SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 01: Aiden Sezer of the Raiders celebrates after kicking the winning field goal in golden point during the round 24 NRL match between the Cronulla Sharks and the Canberra Raiders at Shark Park on September 01, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Reports are circulating that the NRL is considering scrapping golden point for the 2020 season and beyond. The thinking is that the game can effectively be decided by the result of the coin toss.

So, golden point looks as though it’s going the way of the scoring team kicking off, the benefit of the doubt, and the South QLD Crushers.

As a life-long fan of the game I say: Ba Bye Now!!!

Truthfully I’m not the biggest detractor of the concept but nothing is more frustrating than rugby league teams abandoning fundamentals to shoot for one.

I’ve long been a fan of the golden try idea in that tries should ultimately decide results.

That said, I’d much rather settle for a draw than see blockers set up and referees frightened to police the game properly.

Unfortunately, that is what golden point has become.

For every exciting Raiders/Sharks finish, we get three incidents like in the Broncos’ win over the Eels.

The Broncos set up a series of blockers making it impossible for Eels chasers to pressure the kicker.

Referees have become scared to blow penalties in golden point through fear that they’ll decide the game.

By not blowing up an obvious block play the referees cost the Eels a top-four spot, finished the Knights’ season and made life difficult for the Sharks and Tigers.

It would be silly to point to one decision as season-defining but in golden point, the referees are on a hiding to nothing.

So are the players, forced to play an extra possibly 10 minutes, and also the fans who have to endure a field goal-a-thon.

Don’t get me wrong, I remember celebrating a Valentine Holmes field goal in the 82nd minute on the Gold Coast. I remember celebrating a little too hard…

I also remember the game being an absolute nightmare and feeling sorry for the neutral having to endure 10 possible minutes more.

The Titans fought back at the death to level it up and deserved a point.

Two field goals each by Sezer and Townsend in the recent Raiders-Sharks clash, and tell me either team deserved to lose?

I get the appeal of the concept. It can feel flat walking off having shared the points… but only because we’re conditioned that way.

Anyone who watches the NSW Cup will understand the value of a draw. Yes, it’s by very definition not as good as a win but it can literally decide a season.

Six of the 12 sides finished on uneven competition points and the world didn’t come to an end.

Honestly, the chance of draws may encourage more entertaining footy in the final moments.

I hate when teams “play” for golden point.

Rather than take a risk, kickers roll it over the sideline knowing 10 more minutes are coming.

I guess I’m a traditionalist but I like 80-minute contests, extra time in Origin and finals only.

If sides are unable to be split after 80 minutes then a point each is a fair reward.

Judging by the reaction across social media I’m not alone.

I think golden point has been a somewhat necessary evil up until this point but I’m absolutely behind the return to 80-minute contests.

I’d still very much support the discussion re the merits of golden try but if it comes down to a shoot out or a draw, I’m taking a point every day of the week.

Let us know below your thoughts on golden point.

Will you miss it should it meet its end? Has it overstayed it’s welcome? Do you want golden try?

I for one won’t miss the 40-metre field goal attempts dribbling over the in-goal line to allow seven tackle sets. Yuk.


  1. I am not opposed to any suggestion, however scrapping golden point will not see blocks for field goals go away – they will just move from the golden point period to minutes 70-80 – still a nightmare for refs…

  2. After 80 minutes of busting your gut, and the scores are even, then a point each is a great outcome. But as ”grabby” says they move from golden point to the 70-80 minute mark. Smart coaches will figure out that they should not wait that long and devise a way to be the odd point in front way before then.

  3. So glad to be getting rid off golden point in the regular season 80 minutes is enough when a win lose result is not needed for the comp to progress. In finals I’d personally rather see golden try over a penalty or field goal deciding a finals game.

  4. The MRC has permitted a field goal kicked by the roosters during the finals series will be worth 6 points.
    Any opposition player attempting to block a rooster attempt at field goal will be sin binned for 20 minutes.
    Tetavano can tackle players off the ball all anywhere, anytime during the game.
    Only rooster players will be permitted run with the elbow raised at throat level in attack.
    JW Hargreaves can stiff arm opposition players providing his eyes are closed at point of contact.
    Back to back go the chookies.

  5. Make it 11 v 11 and it’s golden try. If you kick a field goal 1st then it’s play on till a try is scored. If no tries are scored in the 10 min period then whoever is in front wins. Rather see that then impossible field goals being taken for the sake of it.

  6. Some interesting thoughts, but there seems to be agreement on scrapping golden point. I’d be happy to scrap it, and lean towards calling games a draw during the regular season, but have a form of extra time in finals, as we need an actual outcome.
    I’m going to throw in another (hybrid) option, being extra time / first to score, but take field goals out during extra time (no score from a field goal). The reason being, and what I don’t like about the golden try model is, I think you need (defending) players to be aware a penalty could cost them the game, otherwise we’ll be in (especially early in the tackle count) penalty city. I would also add to that, that refs should be a little more lenient on calling penalties close to the line (in extra time) on anything close to a 50/50 call.

  7. I’m on the other side of it. I always feel disappointed for the team when they only get a draw. It mostly feels like a loss.
    I guess supporters of teams that mostly lose out in Golden Point games , would be against them.
    Where as supporters of teams who win more of them than they lose, would feel better about them.
    I think it adds extra interest to the games & a little more value for money.

  8. Yes I agree with EastOfDivide, I think we should not scrap golden point but Penrith haven’t lost in golden point at all this year (maybe once last year).

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