The match review committee have endured a busy Thursday night after handing out a stunning five charges from the Sea Eagles' 34-30 home victory over arch-rivals Parramatta.

An absolute points-fest, while Josh Schuster's return to field or the Eels' dramatic 0-3 start were the obvious talking points, there was a fair share of foul play throughout the evening after five players were fined post-game.

Parramatta duo Mitchell Moses and Maika Sivo both picked up Grade 1 contrary conduct charges for incidences with Kelma Tuilagi and Christian Tuipulotu respectively, although the pair's fines aren't identical.

Being Moses' first charge, the halfback will pay just $750 for an early guilty plea or $1000 if he fails at the judiciary, while for Sivo, having prior charges means the hulking winger will pay $1800 with a plea, or risk $2,500 in front of the tribunal.

A third Parramatta player was charged in Reagan Campbell-Gillard, who was pinged for a shoulder charge on Josh Aloiai in the 66th minute, picking up a Grade 1 resulting in a $3,000 fine, however it could turn into a two-game if he fights it at the judiciary.

After Ryan Matterson's decision to take a ban over a fine resulted in the Eels going 0-3 to start the season, Brad Arthur may get in RCG's ear over taking the early guilty plea.

Funnily enough, Josh Aloiai was charged in the very same minute he was shoulder charged, after committing a crusher tackle on Bryce Cartwright, and earning a Grade 1 charge himself. The former Tiger will cop a $1,500 fine for the incident, which balloons to $2,000 if found guilty by the tribunal.

Lastly, another Manly forward was charged in Taniela Paseka, who clipped Jack Murchie in the second-half of the contest, and has since been slipped with a Grade 1 charge for a careless high tackle, however once again, he's been fined for his efforts.

The Sea Eagle will fork out $1,000 with an early guilty plea, or risk $1,500 to fight it.

The players have the weekend to decide whether they'll take the reduced fine, or try and beat it at the judiciary early next week.