AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JULY 30: Nathan Cleary of the Panthers looks on during the round 21 NRL match between the New Zealand Warriors and the Penrith Panthers at Mt Smart Stadium on July 30, 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)

State of Origin future bright with uncapped talent

State of Origin is entering its 37th series in 2017, and after 118 games of Origin, there’s been a lot of talent play in the Blue and Maroon jerseys. Wally Lewis, Andrew Johns, Jonathan Thurston and Steve Mortimer have all graced the field for their respective states, and the future is bright for Origin with the amount of quality uncapped players in the NRL today.

The recent Four Nations saw several players make their Kangaroos debut, with a few making their international debut before their maiden Origin match. Jake Friend, Jake Trbojevic, Shannon Boyd and Valentine Holmes all made their Australian debut before playing for New South Wales or Queensland and will look to use the tournament success as a springboard into the Origin arena.

The annual Emerging Origin squads prove an insight into the mind of a selector, and who’s in line for a debut in the coming series. Nine players from the 2016 Emerging Origin Squads, seven of them New South Welshmen, went on to make their Origin debuts this year. The likes of James Tedesco, Adam Reynolds, Matt Moylan, Tyson Frizell and more went on to feature for the Blues this season, while Corey Oates and Justin O’Neill played their maiden match in Maroon this year.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 01:  Paul Gallen of the Blues walks out onto the field for the second half during game one of the State Of Origin series between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons at ANZ Stadium on June 1, 2016 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – JUNE 01: Paul Gallen of the Blues walks out onto the field for the second half during game one of the State Of Origin series between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons at ANZ Stadium on June 1, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

This year’s series saw veterans Corey Parker and Paul Gallen retire from State of Origin, while superstars Jonathan Thurston, Cooper Cronk, Cameron Smith and Robbie Farah are all nearing the end of their representative careers. The retirement of players in such key positions will mean the ushering of new talent over the next series will be crucial to both sides, as well as the development of recent debutants to ensure one team emerges dominant in the coming years.

Tickets for the 2017 State of Origin series are on sale now, with the first match scheduled to be played at Suncorp Stadium on May 31st.



  1. Tom Trbojevic
  2. Alex Johnston
  3. Jarrod Croker
  4. Joseph Leilua
  5. Latrell Mitchell
  6. Mitchell Moses
  7. Nathan Cleary
  8. Ryan James
  9. Nathan Peats
  10. Shannon Boyd
  11. Sione Mata’utia
  12. Bryce Cartwright
  13. Jake Trbojevic
  14. Blake Austin
  15. Tariq Sims
  16. Paul Vaughan
  17. Regan Campbell-Gillard

  18. James Roberts


  1. Valentine Holmes
  2. Kyle Feldt
  3. Cameron Munster
  4. Hymel Hunt
  5. Edrick Lee
  6. Anthony Milford
  7. Ben Hunt
  8. Dylan Napa
  9. Jake Friend
  10. Jarrod Wallace
  11. Chris Grevsmuhl
  12. Ethan Lowe
  13. Jai Arrow
  14. Ashley Taylor
  15. Korbin Sims
  16. Jason Bukuya
  17. Brenton Lawrence

  18. Moses Mbye



  1. Sione Mata’utia won’t play rep footy again. But both teams do have a lot of talent that hasn’t played SOO yet. I look forward to seeing the Trbojevic brothers, Crocker, James and Cartwright make their debuts (hopefully in 2017) for NSW and Holmes, Munster, Milford, Napa and Taylor making their QLD debuts (again hopefully next year). I really do hope next years series is used to blood a lot of new players.

  2. Tom and Jake Trbojevic are certain to debut, easily the best young talents in the game along with Cleary and Moses. Future of NSW will rest upon 4 players in my opinion Trbojevic, Moses, Cleary and who ever puts their hand up for the 9 jersey. And I also hope the Canberra pair of centres debut. And for QLD Ben Hunt is way behind Taylor, Mbye and DCE for the 7 jersey. Mainly Taylor who is a freak and DCE who when on song is the best running half in the game and I think we will see that in 2017 with him beside a quality 6. Lawrence is one I’d also like to see debut. His leg drive is amazing and was really missed by Manly in 2016 and 2015. And one more thing… WHERE IS BEVAN FRENCH? He is easily NSWs best young winger and way ahead in my opinion of Mitchell (who is more of a centre) and Johnston who is just not good enough for rep footy.

    • I don’t know about Moses, I don’t think he will be an SOO regular. Your Trbojevic brothers certainly will (Jake certainly this year and hopefully Tom too). Leilua IMO won’t debut, and French won’t debut for at least 2 years because of his defence.

      As for QLD, I think your showing a bit too much favouritism towards your $10 million dollar man. IMO Cherry-Evans won’t play rep footy again unless injuries occur because I think Hunt is in front of them. Lawrence is way behind a bunch other quality QLD forwards so IMO he won’t play rep footy either.

      Do you think Dylan Walker should stay in the NSW squad?

      • Walker was solid in origin last year in game 2 when he was at centre, he was also pretty good for manly when he played centre. Last year was a year he would like to forget but I think he is still up there as one of the best young backs in the game. You look at his games at centre last year and you can see how good he can be. I think he will be one of NSWs centres going forward in the future. He has so much spirit and fight and while a lot of people blame him at 6 for our horrible 2016 campaign I though he was pretty good at 6 individualy he would have been great at 6 with an organisational halfback not a runner like DCE beside him. Look in my opinion he will be an Aussie and NSW future mainstay at centre and yes I think he should be kept in the squad in the centres cause he is still such a good centre.

        • So for NSW who would miss out, Croker, Leilua or Walker? Not to mention Jennings, J Morris, Bird (although he will be a half IMO in origin) and Roberts just to name a few.

        • That’s a tough one. Jennings and Morris should just finish their careers at their clubs in my opinion plus Jennings is behind a few now as is Morris. Bird as you said will be a fulltime 5/8 soon. Roberts isn’t making a big enough impression in my opinion he is good but he has nothing but speed. He would be a decent winger. Out of Leilua, Croker and Walker the selectors should pick who is in form for that game, if it’s Walker than he is in and I think he will be ahead of those 2 soon if he can recapture his Souths form.

        • At this point it will be-

          1- T Trbojevic
          2- J Taufua
          3- D Walker
          4- B Parker/B Kelly
          5- B Kelly/B Parker/A Uate (if he has a good off season he will be winger)
          6- B Green
          7- D Cherry-Evans

        • Taufuas defence concerns me but his running game would be special. Locke… I’ll wait and see on him, but I think he will make a good winger. Like Rapana but not as good.

    • if corey Canadian club norman can keep his nose clean (pun intended), then he would surely be ranking as close to the next Qld no 6 after Morgan?

  3. Hey guys, this is off topic, but I’m doing this thing where I give each player a rating out of 100, and I was wondering if this is fair for the Raiders side (70-75 is a decent player but isn’t first grade, 75-79 is a player who is close to being a first grader but isn’t quite there, 80-82 is a fringe first grader, 83-85 is a regular first grader who is solid but not really SOO level, 86-89 is a possible player for SOO, 90+ is the superstars of the game who are the best of the best)

    Wighton 84
    Lee 83
    J Croker 87
    Leilua 86
    Rapana 87
    Austin 87
    Sezer 87
    Paulo 86
    Hodgson 90
    Boyd 85
    Papalii 88
    Whitehead 86
    Soliola 85

    Baptiste 82
    Lima 81
    Tapine 82
    D Taylor 82

    Bateman 81
    Clydesdale 80
    N Cotric 74
    L Croker 79
    T Cronan 77
    Fensom 82
    L Goodwin 76
    J Hickson 75
    R Kennedy 75
    Lui 79
    Makatoa 76
    Ottio 76
    Priest 81
    Santo 80
    J Turner 78
    A Moraitis 78

  4. Ok here is the Sea Eagles team with the points (look above for the rules for it). IMO there are no 90s in here yet, but by the end of the season both Trbojevics and if DCE, Taupau and Walker step it up then they’ll be there. I feel like I want to give DCE 1 or 2 points more but I can’t put him above Ben Hunt.

    T Trbojevic 88
    Locke 82
    Taufua 84
    Walker 87
    Uate 83
    Green 85
    Cherry-Evans 86
    Lussick 84
    Parcell 85
    Fonua-Blake 83
    Sironen 84
    Taupau 87
    J Trbojevic 88

    L Brown 84
    Koroisau 85
    Lane 84
    Myles 83

    K Aldridge 72
    T Amone 75
    D Cox 72
    Cullen 82
    Godinet 80
    J Hopoate 79
    B Kelly 82
    D Kelly 75
    Lawrence 80
    Meehan 80
    B Parker 81
    Slaimankhel 81
    F Winterstein 80
    J Wright 79
    M Wright 79
    T Wright 77
    J Lussick 77
    J Kennedy 81

    Let me know whether I should increase/decrease any. And let me know if I missed anyone.

    • Thanks for that Trollz878. Very accurate in my opinion, I think only changes is maybe Koroisau 1 or 2 points higher, Parcell down about 3 (but plenty of potential) and Green and Lussick little bit higher but practically what I would have. As you said DCE probably higher but hasn’t really earned it based on his price. And as you said our key players will probably develop into 90s based on their age like Tom, Jake Trbojevic, Walker and DCE if he pulls his head in. By the way trollz878 what team do you support.

      • So would you have Koroisau as your starting hooker or Parcell?

        I support one of Manly’s “grudge” teams (well IMO they are, your definitely one of ours). Think Glenn Stewart versus Adam Blair in 2011 😑 (Didn’t really like the score to that game but oh well).

        • Ah so a Storm fan nice! Good to see a well educated Melbourne fan as most are afl lovers down Melbourne way. Yes I would rather Koroisau due to his zip, vision (kicking and passing game), aggression and super hard hitting defence.

        • Yeah well a Storm fan up in Brisbane though. Fair call on Koroisau, I don’t know though, I remember watching Parcell for the Jets and he was great. Still remembering scoring 5 tries in 1 match.

        • Yeah all 5 tries backing up and running from half dominating. He was great for the jets I think this year he will improve more especially if Manly can keep injury free!

          Checking out storm vs warriors trial in sunshine coast trollz?

        • Yeah if Parcell would just start running the ball form dummy half more he would be lethal but he seems reluctant to go anywhere near scoots from acting half.

        • Jayy12

          I might go and check it out if I can. I try to always go to Cbus Super Stadium to watch the Titans play the Storm, as getting parking and access to the stadium itself is much easier down the Gold Coast (my dad also supports the Titans, so it gives us that rivalry), but this year we are in the double header so I think I will go and watch that there, should be a great night of footy.

          I was there to watch that draw between Titans and Sharks too and that really was a good game. It’s funny though because when the teams were warming up, Ashley Taylor was kicking field goals, but he kicked about 3 from 30, and he was about 25 metres out right in front of the posts. His kicks kept fading off to the right, and I said to my dad “You better hope this game doesn’t come down to field goals”. And of course those who saw it know what happened.

        • Trollz,

          Totally understandable about cbus stadium haha at least it is out of the way and not as crazy to get to if you don’t live directly in the city. I actually enjoy watching the game at C-bus compared to Suncorp (unless it is origin)

          The wife and I got our tickets Monday for the trial match in Sunshine Coast so should be sweet! It is the week after the 9’s so hopefully some of the regulars will play.

    • Trollz, you obviously know your footy, and have put a lot of thought into these. Other than maybe a point here or there I can’t argue any of them.

      Really well done.

        • I’ll give you plenty of feedback on the Eels, and for the record, I’m a realist. I’m a passionate Eels supporter, and back the boys, but right now, as it currently stands, we’ll be sniffing around the 8, and unless we get an experienced (quality) playing into our spine, we won’t go too far into the finals, assuming we get there, next year.

        • Well I intend on doing he Eels, Storm and maybe the Sharks tomorrow if I get time (had nothing to do today so I did 4). I’ll definitely make sure to do at least 1 though.

    • I would like to know HOW did you come up with such a points system?

      What happened to 1 to 69?

      You have to explain how it works?
      How many points do you get if you’re a Goal kicker?
      If Green is an 85, Adam Reynolds MUST be a 95.
      If T Trbojevic is an 88, Greg Inglis must be 100

      • Inglis isn’t as good as he use to be you do realise that? He would struggle to make the 90s and Reynolds is to up and down on form to be above 90.

        • I think A. Reynolds would be an 88, and Inglis would be 91 plus. Inglis plays with injuries a lot, so can look a bit flat at times, but when he’s in form he is a superstar and probably a mid 90’s on that scale.

          3hats, I agree A. Reynolds is a much better player than Green, who I’m not sure about. I’d have Green at 83 or 84. He is a regular first grade starter.

        • I think Green is very underrated, he may not be your explosive Morgan or Milford but he gets the job done and never fails it. Also I think Reynolds is a better player but Green is way more consistent and Greens defence is also another place where he excels.

      • Look at my above posts. I don’t think there are any players that are that bad that they deserve to be below 70 in the NRL squads. There’s no bonus points for goal kickers or stuff like that, it’s just general play.

        • You haven’t EXPLAINED HOW you come up with these Numbers.
          Lane 84 he is a fringe, First Grader.
          Sam Burgess must be a 100

  5. Going back 10 years state of origin stats were so close. It was like the same amount of games won by each state and about 20pts separating them in for and against. That’s was over 26 years of history and the games were that close. Then we all know what has happened over the last 10 years. Qld are going to lose alot of good players. Is it possible in 2-3 years time that Nsw might go on a 8yr streak? It’s possible if you look at these players
    Turbo- slater
    Mitchell- Inglis

  6. Hate when you press wrong button. These players remind me of:
    Turbo- slater
    Mitchell- Inglis
    Leluia- hodges
    Cleary- Cronk
    With big boppers, Boyd, Klemmer, cordner, Jackson & j trbjovevic.
    The two positions that arnt really filled are no 6 & no 9 with no real superstars coming through the ranks.

    • Mitch Moses in the 6 jersey, he will be a great player soon. Up there with the best. He reminds me of JT.

    • Moses already makes Walker look second rate. Imagine what Moses will be when he actually starts to have a good team around him.

  7. Ok here is the Eels lineup (to be honest I’m not too confident on their ratings)

    French 85
    Radradra 88
    M Jennings 86
    Takairangi 86
    Hoffman 85
    Gutherson 87
    Norman 87
    Brown 85
    K Pritchard 83
    Mannah 84
    Ma’u 86
    Edwards 85
    Scott 87

    Fogarty 81
    Moeroa 83
    F Pritchard 82
    Vave 84

    Alvaro 82
    Auva’a 81
    De Gois 81
    Faraimo 78
    Folau 79
    Gower 80
    G Jennings 79
    King 78
    Nelson 77
    Toutai 80
    Matagi 82
    O’Brien 79
    Robson 81
    Schulte 75
    W Smith 80
    Tanginoa 78
    Terepo 80
    Twal 76
    B Barnes 73
    G Leleisiuao 77

    Let me know who to increase/decrease.

    • think its pretty right,was curious to see your thoughts as id imagine it be a harder team to do as last years right off season alot off players chopping and changing

    • trollz, well done.
      Sticking to the starting line up for now, the biggest change for mine would be Ma’u, who I would add at least 2 points to, to 88, and I’m borderline 89. He’s solid, reliable, very fit and quick, with a good footy brain. I’d have him in any team.
      On the flip side, I think you’ve got Gutherson a bit too high, for this stage of his career at least. I don’t see him knocking on the door of Origin, not yet, but is definitely a regular FG player, so I’d go 85/86.
      Otherwise I’d add 1 to Mannah, to 85, and 2 to F. Pritchard, to 84.

      • With regards to the second batch of players, the “reserve” line up, I think it depends on the context. For example Auva’a, Alvaro, Robson, DeGois, Gower (in that order for mine) could all be regular FG players, depending on the depth of a team.
        Looking at our FG, but somewhat fringe FG players because of our depth, I think Moeroa and Alvaro just need that bit more experience to unlock some real underlying talents. I’m not saying they will become rep. players of the future, but I wouldn’t be surprised, as I see that potential. Hopefully, having the depth, and therefore competition for places will bring the best out of them.

    • Tbh I think you are a long way off with this list (most your others have been pretty accurate but).
      I get French is regarded as having lots of potential but so far all we have seen him do is run fast on the wing. He’s still unproven at fullback so imo has to be lower.
      Radradra is the best winger in the game has to be rated higher.
      One centre has been an origin mainstay (probably no longer but) the other is a reliable 1st grader who has been shuffled between 2nd row and centre at several clubs, they can’t possibly be ranked the same.
      I have a very high opinion of gutho but still unproven as a 5-8 and has only really played 1 year of 1st grade. Can’t be rated so high.
      Mau not high enough agree with ellsam. Scott’s best footy is well past him so lower.
      K Pritchard lower as he is yet to even be a consistent 1st grader.
      I think Álvaro’s current rating is fair but by the end of the season I reckon it will be much higher as he picks up wicks minutes and proves to be a very good player

  8. I’ve also got the Storm one done, let me know if you think I’m too bias on my own team or not. Slater was a very difficult one to do, he has barely played for 2 years, so on performance he doesn’t warrant a 90 but I’ve kept him at 90 purely because of his status, he is still known as one of the best. Let me know if you think he should drop down or not.

    Slater 90
    Vunivalu 84
    Chambers 86
    C Blair 83
    Addo-Carr 84
    Munster 86
    Cronk 94
    J Bromwich 91
    C Smith 96
    McLean 84
    Harris 86
    K Bromwich 83
    Finucane 85

    Asofa-Solomona 83
    Glasby 82
    Kaufusi 81
    Welsh 80

    Britt 78
    Croft 79
    S Drinkwater 77
    S Griffin 80
    Hawkins 79
    J Hughes 78
    R Jacks 77
    Kamikamika 77
    Leuluai 80
    Nicholls 79
    D Pelo 73
    L Port 77
    C Scott 80
    B Smith 78
    Stimson 79
    S Tatapu 74
    Tonuaimapea 81
    J Turpin 74

    Let me know your thoughts. Might do Sharks and Warriors later.

    • Trollz, I can’t see any real stand outs, other than Slater, in that at his best he’s mid 90’s, so I’d add a couple of points at least.
      Munster? He owned FB this year, and based on his form I’d add a couple there too, but if Slater returns next year, and he loses FB, let’s see how he goes.
      Addo-Carr, I think 84 is a bit high for now, but he impressed me, and with Bellamy as his couch, and the player group around him next year, he could explode.

  9. Milford gets the nod after j.t hands down.Morgan is not i repeat is not a worthy replacement his a bench utility!!

    As for dce/and others they will never see a Qld starting Guernsey over milf/hunt combo its common sense kev Walters will make it happen bcoz his the coach

  10. QLD have so much more talent than NSW, i can definitely see us dominating another 10 years with the emerging stars we have.

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