As the Roosters cruised to their first win of the season, one of their star players may be in doubt for next week against the Rabbitohs.

Centre Joseph Suaalii may miss Round 3 after being put on report for a late shot on Warriors fullback Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad.

Suaalii waited until the fullback passed the ball before tackling him directly in the back.

The 19-year-old wasn't sin-binned for the incident, playing the entire 80 minutes as he racked up over 230 metres and 21 tackles for the tricolours.

"It's not on. You can't hit a man once he's let go of the ball and once he's relaxed, and Joseph Suaalii hit him under the ribs, in the back," Greg Alexander said on Fox Sports.

"He could be in some trouble with that one. We try and protect our playmakers from forwards doing that when they drift across the field. Once they let go of the ball, you can't hit them."

"Suaalii put a shot on well after he let go of the ball so there could be a charge for Joseph to answer."

The Samoan international has been handed warnings from the match review committee in the past over raising his knee into contact, however his rap sheet overall is a clean one.

If he is to miss next week, it will be a big blow for the Roosters in rugby league's greatest rivalry, and likely open the door for either Jaxson Paulo, Paul Momorivski or Corey Allen to play left centre, although Drew Hutchison can also fill-in if need be.

It will be the first time both teams will go up against each other since the 2022 qualifying final which saw seven sin-bins.