After confirming their signing of New Zealand superstar Sonny Bill Williams on a two-year $10 million deal, the Toronto Wolfpack are looking to recruit more cross-code players.

The Daily Telegraph reports Englishmen Manu Tuilagi and Ben Te'o are the next targets for the newly-promoted side, with Australian Valentine Holmes also in their sights.

Tuilagi recently signed a contract extension with Union side Leicester Tigers until 2021, but Toronto head coach Brian McDermott reportedly travelled to the Rugby World Cup to scout the 28-year-old.

Te'o, a former Queensland State of Origin representative, has also been linked to the Canadian side but it is understood that Tuilagi is the club's main priority after landing Williams.

Following an unsuccessful stint in the NFL with the New York Jets, Valentine Holmes is also on Toronto's radar, with the ex-Kangaroo open to leaving the NFL after failing to secure a spot on the Jets' active roster.

Holmes has also been linked to a NRL return with the North Queensland Cowboys, who have reportedly tabled a multi-million dollar deal for the 24-year-old, but Toronto could still be in the running.

“Holmes has been linked with the NRL in his native country but with the sums being talked of in tying down Sonny Bill, the Wolfpack would be in the ballpark to compete with the Australian clubs’ spending power," BBC Sport said.

Despite losing Sonny Bill Williams to the UK Super League, New Zealand Rugby Chairman Brent Impey is still hopeful SBW has a role to play for the country post-retirement.

“We hold him in very high regard and when his playing career finishes, I’m not sure in what role, but I believe he has things to offer us here at New Zealand Rugby, absolutely,” he said.


  1. How about Latrel “Big Note Himself” Mitchell…..!!!!
    He only wants the sky is the limit, which for his 4-7 touch’s per game should get him at least 1.2 million.

  2. No.

    Toronto want street cred not a jumped up teenager who thinks he is worth more than he is. Holmes or preferably Tuilagi would be much better recruits for Toronto and I wouldn’t put it past Argyle to get both of them.

    Standing back a little, What is going on here is quite exciting. The more I look at it, the more I think that this could really turn into something big for Rugby League. Argle clearly has contacts in the big media companies in North America and has been quite active on the marketing front with Toronto. He is also willing to think outside the box and if some of that can rub off onto some of the other ESL clubs and English media, we could be on the brink of a whole new world for our sport.

  3. I agree Rucky, this is just mind boggling how Argyle is promoting Rugby League in Canada. Apparently Canadians like Melbarians love their sport.

    I think we are on the verge of witnessing the start of a massive Rugby League following in Canada. Lets hope Wolfpack perform brilliantly and turn the sport of Rugby League into one of Canada’s favourite sports.

  4. It will take a long time to beat ice hockey and baseball, but do agree, Canadians do love their sport.
    My Canadian partner, loves it, she watches nearly every game each weekend and drinks beer.

  5. Is SBW really worth $5 million per year? I’m 65 and with such big money on offer I think I’d better come out of retirement. Maybe I could pick up $100 per week while the cash is being splashed around.

  6. Sidney does your partner have a single sister? If i was Val, i would be definitely taking the opportunity & experience of living & playing in Canada. If Money Bill William$$ is worth 10MILL surely Val be worth a couple MILL per $ea$on al$o?

  7. Sidney,

    They don’t have to beat ice hockey and baseball, all I am hoping for is that Rugby League gets a fair crack of the whip for a change. For such a great sport, it is amazing how it has been kep’t under wraps for so long. Argyle offers the ESL an opportunity to get out from under Rugby Union’s Media thumb..

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