The NRL bunker continues to be in the weekly headline cycle with decisions routinely criticised, but there could be a way to fix it.

During this week's Knock On podcast's mailbag, Instagram user CamCannard16 suggested that ex-players and coaches should be on hand in the bunker to adjudicate in every game, particularly with regards to high tackles and fould play.

The prevalence of foul play has been at an increasing level this season, but hosts Dan Nichols and Terry Mortimer couldn't come to an agreement over whether the method would help fix the problems in the NRL's video review bunker.

"No they shouldn't, absolutely not," Mortimer said.


"The ex-players and coaches are your pundits commentating the game at the moment. I'll give you an example. Thomas Hazelton on Saturday night was knocked out cold, had a big shiner on his face and you had Brandy [Greg] Alexander who is a former player and coach [New South Wales Blues advisor] saying there was no contact.

"No players, no coaches. Independent people [must be there]."

Nichols said it had to be a player who could prove they could do it, but was swayed by the argument.

"I did like having Brent Sherwin there. I think if you have a player who can prove they can do it, I think they could be a positive," Nichols said.

What do you think? Could ex-players or coaches help or hinder the Bunker's problems?

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