TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 28: Akuila Uate of Fiji looks on during the 2017 Rugby League World Cup match between Fiji and the United States on October 28, 2017 in Townsville, Australia. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)

Akuila Uate has spent a decade in the NRL plying his trade on the wing, but impressive form in the centres for Fiji at the Rugby League World Cup could see a positional change on the cards next season.

After being dubbed ‘Akuila the thriller’ early in his career, Uate’s form fell away in the last few years as his confidence shrunk, spending the majority of 2016 in NSW Cup.

But this year saw Uate return to form for the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles, scoring 14 tries in 24 games as he formed a lethal right edge combo with Dylan Walker.

Playing at left centre for Fiji, Uate set up one of the tries of the tournament against Wales, running through countless players before an up-and-around pass for Marcelo Montoya to score in the corner.

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While names like Jarryd Hayne and Suliasi Vunivalu have stolen the headlines for his country, Uate’s hard running has been invaluable for his team, averaging over 17 metres with every run so far in the World Cup.

The move would see youngster Brian Kelly move to the wing, with Matt Wright and Jorge Taufua to battle it out for the other wing spot, as well as eliminating the occasional struggles Uate has faced under the high ball in recent times.

While he debuted in the centres for the Newcastle Knights in 2008, that would be the only NRL game Uate would ever start in the centres, shifting a few feet wider to wing for his next 184 NRL games, finding a permanent home there.

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At 30 years of age, a positional move could be just what Uate needs to complete he career rejuvenation the flying Fijian went on this year.

With Blake Green no certainty to remain on the Northern Beaches next year, we’re yet to see who will line-up in the five-eighth role for Manly and form a potential left edge combination with Aku Uate and backrower Frank Winterstein.

Akuila Uate will look to continue his strong form into the Rugby League World Cup’s finals before returning for pre-season in Brookvale shortly after the Christmas break.


  1. Twent staying on , mmmm Uate id sell him , it’s like a used car buy cheap polish and shift for a profit , quick while the paints still shiny

  2. Uate may start at centre while we wait for Dylan walker if he isn’t ready to start the year but that’s about it. Taufau/kelly on left and walker/uate right. Same as this year…

  3. You lot voting in the latest MWRLC AGM ? Didn’t think so , Uate is rubbish , bring Turbo to centres so Wright can go to FB

    • Uate was NOT rubbish this year, he returned to his blinding best. Why do you call him rubbish? He proved a lot of people wrong this season and yet you call him rubbish.

      Please no, Wright is a good depth player but that’s about it, he’s too slow for first grade and he’ll make our attack look clunky. Turbo is still young and has a lot to learn to become the best fullback in the game which I think he will.

  4. You explain why your not voting at the AGM that’s being held at the end of this month ! I’m not going to waste my time on a useless hack that’s taking up valuable space where a junior should be

    • Piss off, just because I’m not a member doesn’t mean I don’t support the club. I’m not a member because I got a lot of personal sh!t I have to go through yet you’re questioning my support to the club. Just because I’m not a member doesn’t mean I don’t support Manly genius. Why not worry about yourself because I haven’t seen one positive thing you’ve posted on this site. I rather read Holmseys comments than put up your bullsh!t.

  5. How about respect my decision on choosing to be a member or not. I really Pearce signs with us and you piss off to AFL.

  6. Put it this way, I chose not to be a member because I need to focus on personal matters. I can be a member but I rather focus on my personal life, I don’t care whether you like it or not but I made the best decision for me.

    • @ eaglerock

      Put it this way… if someone asks you a question you think is too personal to answer hit the following button: “None of your business mate!”

      Simples! 😉

    • Thanks mate, some people just need to learn to respect other people’s decisions when it comes to personal matters.

    • @ eaglerock

      Agree to disagree or just ignore them and move on is good advice in general. I don’t always follow my own advice though when “certain profiles” here get under my skin and take a swing it is hard not to swing back back. When I do I usually leave them sprawled on the floor and down for the count but I get banned or censored and they keep posting so it is pointless in the end.

      MW47 is a mate but he definitely is an acquired taste and can give many here a rash. I don’t know if there is an ointment for that though. 😉

  7. Put it this way, I chose not to be a member because I need to focus on personal matters. I can be a member but I rather focus on my personal life, I don’t care whether you like it or not but I made the best decision for me.

    • So according to you, you have to be a member to be a true supporter. You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t ya.

    • If your going to criticise anyone’s view then yes , put your money in your pocket seeing as you live your club so much , you bleat on yet don’t support your club where it counts , I’m sure the survival of all clubs hinges on “moral” support , money you fool is what makes business, sport , the world tick not “side line muppets “

      • I’m only criticising your view because you always bag our team and players. If you put so much support and money to Manly than why do you always bag our players such as DCE and staff?

        What if I use that money for my support for my family or do I have to be a member to be a true supporter.

        The only reason why I question your support to Manly is because you always bag them, I’ve never seen a Manly fan who always talks down our players and staff. In fact I haven’t seen you write one single positive thing about Manly.

      • “Our players” “our staff” your a groupie , you want to critique others opinions I suggest you firstly contribute financially, then I suggest you attend an AGM where you will be quite surprised at how many MEMBERS ARE NOT IMPRESSED with many decisions the MWSE have taken over the last 3 years , I to have a family , it’s larger than the Australian average of 1.2 children yet I’ve been able to contribute the less than $20 /year for the last 25 years to make sure MY CLUB SURVIVES ! You muppet have not , my voice is heard , it counts especially where it matters , you are just noise 😂

      • Are you special because you’re a member? Are you different to other Manly supporters because you’re a member? I’m not impressed with the decisions over the last three years but I don’t carry on moaning like you do. Do you see Screamingeagle and Crowy moaning about these decisions, no because we have moved on unlike you. I will support this great club, I don’t care who plays with us or coaches us, I will always support them since they playing at my favourite team. You need to move on from these decisions and stop moaning. You said you would go to AFL if Pearce signs, like what kind of fan are you. Un loyal?

      • Screaming hasn’t said a thing he to prob isn’t a member ,crowy same , yes I’m not like you I’m a MEMBER it entitles ME TO A VOICE one you DONT HAVE AND IS NOT HEARD, next time I’m in town 30th Nov for next AGM il sign you into MY CLUB 😂, you can see MY CLUBS TROPHY CAB ! It’s quite impressive, then il take you into the Den , and shout you a drink , this all hinges on whether I decide to sign you in because YOUR NOT A MEMBER 😂😂😂😂

      • Do I really care if my opinion is not heard, I’ve had plenty of discussions with Manly players and coaches. Just because you’re not a member doesn’t mean your opinion isn’t heard.

      • I’m only taking you on because you always bag our team and players, don’t you get that or are you too stupid to realise that. You’re the dope who always bags our team and hasn’t moved on.

      • I’m a member of the MWRLFC you are a groupie 😂😂😂 your nothing 😂😂😂 you are silent in the scheme of things 😂😂😂 the players the coaches of all sides respectfully listen to everyone however there are privileges that go beyond polite behaviour that are forwarded to MEMBERS. Privileges you are not entitled to , no mater how many posters of DCE you have on your bedroom wall , GROUPIE 😂😂😂😂

      • @ MW47

        Mate, the “emojis” just tested me and said they are over worked and request I ask you to give them a rest. We need to go back to LOL to give them time to catch their breath! LOL ROFLMAO! Old school, but still works. *wink*

      • MW47
        Don’t bring me into the crap. No I’m not a leagues club member, but am a seaeagles member, but don’t matter anyone can have an opinion, and you need to learn others can have opinions and your NOT always right

      • Listen crowy I posted Twent staying and sell Uate while paint is still shiny , I asked who’s voting at AGM , nothing offensive, derogatory, and the groupies get knotty cause they have burnt there bras , well done for putting your hard earned to ensure the survival of MW !!

      • MW47
        I just saw my name whilst flicking through and it ain’t got anything to do with me all the arguments, everyone should be entitled to an opinion and shouldn’t be shamed for it ( not saying you are, just in general) butbyeo been a seaeagles member for a while now, gotta get my 8 month old son one for this year to get him to a few games also…
        Mmmmmm Mr. whippy on the hill. Can’t wait

      • Good that’s the way , supporting your club is important, being a member ensures survival and gives your club a voice

      • @ crowy

        “gotta get my 8 month old son one for this year to get him to a few games also…”

        Can your little one walk yet mate? Run son! Run!! Just joking mate, I know family are off limits. I got my youngest all dressed up in Souths gear for the 2014 GF as well. 😉

      • SSTID1970
        My young fella won’t be made to go for manly, just strongly persuaded too lol.. he was born 3 days before Rd 1 this year, and got home on manlys first game, we sat on the lounge both in all our gear and watched on TV. Unfortunately for best but was still one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had…

      • @ crowy

        “My young fella won’t be made to go for manly, just strongly persuaded too lol.”

        Congrats mate. Is he your first? I have 3 and don’t play favourites but the first one changes everything! For the better, trust me.

        Crowy, PLEASE tell me you didn’t call him bozo? Crowy? Please Crowy? PLEASE!

        My son is a passionate Rabbitohs supporter but there was a time at the beginning there he nearly went the wrong way. Thankfully sanity prevailed and we got to enjoy the 2014 premiership together… for a while there I thought I would be waiting to celebrate premiership number 21 with my grand kids some time in the distant future. LOL

      • SSTID,
        Yep he our first and is a freakin legend, I do hope he grows up to support manly and not the knights (as we from newbie) but either way we will be enjoying footy together.
        Can’t wait to get him to brookie, and hopefully see beaver Menzies as he is usually real happy for photos with the little ones, seem him heap of times there at the main entrance…

      • Also no we didn’t call him bozo, but I’m sure he’ll be the only baby born in 2017 with the name Cliffy… lol nah just jokes

    • Well done , we are beginning to make ground , EVERY RL FAN MUST JOIN OR BECOME A MEMBER , the sport needs it your club needs it to survive , just Ask toddy !

    • This is why seagulls should be required to have a breeding permit. The gene pool can only take so much! Bahahahahahahaha

    • Quint: “With so many seagulls there must be a big fish close by chief. A big fish with lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes, chief. But hungry for it’s own kind. Unnatural it is, unnatural but in it’s nature to BE unnatural. Too much time at sea can have a strange effect on some, chief. Very strange, very dangerous yet amusing at the same time.” 😉

  8. Wow, those Manly Seagulls are getting clever, they’ve learned to throw their own “chip” to squabble over.

    Nice work.

    • Yeah, but there is a rogue among the flock that has clearly bumped his head too many times into McDonalds drive thru windows trying to swoop on a box of fries! Now the thing has developed a taste for seagull and is decimating their numbers! There needed to be a cull in any case, they are nothing more than rats with wings (they even called it in the movie “Finding Nemo”). Bahahahahahahaha

      • I think I will call this seagull “Nero” because he likes to burn things to the ground and play the fiddle while the world burns down around him.

        🦅 + 🕯 + 🏛 = 🔥 + 🎻


      • You are very interested in other peoples “members” mate… a little uncomfortable too be honest. It must be a Greek thing! LOL

      • It’s a members club 😂😂😂😂 you do have a member SSTID 😂😂😂 some here openly admit to no MEMBER 😂😂😂

      • I am (a member of Parra), but in fairness you can support a club in many ways.

        I think if you’re passionate about a club, and loyal (don’t change teams), then you’re a supporter. If you go to games, buy club merchandise etc, you are also a financial supporter of the club. I’d bet eaglerock is both.

  9. Mw47 I regret sitting by and seeing you bully and harass Holmsey until he left. We would rather him here than you.
    Just because you claim to be a member (previously you claimed you gave up your membership when 2v got sacked), does not mean your opinion means any more than anyone else’s on a footy fan forum.

    • When the Penns sacked Tooves the entire board at MWRLFC wrote a letter to the Penns objecting , not a single member of MWRLFC agreed with Tooves sacking , many also disagreed with the terms under which DCE was signed , and many Stars were treated , I’m one of those who objected and until the club is owned by its MEMBERS I will still voice my opinion because unlike many I have a ticket which entitles me put up or go away

      • That still doesn’t make you a privileged supporter, I have plenty of mates who are members but they don’t think they’re privileged and they don’t think they have a better opinion than other Manly supporters who don’t have a membership.

    • @ screamingeagle

      Holmsey made some good contributions to the site and many of us could admire his passion and his commitment to his team BUT to be fair, he did “go in swinging” a lot of times and when you swing you are eventually going to get hit! When you do you need to cop it on the chin and move on. Holmsey couldn’t. Unlike many of us here, Holmsey could not admit when he was wrong or (most times) agree to disagree. At the end I also went after him when he refused to back up false claims with facts and despite my frequent attempts to engage him on the FACTS he always dodged them and kept posting opinion and not fact.

      Also, he was quick to call people names when he could not defeat their argument (or if they refused to accept his). He called MW47 “a disgrace and no real Manly supporter” just for posting an opinion and nothing more. He was was picked up for this by several supporters of other clubs but did not change his line or retract his comments. Clearly Holmsey has a brain and can argue a point but when he is on the losing side of an argument he would take the kids way out and for the most part he was a lot more mature than that.

      If you are reading this Holmsey, take these with a grain of salt, learn from this and move on. Start posting again as you know you are able to make a worthwhile contribution so sitting on the sidelines is a waste. Cheers.

        • SSTID I know Holmsey was a bit over the top in some of his posts but at least he didn’t bag his team and players in every article unlike MW47. He does this all the time, it gets to the point where you just want mute him. He also thinks he’s special and privileged because he’s a member, he thinks our opinions don’t matter because we’re not “members”. Give me Holmsey any day of the week over this douchebag.

        • Yep not liking DCE , wanting turbo at 1 and disagreeing with the purchase of Uate is bullying, you lefty knob jockeys , 😂😂😂😂😂

      • Wasn’t the article “DCE admits not trying in 2016” that cracked ole homer !? He just couldn’t bare the though , kissing his poster every night then finding out DCE wasn’t in it , 😂😂😂😂😂😂

        • Trust me, things are about to get better soon. DCE won’t want to “dog it” when he has Mitchell Pearce chasing him around the field. It could get messy if he does! 😂😂😂

        • Ya reakon Mitchell will come to Manly ? I don’t , DCE is not liked , it’s abit like Qld SOO , they hate him , the greatest players current and past don’t have time for DCE fact , fans and members (some) put up with him , he DCE has brought it all upon himself , I don’t want Pearce however I will not EVER relinquish my MWRLFC membership should he arrive I will continue my MWSE boycott and follow AFL closer than I currently do

    • Whatever works for you buddy. I didn’t need an extension to my bar in the first place! But it’s good to see you are happy with the procedure. Bahahahahahahaha

  10. chalky November 10, 2017 at 5:10 pm
    Didn’t you know that the Dogs have signed Andrew Gee as their new financial advisor?

    SSTID_1970 November 11, 2017 at 10:41 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation
    Is that irony chalky? You know irony confuses me chalky. chalky? Don’t start me chalky! DON’T start me!

    SSTID_1970 November 12, 2017 at 11:45 am
    @ zero tackle

    Seriously? I didn’t realise we were in North Korea to have censorship THIS tight!

      • Well it sure seems that I am the ONLY one! Our “mate” Mick is free to say what he wants and when I trump him I get censored! That’s messed up!

        • There you go SSTID, Manly have reciprocated.

          You made a play at recruiting a Manly supporter, and he’s made you a counter offer. RUN, run fast, run far, and just keep running. It appears the Seagull has turned back into a Sea Eagle, and has his sights set on a bunny.

          I’ll throw him a fish to try and distract him. Here goes, there’s now talk of Elgey moving to Manly, if Hayne stays at the Titans and moves to 5/8.

          There’s your chance SSTID, RUN.

  11. @ MW47

    “As for you 3 hats I suggest you stick with Souths or dragons or tigers which ever you support”

    No mate, it’s the Roosters. He has jumped on board now that they have bought a comp and a re specials in 2018. He even visits their website regularly…

    3hats November 4, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    The Roosters (my new team) have won 13 Premierships
    1911, 1912, 1913, 1923, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1940, 1945, 1974, 1975, 2002, 2013


    3hats November 4, 2017 at 9:24 pm
    There is your link

  12. I KNOW you are out there just 🔭 (🦇 + 🕴).
    Time to join the 🍸🍹🍻🍺🥂🍾
    We saved you a 🚽

    Sorry, that was meant to be a chair (seat) but those little emojis are hard to hit for someone afflicted with FTS.

    I couldn’t find one with plastic bags dancing
    In the breeze! 😂😂😂

    • Rabbits! You’ve been down in your burrow for a VERY long time Rabbits. What’s up doc? 🥕🐇

      Rabbits? Don’t start me Rabbits! DON’T start me! 😉

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