BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 09: Broncos coach Wayne Bennett speaks to media after the NRL Elimination Final match between the Brisbane Broncos and the St George Illawarra Dragons at Suncorp Stadium on September 9, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Brisbane are set to play tough with supercoach Wayne Bennett, if he wants to head to the Wests Tigers as rumours continue to mount regarding a head coaching merry-go-round.

Tigers head coach Ivan Cleary has reportedly already signed a deal with the Panthers from 2021, and with the Tigers knowing Cleary won’t be their coach for the future, they’ve turned their attentions to luring Bennett as soon as possible.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Tigers are only willing to let Cleary go if they can bring in a ready-made replacement, and Bennett certainly fits the bill, despite being contracted to the Broncos for the 2019 season.

Bennett was recently told next season would be his last at Red Hill, after his push for a one-year extension into 2020 fell on deaf ears.

The 69-year-old has made it clear he wants to coach beyond 2019, and believes he still has what it takes to win an eighth NRL premiership.

If the move does go ahead, Cleary would join his son Nathan at the foot of the mountains, Bennett would take over at the Tigers, although the Broncos would be without a definite replacement, with a couple of names rumoured to be in for the top job.

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Kevin Walters, Anthony Seibold and Michael Mcguire all loom as viable options, although as it stands the Broncos believe they’ll have no problems with Bennett at the helm in 2019.


  1. Tigers are a scummy club with a poor fan base every clown is carrying on about panthers being dodgy.cleary said he’s going to see out he’s contract with the tigers and now the tigers are trying to replace him with Bennett if they can get him disgusting double standards at play here what a crap club with a moronic fan base

        • Cleary doesn’t have to actively try and gain a release.
          He knows signing with panthers for 3 years time means his job is unnatennable now and that tigers will let him go now..
          It’s a poor dodgy play by Cleary. He knows tigers can’t support him and how would they ever recruit any half big name players in the next few years without knowing who the coach would be.
          Very poor by Cleary and panthers…
          Also obviously by baby toddy

  2. Wow Toddy, you must be pretty delusional if you are attacking the tigers supporters base and management. The Tigers have a strong supporters base with high membership numbers and the second/ third highest Sydney club attendance at home games, so before you get stuck in check your facts Buddy!!!

      • Another uneducated idiot who knows nothing about the 5 year plan do your research before you comment. You’ve just made a complete dick of yourself on social media.

      • Panthers are keeping league alive out West they are putting in a lot of effort to ensure children are still playing rugby league it’s a shame clubs like tigers and parramatta aren’t doing there bit for league out west without Penrith soccer would have taken over

  3. You clowns seem to believe everything you read…let me guess you little boys still believe in Santa merry Xmas little gullible fools

      • Well well well look who just woke up from his fourth nap of the day do me favour bob put the weather channel and go back to sleep

        • Sure little toddy… why don’t I see if I can count sheep like you 1,2,3…. um what’s next??
          Oh I’ll just write a stupid post and try and pretend that I’ve got balls cause they can’t see me through a computer…

      • Tough guy little bobby holmes. The 13 year old schoolboy.
        Gets personal on the internet and has his identity revealed.
        You will learn the hard way idiot.

        • Where and how did I get personal??? Hey???
          This little toddy got here and mouthed off on every post, and someone calls him on it and then it’s cry time. And then it’s change back to my regular chookmoroon name

  4. No way will Bennett go to the Tigers – not a good fit for either. Penrith is quickly becoming the new Manly

  5. How funny that the broncos are now fighting for bennett when they told him to faarrk off.
    Wanted bellmey asap, but he turned them down.
    If ever there was a poorly run club atm, its brisbane.

    • The donkeys are a bit of a shambles at the moment aren’t they. I think they’re just trying to hand on to Bennett until they sign the guys they want to keep (Oates, TPJ) and then as soon as they start to suck next year, which with the halves they have they undoubtedly will, Benny will paid out and punted. Demitriou is a more than capable replacement – first grade coach in the making. Broncos could do worse than to make him head coach.

  6. Hey Toddy .. before you bag out on the Tigers, why don’t you have look at who started this mess .. “Gus” Gould .. !! Penriff and Gus are so self concentrated on making sure that they keep Nathan Cleary at the bottom of the hills .. they approached Ivan Cleary 1 year into his 3 year contract with the Tigers .. Gus then sacked the current Penriff coach and put in a care taker coach .. this disrupted the Panthers so much that fell straight out of the finals. Broncos have told bennett that they don’t won’t him to the point where they approached Paul Green from the Cowboys towards the end of season to take over the Broncos .. Bennett is fully aware of this and he is now entitled to move on if he wishes. The Tigers are doing Penriff a favour, by .. if they can get Bennett for 2019 they will then release Cleary as he wishes to return to Penriff to coach his son. So if Gus Gould hadn’t approached Ivan Cleary, or sacked his own coach, Im pretty sure Toddy you wouldn’t have been so bitterly twisted about the Tigers. If you want to call someone or a team scummy, look no further than Gus Gould and Penriff.

    • Did you think it was fair what the tigers did to mick potter and what they did to Jason Taylor now they’ve said if they can get Bennett they’ll let cleary go.people are jumping up and down over the panthers but they seem too forget the tigers have done some pretty poor things
      Double standards

      • If a club thinks the coach isn’t doing their job properly or there is a better head coach available, payout the coach and part ways. Potter, Taylor and Griffin all got paid out and therefore received the compensation for being cut, so I dont see this as a poor act at all and completely fair. I disagree with your view on Double Standards; the differences are Panthers chasing Ivan when Ivan is still contracted to the Tigers for 2019 and 2020 so 2 yrs remaining. Tigers chasing Wayne 1) Wayne is contracted to the Broncos for 2019 only and 2) the Broncos have advised Wayne is not wanted for 2020.

        Additionally the lack of integrity by the Panthers from a Tigers perspective was the discussion of Ivan potentially being the Panthers head coach happened when the Panthers and Ivan were talking about Nathan’s contract/future.

  7. No offence Tigers fans. Don’t agree with how the Ivan Cleary thing has been handled by the Panthers.
    However, I do think the Tigers hired Ivan with the thought that he could lure Nathan to the Tigers . They would probably would have shafted Reynolds etc to fit him in, if that had happened.
    Originally they never gave a thought to how well Brooks could play before the season just gone. Would have gotten rid of him for Nathan , before last season.
    Clubs regularly sign players before their current contracts are up. What’s the difference with that & coaches?
    Penrith didn’t have to sign Ivan at all. Nathan Cleary signed a new deal regardless of where his father was coaching.
    Not sure what all the fuss is about any way. Ivan has about a 47% winning record.
    As for Penrith being the new Manly? Can’t see Penrith signing top line players from everywhere else , as Manly has done in the past. They’re producing most of their own players . Many being signed by other clubs.
    Wests would take any off casts from Penrith that they can get.
    Getting rid of Griffin & putting in Ciraldo made them lose the second final again this year? What a joke!!! That was going to happen with Griffin there. He’d done it a few times already himself. Griffin was driving players out of the club, as he is a useless coach. If you knew what you were talking about, you’d know that Tiger Skins.

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