keary
    7. Cronk
    8. Hargreaves
    9. Friend
    10. Napa
    11. Cordner
    12. Taukeiaho
    13. Liu

    14. Pearce
    15 .Matterson
    16. Aubusson

    • I can’t see Pearce staying now, but if he does I am not sure how they can carry both he and Aubusson on the bench.

    • 8. Hargreaves 14.Liu
      9 Friend
      10 Napa 15. Tetevano
      11. Cordner 16.Taukeiaho
      12. Aubusson 17. Matterson
      13 Pearce

      All the subs can cover prop, Second Row & Lock, while Pearce & Aubusson can give Friend a breather and cover hooker also.

  2. Still can’t win the comp, don’t have the forwards and Ferguson/Gordon combination isn’t great. Lack depth also, and when cooper breaks down 3 games in and Pearce is killing it at manly, things will be put in perspective for the rorters

    • I wouldn’t say can’t win the comp. They came close this year and have picked up Tedesco and Cronk, so they will be a force. I agree that the Gordon/Fergo side looks week, but Tupou should shine with Cronks boot putting it on a platter for him.

      And when you say Pearce killing it at Manly, is MW47 the it that you are referring to? 😉

      Pearce and DCE will be a huge chunk of cap locked up in 2 players who aren’t known to step it up to the next level when it matters…. (I realise DCE was there for 2011, but he was in the star studded Manly team the.) It may look good on paper, but I don’t think the partnership will be as good as it should be.

      • Pearce/dce combo can obviously be a huge success or massive flop.
        Personally think it will work great and happy to take the risk, and too me it doesn’t matter having that much cash tied up with 2 people as most clubs do that, it’s a risk anywhere and until it happens and they play it can’t be known what will happen.
        I look at it as Blake green wants to go to nz, manly are going to replace him with someone so it may as well be someone who has easily been in top 3/4 halves in club footy for last 5/6 years easy. Manly have he cap space surely quite easily to get him, and still be in a position to get a big front tower next year, which is what we need as there are none available for 2018.
        So yep a risk but unlike MW47 I want peace at manly and see how it goes

  3. They have to ditch someone or either someone will want out…
    If i was Connor Watson id get in first and gave a chat to Manly. He is a great talent.

  4. Pearce and DCE combo , well the SOO half despots , how anyone can suggest tying up the bulk of your cap on these two is laughable, it took nearly 10 years for the Raiders to recover from signing the “potential “ campiese, the same outcome will plague Manly ,Maybe Lyle Gorman can fix things when he gets to Manly

    • Well I’m laughing a lot then, cause I’m sure it works, don’t care what anyone says, dce was the scapegoat for qld in soo, he and Thurston were never going to work, and dce doesn’t play with those same players all the time, he has produced at manly since he was there, and while he is on probably too much coin, he is there and people should get behind it, cause he ain’t leaving..
      As for Pearce, yep everyone knows soo isn’t his thing but he produces every week for roosters, so while there is a risk, it’s low and Pearce/dce combo will work….

      • DCE has produced for Manly , “I wasn’t trying hard enough in 2016” DCE’s words not mine , so explain for me crowy what’s he produced ? As for Qld , backed with a star studded line up DCE flopped ! In fact so poor that a half fit Cooper was rushed back in to save face !

        • So dce has 1 bad year and admits it, and all of a sudden he’s useless??? Your kidding… he was brilliant in 2017 and stood up as captain numerous times..
          Dce he been thrown in all positions for qld, or partnered with Thurston, who also had shocking games then, and Thurston nor smith were willing to adapt to how off the cuff dce plays, so that also makes him a dud??? Nah it don’t..
          There is not one person I would rather be shooting for field goal at the death then dce, he plays better in hide pressure times and wants his hands on the ball

        • To answer your stupid question MW47, DCE has produced a lot for Manly. He helped us win a premiership in 2011 in his ROOKIE season, he helped us carry Manly to the 2013 grand final. He lead our team to the finals since 2014 and yet you still criticise him.

          Here’s a question for you MW47, who would you rather of kept between DCE and Foran? I’m sure I would choose DCE over Foran which we did, we dodged a bullet not keeping Foran. Look at what he did to Parra, I hope Foran gets back to his best but can’t see it happening.

        • Crowy , 40 blot ! Was there , meet the lads after the game then back at the club , what a fantastic group of players ! Then the twerp came along , oh as for the 40 nil , I’m sure the decade of dominance, world cups , and legit prems and GF’s have washed away that nightmare , unless your Izzie

      • One bad year and admits it ? One of the highest paid players and you accept that ? Haha yep he is quality , remember when Storm played a whole year for nothing , well DCE is in more money than Cooper yet with zero to play for cooper showed class spare me

        • Ha ha ha admitting makes him bad???? Yeah right admitting makes you grow and be better, and oh there he was lacing a blinder of year in 2017. He is on too much money, but manly had to keep either he or Foran and I’m with eagle rock, I know who I wanted and it wasn’t Foran. Dce is a player to build a team around and look what they are doing?? Same as ash Taylor, just signed for 1.15 mil a season, and what the hel has he done??? It’s on potential and to bring other players in…and what does dce being on more money the copper matter??? It don’t.. each instance is different… and garunteed you, cooper is on more then dce when you take into account his 3rd party deals.. manly don’t have lots of them to offer to these players come under our salary cap…
          So BELIEVE that…

        • I applaud DCE for being a good leader and taking ownership of an average season for the club. Everyone knows it was the whole team that didn’t perform. DCE fronted the media and effectively said “The buck stops here”.
          I, along with most Manly fans, am glad he is at our club.

      • Foran , your all forgetting the instability created by DCE , as for 2011 Moses could have been the youngest half to ever win a comp cause a 10year old halfback could have done the same, your all missed my issue with DCE that is he is NOT WORTH THE MONEY AND INVESTMENT MANLY HAS COMITTED ITS SELF TOO! Not even close , Kleary is better , Ash Taylor is better , Cronk at his age is better , Adam Reynolds is better , Sezer is better , now ask yourself the salary of those I’ve mentioned compared to what DCE is on then tell me who’s laughing , ok say it again DCE cost Manly all its seasoned players who left far to early , a dame good Coach a Manly clubman and proven champion , 1.7mill a year for a NON REP HALFBACK 😂😂😂😂

        • Well said +1. Brett did not want to know dce in the final seasons together. Yeah you guys are getting some new blood. Whats going on with trent ? Hope he wasn’t involved in the coke/pro thing haha. Maybe Des is sniffin around too ?

        • Mate you are dillusional, don’t believe what you read about his salary, 1.7… no it’s not…
          Now surely even someone as misguided as you doesn’t believe, Reynolds, seized, Taylor are better then dce????? You can say better value, well in some cases, but better players, dude… put the pipe down…
          I said he is on too much, but why cry like a girl about it, all the time over and over and over….
          As for costing us players, no it didn’t. Some might of missed a year maybe 2, in giftys case as he went earlier, but not the others, and if your referring to Hasler as a great coach. Be serious… and tooves, well yep very passionate loyal manly legend who did deserve better then what he got, but still was only a rookie coach. Barrett he done nothing wrong… is not his fault he was given the job. And he ha done great with what he has had on a short time

        • You didn’t ask my damn question MW47, as for anyone who would of done the same thing, that’s nonsense if you think that. DCE helped us win that premiership, I’m sure Moses wouldn’t of done that of your best friend Ash Taylor.

          I honestly can’t believe you think Taylor, Sezer, Kleary and Adam Reynolds is better than DCE and this is coming from a MANLY supporter. This is getting to the point where I think you’re not even a true Manly supporter, ask any other manly supporter on here and they’ll say DCE is twice the player as these players you have mentioned. Has Taylor lead Titans to a premiership? No. Has Sezer won the Raiders a premiership? No. Yet you sir still rate these guys ahead of DCE.

          You’re saying DCE is not worth the money he is on, why not wait till the end of his career and judge if he was really worth the money. Are you still crying that these seasoned players were let go, forget it mate they’re gone and we can’t do anything about it. I may of disagree with some of the players and staff who were let go but I don’t cry about them because they were let go especially when it’s been a year since the players who left.

          As Crowy said, one bad year doesn’t make a player bad. There’s a big difference between you and Holmsey, there’s one supporter who loves and backs his players, and there’s one supporter who puts down players. I agreed and disagreed with some of his posts but at least he loves and supports his club and players which I respect.

        • Hey hey hey you lot said DCE has brought value not me ! Mychookmycar well there’s quite a stench ! And your right Manly threw away 10 years of solid culture to appease “potential “ Qld know exactly what you get with DCE it’s why he will Never Ever pull on that sacred Maroon again

        • My post went to the wrong spot…….
          I applaud DCE for being a good leader and taking ownership of an average season for the club. Everyone knows it was the whole team that didn’t perform. DCE fronted the media and effectively said “The buck stops here”.
          I, along with most Manly fans, am glad he is at our club.

        • Nope I’ve never said dce was valid, I said I understand why they paid him hat much to keep him, massive difference

        • If DCE has any balls he would have fronted at the media conferences when we were pants 150 points in 3 games , post match media conference we win he’s there we lose he hides , THATS YOUR LEADER QUALITY! If he was so good why will he never play SOO again ?

        • MW47. If he doesn’t play origin again that added value to the sea eagles as we don’t lose him in the rep rounds.
          I hope Pearce does sign for manly and you keep your word and p!ss off to AFL.
          I’ve never seen you write one positive thing about this club.

        • Why do you even care if he plays SOO or not, as long as DCE is playing for Manly, I don’t even care if he doesn’t get picked for Qld but at least he’s playing for us which is a positive.

          I agree with screamingeagle, if Pearce does sign with us, I hope you keep your word and piss off to AFL.

        • SOO is the penultimate version of Rugby League ! Why wouldn’t you want any of your sides players playing it , seriously, it’s also a reflection of those chosen , BEST IN THERE STATE BEST IN THERE POSITION 😂😂😂

        • Eaglerock , communicate with me that’s fine , watch the way you deliver your opinion show me the respect I show you , yeah !

        • E47 , the ladies are getting all notty cause I’m up front ( don’t dare diss your own side) about a little twerp who’s turned the club upside down ,seriously I can taste there tears !😂

        • We get it. You don’t like DCE. You dissing him and the rest of the club every post is disrespectful. Aie

        • MW47 your the last one on here to be claiming respect. You don’t want discussions you either want to cause arguments or have everyone agree with you…
          Well ain’t gonna happen.
          There’s been plenty of manly players I haven’t liked or what not, but the way you carry on about a very talented player like dce, all because you come back with, ” he admitted playing bad” and ” we lost 3 games by 150″ is ludicrous.
          Did you say slater and Cronk and that whole cheating team were useless, and shouldn’t be playing when manly beat them 40-0 in 07 grand final??? No ya didn’t cause everyone plays bad, rugby league isn’t a single person game, it’s a team…
          So if you want discussions about things be prepared to listen to others and try and have a different view every now and then on things

        • Mate you’re the person who said you would go to AFL if Pearce signs with us and we hope you keep your word. How about you respect our club and players than we would you give you respect. You don’t ask for respect, you gain it.

        • You are precious, I’ve criticised DCE and Uate , stated that Turbo isn’t a fullback , there are 10 (plus the bench )others players left how is that disrespect? Seriously? I hate DCE you love him , there’s nothing wrong with that however I’m 100% when I say DCE is overpaid and will never play rep ! Yeah ! Ka pish

        • Just read your 40-0 comment, and yes we were all rheee, unfortunately didn’t get back to he club though, that woulda been awesome…
          The point is and you made yourself, Jose blokes all played bad that day and now they have erased all those memories by winning things… yep that’s right, but let dce finish his career and see what comes of it. If we win 2 more premiership before he retires then it’s been a big success.. agree???

        • Crowy , I want nothing more than for a DCE to prove me wrong , no one commits to a membership of the league side (over 20 years) and the leagues club side (same) without wanting success, maybe I’m to hard and old school , but I agree !

        • Yes, we get it that you hate DCE but you don’t have to cry and carry on how much you hate him, like seriously you carry on almost article. As Crowy said above, why not judge DCE at the end of the career instead of critising him now.

        • Well then lets hope we improve in this year and start getting those premierships… i just read that Pearce maybe to sharks and manly get Maloney, wahtvta hink about that instead?? Atleast some of our 4 point tries would go to 6 points

        • Oh I have huge respect for jimmy , now ya talking my language , Maloney is pure class , a footballer personified, reminds me of Cliffy , constantly challenging his opponent and keeping his team in front foot , BEST NEWS IF COMES TRUE

        • It’s just what I read, certainly don’t mean it’s happening, I’m happy either way, just don’t want Moylan… I reckon it’s all sorted by weeks end so won’t be long to wait anyways

        • Dont mean to burst any bubbles but i thought the sharks were looking to potentially partner Pearce with Maloney again?

        • Damn! THAT’s what happens when you get too many raucous seagulls congregating in one area… there’s bird sh!t everywhere! 😂 And the story isn’t even about Manly. 😂

          Cronk signed for the Roosters… “That’s in Brookvale!” Bahahahahaha

  5. Although Cronk is a world class halfback, how have the rosters afforded him and with teddy all that that needs to be said is that performance against Ireland. Shows that he is a bit overated

  6. The opinion on what this really means is far from over. Players will be impacted, and the fallout has grave consequences for many high profile players for too long comforted by the knowledge their status will protect them.

    What happens now – Pearce, Friend and maybe 1 or 2 more Roosters are out the door. Maybe not shown the door but the writing for contract extensions are there for all to see. Wherever they land will also have an impact on those Club rosters. This merry-go-round is for what really?

    What is Cronk trying to prove? That Smith and Slater were the less deserving in the acknowledged greatest Club combination in decades. I’ve asked this before, how does a woman dictate so much carnage in our game? What does she have that Cronk gives up the Storm to be with her? And if it is all about her, to what level will he be distracted in trying to make the relationship work now that distance is no longer the problem?

    For mine, happy to have cronk continue purely from a SOO point of view. NSW’s angst to continue brings cheers just thinking about prolonging the agony. But given the upheval going on at the Roosters now and after the World Cup, will they be able to contain all that talent and still perform on the field? Given they played two 2nd rowers in the centres in their loss to the Cowboys, look at what their backline might look like next season:

    Tedesco, Ferguson, Toupou, Mitchell, Keary, Pearce, Cronk, – Pearce is unlikely, either goes to hooker and Friend is pushed, or Pearce and his ego seeks another club where he can stay in the No 7.

    In a salary cap scenario, why is the Club with the most unused portion of their salary cap not in the race to sigh Cronk. Why is the TPA value the deal clincher? Why does a top 4 tier club get to have 2 marquee players join their ranks in a season? If trying to allow the salary cap make for a more balanced competition, why has the NRL become such dummies when they allow the wealthy clubs to cherry pick the best players?

    There is so much wrong in this Cronk transfer. When the Titans lost Cherry-Evans it was a hard pill to swallow if you were a Titans fan. The Storm gave Cronk everything a player could have wanted in a career. In 2018 he will jersey up against his old club and for mine that is a loyalty issue that can never be explained. Was Cronk pushed out of the Storm because of the talent coming through – if that is the case then why not explain it that way? As it stands, the fallout will unsettle the Roosters for months and well into next season. Let us all wait and see if the romance angle was the real reason Cronk left the Storm?

  7. This signing is going to absolutely destroy the roosters club culture.All the players will see cronk as the guy who got one of their best mates kicked out of the club so he can be there.In my opinion stupid signing.Can’t wait to see Pearce nail it in sea eagles.

  8. What has Tara Rushton got to do with this story? Cronk is his own man and makes decisions he thinks best for himself.

    Most of the comments on this story centre around DCE and what he can and can’t do which demonstrates to me that very few care if Cronk has signed with the Roosters.

    I’m just happy that Souths didn’t sign him, he would have put a lot of South’s fans offside especially if they lost Angus Crichton to the Roosters.

    • Knowing Roosters, they probably would still sign Crichton. As for Cooper, surely Pearce would leave and I wouldn’t mind him at Manly.

      • The Roosters are signing Crichton and Izzy Folau and SBW and… fill in the rest. Haven’t you heard? It’s like petrol rationing, for 2018 if your postcode is 2022 you are exempt from being audited by salary cap officials.

  9. I don’t know about this. I’m wondering HOW they can afford Cronk but this will take its toll on the squad because all the players are very close to Pearce and Friend and one has to make way next year. If I were Pearce I’d be pretty filthy tbh. He’s being shown no loyalty, especially since he’s been there for so long. Cronk is a fantastic player but he is only gonna be there for 2 years while Pearce has at least 5 left in him. If Friend goes the Roosters are screwed because he is the glue of their team. It’s not worth getting Cronk if it means splitting up long term players in key positions and having a new halfback having to adjust to the new system. Pearce to hooker wouldn’t make sense either because he is a 7 and only a 7 and not a bench player so his best bet is to go to Manly or something.

  10. Joel Thompson not Peace….we don’t need the chokers of all chokers….2017 back rowers where below average…please Manly get Joel Thompson!!

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