Former NRL players and now NRL 360 hosts Ben Ikin and Paul Kent have clashed over reviewing the Storm's wrestling of Raiders players during the weekend's loss.

Storm skipper and record games holder Cam Smith came under fire for an apparent ear pull as well as Nelson Asofa-Solomona avoiding a ban for his efforts in a crusher tackle.

The clash of the hosts surrounded the argument with the spirit of the game as the technical side of the hard tackles was assessed.

Ikin couldn't see how the incidents breached the spirit of the game, with Kent suggesting the Storm were "deliberately trying to hurt blokes and take them out of the game."

Ikin then said it's a collision sport, which sent Kent over the edge.

"Ben, come on. You’re not a moron," Kent said.

"Like, seriously. You can tackle hard, you can do your best, but to go out and deliberately drop your knees into blokes, to put elbows elbow pressure into their groins, to rub your knuckles along their temples which is a soft spot on your head, to getting pressure points under your ears.

"That’s all crap and if you want to stand and defend it because that’s what you’re after then do your best but it’s not right."

Phil Rothfield chimed in to remind Kent it's not just the Storm who employ these tactics, with Kent suggesting every team is partaking in it, although to different levels.

"I haven’t said it is just Melbourne. They’re all doing it to certain degrees." he added.

"Melbourne are sitting playing victims because ‘we just work harder and do it better than everybody else’ … the game has got to show some guts and fix it."

Melbourne comes up against the Titans this week in a first vs last scenario.


  1. The Rabbitohs Shane Richardson has played an absolute blunder. Everyone in the Rugby league world knows he only said what he did about the Storm and their dirty tactics to draw attention away from how poor the Bunnies are going, knowing full well the biased Sydney media would jump all over it.
    If you listen carefully you can still hear Shane Richardson laughing.

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