Wests Tigers has released Moses Suli effective immediately with the support and understanding of his manager Mario Tartak.

CEO Justin Pascoe said it was a difficult decision but is satisfied it is the right one for the club.

“Moses is an exceptionally talented player. That’s why over the last 12 months our coaching and personal development staff have dedicated so much time and energy in supporting Moses with his challenges, both on and off the field.”

Wests Tigers has been working closely with Moses’ manager Mario Tartak to reach today’s resolution.

Mr. Tartak said, “While it’s always disappointing to see player part ways with a club, the Wests Tigers have been completely transparent, professional and empathetic throughout this process.”

Mr. Pascoe said the decision was not made lightly and is about putting the club first.

“We are working really hard both on and off the field to build something special here at Wests Tigers. That includes building a culture and set of standards that cannot be compromised.

Mr. Pascoe said that while this has been a challenging period for the 19-year-old, his on field contribution will always be valued at the club and Wests Tigers wishes him the best of luck in the future.

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“I am sure If he’s willing to take responsibility, be a team player and commit to the demands of being a professional athlete he has the potential to have a successful career in rugby league.”


  1. Yay, the WT have finally learnt not to carry players with poor attitudes, regardless of their talent or potential….hopefully they never sign a player by the name of “Moses” again

  2. Brave move by Wests. This kid had big raps on him, so I guess Wests had their reasons.
    Talking about points on the compass, I see there’s a big story in the Tele about Easts and the salary cap. Funny how there’s nothing on ZT about it. This is not a criticism of ZT, sometimes there’s a reason and I have my suspicions and if I’m right I don’t blame ZT. It’s sad that RL tragics like us can’t discuss a topic that’s so worthy of comment.

    • “It’s sad that RL tragics like us can’t discuss a topic that’s so worthy of comment.”

      Oh, I’ve “DISCUSSED” it, believe me. But the Roosters fans keep throwing up smoke screens. Look back over some of the recent stories and you will see it is not for want of trying but argument gets covered in a snowstorm of feathers! Just google “zero tackle roosters salary cap” and you will see.

      You’ve been absent for a while 38er. I hope all is well and you have been enjoying the off-season away from ZT.

      • Mate, saying you’ve discussed it is the understatement of year (or the year so far at least). And it’s certainly worth discussing and I’m glad you keep doing it.
        Politis’ initiative is the classic way you manage something that might turn out badly for you or that you want to neutralise; it has the 4 classic elements:
        First, the best form of defence is attack.
        Second, never have an inquiry unless it’s YOUR inquiry (i.e. it is done on your terms).
        Third, never have an inquiry unless you know what the outcome will be.
        Fourth, make sure that you appoint whoever conducts the inquiry.

        Now what will the outcome be? I wonder??? Any guesses?

        I have been absent a bit, you’re right. I’m fine, it’s just that I really haven’t had much to say. But Easts and the salary cap tend to fire me up. I haven’t looked at the threads about Saints yet. Now they might really wake me out of my torpor.

  3. So a year ago, we released talented big man Paseka cause we didn’t want to give him an upgrade like Suli and then we end up releasing Suli anyways 🤦‍♂️ But stories about him having a poor attitude is somewhat true, but he is a talent and he just needs to get his head right and he’ll be a great player. All the best for the future Suli!!!

      • Oh yeah, let’s blame Cleary who hasn’t even been at the helm for over a year! I know for a fact Cleary and the coaching staff have worked their asses off to get the kid right, it’s upto the kid whether he buys in or not. Also you just can’t be showing upto preseason weighing in at 130kgs, but let’s blame the coach

  4. Players like Mr Suli who have to be poked prodded and pinched to perform on the field aren’t worth it..
    the Tigers have saved the money… bad luck Bulldogs..
    Taltent plus players like Williams, Taylor, Suli, Grevsmuhl ….. don’t go any where any how….
    No great loss…👍

  5. Have the Roosters shared their salary sombrero with the dogs?
    All pre-season talk was that the dogs had to release a number of players to accommodate woods and Foran – but it seems kasiano was the only real casualty. Reynolds went but that was before woods and Foran were signed.
    So now they add another 400k per year without any questions.
    How do some clubs make it work and others can’t? Interesting….

    • Indeed Billy, indeed. Canterbury of course have form in this area. And if Fifita’s legal stoush with CB makes it to court it will interesting to see what comes out at the trial. I might be wrong, but I think that in AFL evidence of secret deals outside the cap has come out in court trials. I’d be very surprised if CB want this one to go to trial. But when it comes to the cap, I reckon that Easts are in a class of their own.

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