GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 20: Tom Trbojevic of the Sea Eagles looks on during the round 15 NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Manly Sea Eagles at Cbus Super Stadium on June 20, 2016 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images)

The Manly Sea Eagles have signed star brothers Jake and Tom Trbojevic until the end of the 2020 season.

Sea Eagles Head of Football Bob Fulton completed months of negotiations with the two players, their parents and management to secure the prized signings.

The dual signings of the Mona Vale Raiders juniors is seen as a major building block for the future of the Sea Eagles.

Head Coach Trent Barrett says the re-signing of the Trbojevic brothers until 2020 is a strong show of intent from the Sea Eagles.

“It’s extremely pleasing that we can continue to build the team around these two fine young players but also another number of youngsters in our squad. We hope to be able to keep the nucleus of this side together for years to come,” Barrett said.

Sea Eagles Chairman Scott Penn was thrilled with the commitment from Tom and Jake to sign long-term with the Club.

“The boys are already highly talented and are only going to get better and better.

“We see a great deal of similarities between Jake and Tom and the Stewart brothers at the same point in their careers, and we’re confident that we’re building for another era of success and regular Finals football,” Penn said.

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Manly Sea Eagles 2017 Player Movements

2017 Gains
Cameron Cullen (Gold Coast Titans, 2017), Manase Fainu (2019), Blake Green (Melbourne Storm, 2020), Jackson Hastings (Sydney Roosters, 2019), Brian Kelly (Gold Coast Titans, 2021), Jarrad Kennedy (Canberra Raiders, 2017), Shaun Lane (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, 2020), Joey Lussick (Sydney Roosters, 2020), Jesse Martin (2018), Taniela Paseka (2019), Lloyd Perrett (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, 2019), Curtis Sironen (Wests Tigers, 2019), Kelepi Tanginoa (Parramatta Eels, 2019), Akuila Uate (Newcastle Knights, 2021), Jonathan Wright (New Zealand Warriors, 2018), Matthew Wright (Mid Season: North Queensland Cowboys, 2018)
2017 Losses
Rhys Armstrong (released), Jamie Buhrer (Newcastle Knights), Luke Burgess (Catalan Dragons), Fabian Goodall (rugby union), Nathan Green (released), Nicholas Hynes (released), Isaac John (released), Dylan Kelly (released), Liam Knight (Canberra Raiders), Halauafu Lavaka (released), Blake Leary (North Queensland Cowboys), Jamie Lyon (retired), Feleti Mateo (retired), Tim Moltzen (retired), Nate Myles (Melbourne Storm), Matt Parcell (Leeds Rhinos), Hugh Pratt (released), Tony Satini (Penrith Panthers), Josh Starling (Newcastle Knights), Tom Symonds (Huddersfield Giants), Siosaia Vave (Parramatta Eels), Brayden Wiliame (Catalan Dragons)
Addin Fonua-Blake (2020), Martin Taupau (2020), Jake Trbojevic (2020), Tom Trbojevic (2020)
Off Contract 2019
Jade Anderson, Lachlan Croker, Cade Cust, Brendan Elliot, Manase Fainu, Tevita Funa, Reuben Garrick, Jack Gosiewski, Trent Hodkinson, Albert Hopoate, Sean Keppie, Semisi Kioa, Apisai Koroisau, Luke Metcalf, Haumole Olakau'atu, Brad Parker, Taniela Paseka, Lloyd Perrett, Toafofoa Sipley, Curtis Sironen, Moses Suli, Kelepi Tanginoa, Jorge Taufua, Joel Thompson, Corey Waddell, Dylan Walker, Frank Winterstein
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  1. Couldn’t really ever see them leaving, looking forward to there younger brother coming through, heard he goes alright also. Manly need to get some value out of bargain prices players now with these and dce taking a large chunk, still very anxiously waiting on what snake and skivvy are doing?? Still think we have a outside back too many meaning someone won’t be there.

    • Don’t forget crowy taufau hasn’t resigned for 2017. I would say he is gone considering how many outside backs we have

      • Yeah I know that’s what I was worries about. Without a doubt he was down on form last year, but if the injury he had was half as bad as reported he was doing good to be on the field. At his best he is destructive and so strong in trying to get to the line, will be real annoyed if he is let go to bring in uate. Hoping he stays. Realistically prob snake to go, although it pains me so much to say.

  2. I had the same feeling about this as I did about the Inglis re-signing. Like Inglis, Jake and Tom are happy where they are, and loyalty still means something in RL. Rest easy now Manly fans.

    • Odd that when Inglis and the Turbo brothers re-sign it is loyalty (a result I am very happy with) but when Gillett re-signed with Brisbane it was unfair TPA’s this and brown paper bags that. I guess loyalty only exists outside Brisbane.

      • tommyknocker

        As much as I respect your opinion, be fair. Inglis is on $900K plus and Gillett was on $300K now $500K plus, correct? How much more in TPA’s (which is HIDDEN income)? Was this why he “reportedly” turned down “Inglis money” elsewhere?

        At the very least there needs to be transparency when it comes to TPA’s and possibly a cap to be fair to other teams. If you can’t agree with the second point SURELY you would agree with the first? There are far too many “secret deals” that are beginning to ruin the game.

        • Well lets be fair then. You cant really compare Greg Inglis, a player many talk about as a future immortal to Gillett. If Inglis is on 900k, considering his position and his influence on the club and using the same criteria for Gillett, the difference in their base income is about right.

          Also what is Inglis’s hidden income? I can bet his sponsorships far outweigh anything Gillett would be getting.

          My point is, and it is true for all of us, that it is easy to see and understand loyalty to a club you are passionate about, however it is easy to forget that other players and fans are also loyal. Gillett is married with a daughter and settled in Brisbane. Regardless of the money on offer elsewhere he is on a very good income in Brisbane. Maybe he is just happy where he is? But that does not fit into the mindset the Broncos being the “evil ones”.

        • tommyknocker

          “Also what is Inglis’s hidden income? I can bet his sponsorships far outweigh anything Gillett would be getting.”

          So let’s agree on my previous points:

          “At the very least there needs to be transparency when it comes to TPA’s and possibly a cap to be fair to other teams.”

          Surely this (below) is an example of pushing the “loyalty” angle too far? There is such a thing of a club taking advantage of or even abusing loyalty.

          Corey Parker Fox Sports article:

          “It was the end of 2013 and he had just claimed the Paul Morgan Medal for the Broncos’ best and fairest, as well as the Dally M Lock of the Year and the International Lock of the Year.

          Then 31, the Maroons star felt it was his turn to cash in for what had already been a fantastic career. He wanted a three year deal on good money. But his expectations couldn’t have been further from the Broncos’ offer.

          “You know what I ended up with? Just over $200,000 a season. Surely I was good enough at that stage of my career to be knocking on the door of the million-dollar club too.”

          For the record, I don’t think of the Broncos being the “evil ones” but they have far too many advantages over other clubs IMO which are not of their making but still don’t help to make a “level playing field”. No doubt Broncos fans would object to the NRL trying to “level the odds” by pumping $$’s into the 9 Sydney clubs for TPA’s?

        • I know, pot to kettle, glass houses etc. but the simplest comparison would be:

          Greg Inglis $900k (current year)
          Darius Boyd $400k (current year)

        • “Expected to shortly announce a $2 million profit on the back of winning last year’s premiership. It is an incredible result considering they get no poker machine support.

          Having 30,000 members translates to $4 million in income on top of most lucrative sponsorship deals in the game. Also picked up extra gate taking from playing matches in Perth and Cairns. The wealth of part-owners James Packer and Russell Crowe ensures they are in as good a shape as any of their rivals”. (Rothfield in 2015 claiming Souths are the #1 on the rich list)

          Would be you happy with Souths, touted by supporters as the richest NRL club, forgoing THEIR advantages to help out Wests, Newcastle or Manly? All the hard work put in since their re-instatement shared around to clubs that are poor due to their own failings. Maybe Souths can share some of Packer’s money around. I am sure the Tigers would like help getting out of debt. A nice socialist paradise.

          What about you Canterbury or Roosters fans? Would you like other clubs not as well off as yours to get an extra leg-up by the NRL, at your expense.

          The truth is that no sporting competition is fair or even. There are haves and have nots in every code. Sometimes it is due to history or location, sometimes poor management or bad luck, but despite this, as I have proven many times over and will not bore you with again, the NRL is an incredibly even comp.

          I don’t want to see any clubs die or relocate but the elephant in the room is that while there are 9 clubs in Sydney, milking the cow dry, some will miss out.

        • eelsalmighty/tommyknocker

          And Darius Boyd is the FB of the year (2016) and QLD/Australian FB ahead of Inglis (who is a far greater liability due to injury than Boyd)?

        • tommyknocker

          We will have to agree to disagree once again on this subject then. As I have said clubs and their fans outside of NSW (with the exception of Newcastle and maybe Canberra) have far too much invested in the status quo to want or see the need for change. I can only guess if the situation was reversed and there was one club representing all of Sydney, NSW and there were 9 clubs IN Brisbane city all competing for the same slice of pie we both might be taking the opposite sides of the argument.

          In the meantime, like I have said before, even if Souths might be one of the stronger Sydney clubs financially speaking I would hate to see what happened to Souths following the Super League fiasco happening to other long time supporters of any other Sydney club.

          Truce? (and remember I didn’t fire the first shot)

        • tommyknocker

          “The wealth of part-owners James Packer and Russell Crowe ensures they are in as good a shape as any of their rivals”. (Rothfield in 2015 claiming Souths are the #1 on the rich list)”

          And btw, even given the above how many state and international reps do both teams have in their roster? If that was true you would expect Souths to have at least as many as the Broncos AND Inglis and Sam Burgess wouldn’t have to sign for almost 1 million per year on the cap!

        • Don’t worry I remember when there were lots of Brisbane clubs and the rich Sydney ones with their gambling money used to tear our hearts out year after year. THEN put them in a blue jumper and send them up to Lang Park and wallop us.

          Sydney clubs cannot have it both ways. They want to remain in Sydney, and rightly so, BUT want the advantages of a one town team. So you hamstring a few clubs to bring everyone down to the same level.

          As I asked before, would you be happy to see Souths hard earned $$ go to the Tigers? To level them up financially with Souths. How would club members feel about this. Or the NRL decide not to fund Souths in 2017 and put the money into Newcastle or Manly. This is the important question.

        • tommyknocker

          And in one concise and eloquent paragraph (1st paragraph) you have thoroughly encapsulated the secret of why QLD has been so driven and motivated in the history of State of Origin series (and why NSW has been at a disadvantage).

          The motivation, the resentment, the hatred! Big brother robs little brother of all the attention and now little brother wants their day in the sun. It is also an added insight into what continues to motivate the Broncos in the NRL and guide the loyalties of loyal QLDers to stay the course and not jump ship. But even by your own admission it wasn’t only the ONE Sydney team with that advantage, like the Broncos.

          Also, the difference (not justification) was that NSW was trying to strengthen not weaken their own competition (granted without any thought of the QLD competition at the time).

          Believe me, I DO sympathise, I do understand, I am not being cynical. But… this is now a unified competition and a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Too many weak links and the chain breaks! It is in everybody’s interest that there is a strong competitive unified competition.

          How successful would the game be if a handful, 4 – 6 teams, clearly dominated the competition? If every year the premiers and last standing teams in the finals came from these teams only how many disillusioned supporters may be lost to the game and start supporting a rival code? Think of the Sydney Swans and Western Sydney Wanderers for example?

          As for suggestions and whether I “would you be happy to see Souths hard earned $$ go to the Tigers? ” I will answer that in a separate post soon.

        • tommyknocker

          “would you be happy to see Souths hard earned $$ go to the Tigers?”

          I never argued for Souths’ hard earned $$’s to be shared but rather for the NRL to dig deep into their 1 billion dollar plus war chest (which also needs to be able to help develop RL at the grass roots level) to assist clubs on a needs basis.

          Financial assistance needs to be based on greatest need AND perhaps might be in the form of a “good faith” loan which over time can be repaid once a club is on its feet and successful again. If it cannot then the NRL can think of it as an investment into the game.

          The NRL has recently come to the assistance of the Knights and Titans rather than see these two teams disappear from the competition. If the argument was only the strongest should survive then these teams would now be gone through no fault of the club or their supporters.

          So far no one here appears to be critical of the NRL stepping into save either club and it was right for the game that they did so. In each case considerable financial support (and ownership of the club) suddenly ceased to be. What if that had happened to the Broncos?

          I am not in favour of disadvantaging clubs who through shrewd and wise management and planning have all this wiped away. There should still be some advantages for this. But there surely has to be a fairer system then the status quo?

          Given 3 separate salary cap breach scandals (Storm. Bulldogs and Eels) and some minor penalised breaches as well, there needs to be a much tighter regulation of the salary cap. There needs to be a cap on TPA’s just like a salary cap for each club. If a club cannot afford a player under the base salary cap or TPA cap then bad luck! They go elsewhere (hopefully not overseas), but no doubt the very best talent will be retained. In addition to a cap on TPA’s the NRL should be used as a broker for TPA’s and have TPA’s registered only through the NRL, to cut out secret deals to players. Players have the right to privacy in these matters from public scrutiny but there should be full transparency with respect to the NRL (just like the ATO). It needs to be conditional upon entering into a contractual agreement with the NRL as part of a mandatory requirement.

          In addition to this there MUST be a draft system for junior talent and “Free agency” (uncontracted talent). Perhaps also the NRL can looking into adopting an Injured Reserve (NFL based concept) where if a player has suffered a season ending injury then the effected club can place that player in their IR (Injured Reserve) list and have their salary taken off the cap for that year. The club then is free to sign a short term “free agent” to cover their loss without being penalised. For such a system to be viable there would need to be an independent medical review by NRL appointed doctors to validate claims of long term sustained injury.

          Perhaps to be fair to junior development clubs could nominate their top 3 talents but there needs to be some way of more evenly distributing talent within the game.

          At the end of the day, I don’t claim to hold the answers but I can identify the inequality of the current system and I at least feel I have some ideas as to a possible solution. Surely it isn’t up to me alone to make suggestions. Come on ZT, ideas?

    • move him into the centers would be the best option.
      his relationship with DCE is too strained for them to be playing 6 and 7, let alone being in the same team.

      • I honestly hope I am proven wrong but sadly, IMO, Stewart is busted and Manly know it. His speed is gone and he is too fragile to tackle in the centres. Surely Manly do not play him at fullback over Turbo.

        As I said I hope I am very wrong as Stewart is one of the best fullbacks of this generation, and if not for Slater, would have played a lot more tests.

        A final payday in the UK might be best.

        • “he (Stewart) is too fragile to tackle”

          Head on perhaps, but he is still one of the best cover defenders in the game IMO. Remember how he brought down Inglis (and others) in full flight time and time again?

        • If he is cover defending in the centres it means he is already beaten.

          As I said a great player but I cannot see him defending in the front line successfully.

        • tommyknocker

          “I cannot see him defending in the front line successfully.”

          Agreed. But I have wondered how B. Stewart would go as a 5/8. Except for the lack of a kicking game he has all the natural skills to do well in this position (defence notwithstanding). Just think of Keary and he is still going to get a shot with the Roosters. JT was also a liability in defence for years and was protected because of his far greater advantages to the team. Worth a thought?

        • If Stewart was a few seasons younger and not at the injury prone stage of his career I would give it a go but at best 2017 is a swansong year and maybe a 5/8 for the future is a better investment.

        • tommyknocker

          Yes, you are probably right. Like a number of other veteran stars (Farah included) I can’t understand why they just don’t go the the English super league and “cash up” ahead of retirement. They may even be able to squeeze a couple of extra seasons out of their careers over there. Perhaps then B. Stewart might get an opportunity to fill in at 5/8 so we can see what he is capable of. Otherwise he has already achieved so much as it is in his career without needing to prove anything more.

  3. Until the sea eagles get themselves a new coach these two will be wasted at manly. Barrett won’t get you anywhere.

    • Kev

      Perhaps if Fulton stepped back and let Barrett coach (pick his starting 17, handle recruitment etc) there might be a different result? Remember it was just his first year as a head coach.

      • I agree Sstid,

        Hard to judge the man based on last season. All the a match fixing saga, injuries to key personnel. Not fair to say he’s a terrible coach in my opinion.

        If he gets a full season with limited injuries and there are no excuses… then the pitchforks can come out.

      • I agree to sstid, but I remember some manly fans saying ba was a crap coach in his first year without giving him a chance with a team of his choice, I’m not saying brad is a master coach but he has done an awesome job since He’s been there and rebuilt the club to how it should be, perhaps that is all Barrett needs also a good two or three years of his own team and take full control of his team. I agree then, if nothing has improve then cut your losses. On a side note the two last seasons ending with manly out of the eight have brought manly fans a bit closer back down to earth, and are now more tolerable, I’m starting to enjoy reading there posts now very informative and not so arrogant, keep it up guys and girls.

        • As said above, with the dramas this year, it is hard to form an opinion of Barrett’s coaching ability. However better judges in the game than us rate him and I think he should be given three years to make a mark. Very few clubs come out of the other side of an era of success like Manly had and not experience some pain rebuilding.

      • Not only first year as head coach, the club was decimated with injuries using more players than any other team in 2016 from what i have understood. Give Barrett a go and see what he can produce next year. At this stage he has unknown qualities. Fingers crossed we have a better year with injuries.

  4. Fulton has destroyed this club , he white anted Tooves , employed a coach with zero cred , the NRL team of the year would struggle under Twent , why was the end of year captains dinner canceled? This club is financially busted , it explains the employment of twent , Not to mention a former school principal for CEO whom fazed out Rugby league for rugby union whilst principal , We made some crazy purchases and played blokes out of position all year, Bob Fulton destroyed NSW , Australia and now Manly rugby league teams , Manly you can email me all you like , after 30 years a member I didn’t renew for 2016 season and will NOT until the old bloke and his pet pissess off ,,,,

    • silvertail47

      As Fulton is respected club legend this had to come from a Manly supporter.

      Like I have said before, either Fulton takes over the role of head coach or steps back and lets Barrett take FULL responsibility.

      Either way 2017 already has Fulton’s finger prints due to concerns over recruitment and retention. Even more reason to cut Barrett some slack.

  5. Bro , can you detail Trent Barrets achievements as coach , I’m keen to change my opinion of the bloke , I’m struggling to find anything that he can bring to Manly , Parra had massive dramas , Brad did a fine job keeping them focused , it’s easy to comment when your not a Manly fan , like Melb, Bris, and Roosters there’s a standard , one that trents NEVER achieved , feel sorry all you like , the blokes out of his depth and will bring last place in 2017 to this once proud club

    • silvertail47

      Like I said this is his first opportunity as head coach (which was Fulton’s decision).

      I have said several times on ZT that IMO Cleary (because of his experience and having played at Manly) would have been a far better fit at Manly.

      Perhaps, like Trent Robinson and Michael Maguire, Barrett should have finished serving his apprenticeship as a head coach in the English super league before attempting a head coaching role in the NRL.

      At the end of the day it is still Fulton’s fault for promoting him ahead of time (as I suspect because he wanted someone to more easily control).

    • silvertail47

      Also, I think the Brad Arthur ship has sailed (at least for the foreseeable future. Yes, he would have been a perfect successor to Toovey.

      • Leave B.A out of this 1. He’s signed with Parra, and is doing an awesome job.

        That said, go back a year and muppets (mainly in the media) were starting to call for his head, and go back 3 years and there were a lot of doubters when Parra made him head coach.

        But back to my original point, don’t even think about B.A

        • eelsalmighty

          BA is one of top coaches in the game IMO for a variety of reasons. For now I feel he is committed to the Eels and especially to his players! Have no fear. 😉

  6. I like that tommy turbo signed he’s the next big superstar in our game. But his brother jake who looks a lot like sloth from the goonies is pretty average, I think for manly to keep tommy turbo jake needs to hang around I hope manly didn’t pay too much for him.

    • lyonstestosterone15

      I think you are severely underestimating Jake T. (who I think will play SOO in the coming years).

      Your appraisal of the Trbojevic brothers sounds similar to the Dragons appraisal of the Stewart brothers (just before they lost them both).

        • Maybe Sam burgess, and look at what money he is getting, that is just my point. Only someone who they consider the best forward in our game can tackle like jake does, how he goes head on around legs and swings them to the ground is awesome, and has an offload also, think he deserves what money he gets..

        • crowy3301

          Wouldn’t it be great if the NRL and the rules of Rugby League actually reward these types of one on on,e BIG hit tackles. Perhaps then there would be less dancing and wrestling and more actual PHYSICAL CONTACT, just like in the old days. I have to agree with Reg Regan; “The game’s gone soft!!” Hahahahahaha

    • Lyonstestosterone15
      Nothing against Tom as he is a very good player but personally I don’t think he is the next big superstar in our game. From the limited amount of game time I have seen of him I think Ponga will be the next big thing along with Bevan French.

      • Yea fair point French and ponga have superstar written all over them. Ponga has only played two games and one brilliant run in those games so it’s hard to say he’s ahead of tommy turbo. French reminds me on matty Bowen and Barba at their peak but he needs to bulk up alot and learn how to tackle.

        Tommy turbo proved this year that he is a classy fullback, speed, skill and xfactor he will just get better and better.

      • Kev

        “From the limited amount of game time I have seen of him I think Ponga will be the next big thing along with Bevan French.”

        IMO Ponga is a class or two above French (from the LITTLE we have seen of both). French is very good and has a lot of potential but Ponga is a once in a generation kind of player from what I have seen (including footage of him playing junior RL). I remember thinking the same thing seeing Benji, Inglis and Folau debut.

        TommyTurbo too is a class above French as already, at such a young age, he is “carving teams up” in first grade and almost ready to step into a NSW jumper! French is fast and agile but small and can’t tackle. He still has a long way to go IMO.

        • That’s your opinion SSTID_1970 and you are entitled to it as is everyone. It’s my opinion that Tom is good but nowhere near as good as some make him out to be. I believe French is already better. French reminds me of a young Billy Slater.

        • Kev

          “French reminds me of a young Billy Slater.”

          Big call from seeing so little at this stage but time may prove you correct in your assessment. In the meantime, let’s see which of the two (TommyT and French) plays for NSW and then Australia first. 😉

          Also IMO, if Ponga realises his true potential I think he will out shine them all. Let’s see if we can dredge up these old quotes in years to come, hey? Like you said you are just as entitled to your opinion as anyone else. I’m not disputing that or saying you can’t be right. Cheers.

    • silvertail47: No, not a Manly fan. As a Souths fan quite the opposite (due to the history between our clubs). But I am trying to be impartial and constructive. Best of luck! 😉

  7. Regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes – most Manly fans are pretty shocked with some of the decisions.

    Letting Foran go
    Screwing Toovey over
    Screwing the Stewarts over
    Pushing Jamie Lyon into a corner
    Letting Buhrer go
    Signing Uate – his current club can’t even find a spot for him
    Signing Myles who is pretty much busted.
    Letting Tom Symonds go
    Signing Frank Winterstien
    Why sign Blake Green – we have yougn Tom Wright!!!!

    The list goes on and I understand ‘changing of the guard’ but some of these decisions were plain stupid and reckless. Our forward pack has no cohesion what-so-ever. We signed Marty Taupau who is an impact player. So what if he can bench 7 cars or deadlift an elephant – he’s am impact player, not a 80 min back rower or a consistent prop. Ryan James, Tyson Frizzell, Paul Vaughan have all been on the market – why didn’t we make a play for any of these guys? Lussick needs another prop to partner with him.

    Quite Honestly, DCE has taken care of himself (which he should do) but that has ultimately screwed the club up big time. Futher to that, Bob fulton (Manly Great) and Trent Barret (top shelf 5/8 in his time) are not the right combination. One of them needs to go and it would have to be Barrett – i just dont see the club telling Fulton to move on. I would be keen to see Manly make a play for Darren Lockyer as an assistant to Barrett or even replace Barrett and a Geoff toovey to come in as a head of Footbal ops.

    Very young combination (Lockyer/Toovey) but also a very stable and smart combination. They also do some work together already and get along very well behind the scenes – it would be a masterstroke for the club IMO but the Penn’s would need to swallow some pride asking Toovey to come back.

    Best 13 – that we currently have (not a flashy side)
    1. Tommy T
    2. Taufua
    3. Stewart
    4. Walker
    5. Wright
    6. Tom Wright
    7. DCE
    8. Lussick
    9. Parcell
    10. Lawrence
    11. Taupau
    12. Lane
    13. Jake Trbojevic

    • Well written +1. What happened to the once proud manly club? You don’t see Melbourne in a rush to dump Billy Slater

  8. good to stay at the club who made them … but whens these stupid drags gonna stop going after players they will never have a chance of getting … every smart player knows there not the club to be at if you want a premiership anytime soon .. good job retaining manly ..believe that

    • Harold

      “good to stay at the club who made them …”

      You should have stopped there Harold. You were just starting to sound sensible! 😉

  9. I look at manly now and I see a club who has bought some very good players ( walker, taupau, lussick, kirosau) and some very very average players and just thought let’s put them all together and see if this works out. Everytime I watched them play this year I never thought we were ever going to win other than when we played the knights, it’s just a messed up SIDe.

    Whoever signed DCE to that deal and signed Nate Myles, uate, and sacked buhrer and toovey should not be allowed near a football club EVER. It was only two years ago in 2014 that we were leading the comp by miles and were favorites to win the comp…I can’t believe how downhill we have gone. I hate to say but I except my beloved sea eagles to compete for the spoon with the knights in 2017.

  10. I have heard $6 million over 3 years! They are good but that good? Puts a lot of pressure on the cap having 3 players on $1 million plus.

    • It’s actually over 4yrs. They’re already contracted for 2017 so they got an upgrade for next year and then added another 3yrs. Total $6mill. Equals out at $750k per year each (although the split is about 55/45 between Tom and Jake).
      About the going rate for young stars who were already selected in a number of rep teams and should be future origin and potentially national players.

      Your right in asking are they that good? Time will tell if they can go on with it.

      But $750k for a couple of stars in the making sounds about right to me – Milford for example was offered $1million a season by the raiders back when he came on the scene but turn it down for $450k to go to the Broncos… 🙂 couldn’t help myself.

  11. Well for one am confident of 2017 being a good year, whilst definetely things have changed and we have definetely lost players who we shouldn’t we still have the team to be a force. Barring major injuries, I like our team of
    1. Snake
    2. Taufau
    2. Walker
    4. Matai
    5. Tom
    6. Green
    7. Dce
    8. Lussick
    9. Korisau
    10. Fonua Blake
    11. Taupau
    12. Lane
    13. Jake
    14. Parcell
    15. Myles
    16. Lawrence
    17. Uate

    What do we think about playing uate as a utility type player, bring him on towards end of first half play in the middle run hard run off dce and green and break some tackles. Would stop worrying bout his bad reads on wing in defence. Definetely just a thought. Think manly need some more forwards for depth though or 2 big name backrower to cover buhrer

    • I would not have snake at fullback and I wouldn’t have him in my 17 either. Tommy turbo is the fullback now. I wouldn’t have uate off the bench he’s either on the wing or not in the 17, he’s a winger who can’t defend in the middle at all.

      I don’t rate blake green I don’t get why we signed him when korusau was awesome in the halves this season.

      • A fully for Brett Stewart is still in the team, and his only position is fullback. Whilst he is older and slower he still deserves 1 more year to prove how good he is and to leave on his terms, I for one am willing to give him that for what he has achieved. Green is solid enough without being brilliant but can take the pressure off dce enough to let dce play more freely. And we’ll uate was just a though don’t see the point in signing him, but assume he was given assurances of playing first grade and id rather have taufau and Tom on wings and snake at the back, of course these are just my opinions

    • I think they’ll trial Snake for the first month of the comp. If he’s playing well he’ll be there. If not, Turbo will move in from the Wing.





      Expecting big things from Meehan.

    • crowy3301

      IF you can trust the opinion of a Souths supporter:

      1. Tom
      2. Uate (trial for 4 games at least)
      2. Walker
      4. Matai
      5. Snake

      15. Meehan
      16. Lawrence (should play in the backrow not as a prop)
      17. Taufua (trial for 4 games or until Uate fails)

      IMO Taufua would make a better utility, he can be an impact player and with his size can cover the backrow. Myles shouldn’t even run the water out. Meehan should take his spot instead.

        • All good.

          I like your Lawrence and Tafua idea. Tafua in the back row has been thrown around a lot in the past….runs hard – not sold on his defence though.
          Lawrence has a lot of heart. Runs hard. Love to see him un-injured and back to his best.

          George still hasn’t been signed for next year so he may not even be there….? A lot will happen between now and game 1. Manly will be a different looking team in my opinion. So will a lot of other clubs.

          Nov 1st is open market stuff… should get interesting.

  12. Stewart dosnt deserve anything , look at what happens to NSW all because those picked deserved to be there , the encumbrance , players are paid top dollar to perform , if your not up to standard then you should go , Brett hasn’t aimed up at all , I’ve watched closely as I always have and he’s not up to Manly standards , nor is Myles , Tapaou, Winterstien, wow there’s so many I couldn’t be bothered , you all know who they are

    • silvertail47

      “Stewart dosnt deserve anything”

      Ouch! After all those years of service and a major contributor to Manly’s success? So at Manly loyalty has a price… success? He is not that badly out of form to be unable to make a contribution somewhere in the back line surely?

  13. Like I said , your not a Manly fan , you don’t get it , your lot have accepted “average” for nearly 30 years , and the ONLY reason you won a comp was on the back of ch9 and there “ideal Grand final ” quote , Gus , sterling, Vautin and co , similarly when we lost to Roosters , at the time ch9 flogged roosters to death , take this year , anyone that watches the game and honestly says Cronulla deserved this win is delusional , this years semi series was a farce , from the Bris v Titans to the Raiders getting shafted , as for Brett he’s days are numbered and Manly owe him ZERO ,,,,,,

    • silvertail47

      Thank you for reminding me just why I have been far from a strong supporter of Manly or their fans in the past. Too many of your fellow supporters had started to convince me of otherwise.

      • He far from speaks for all manly supporters, and he is dillussional comparing playing loyalty at club to what they do with the new team, not even close to the same thing. Snake is a manly legend and while form was down with an injury free pre season I know he has what it takes to play nrl. They can interchange a bit with Tom on the wing during games, but his ball playing is still the best if not very close to it of any fullback getting around, except maybe Munster.. You all day manly is doomed anyways so why not give snake 1 more year…

        • crowy3301

          THANK YOU for restoring some faith in what I have seen from most Manly fans here thus far (admittedly an improvement this year from what I have seen in the past).

          Personally I would be playing TommyTurbo in the centres if not at FB (which would be my first choice). TommyT needs to touch the ball as much as possible and from what I saw of him in the centre this year at Manly he looked very dangerous.

          If I was picking the team I would start with Tom at FB (he is the future and needs as many touches as possible) and have Brett on the wing (and possibly give him a shot at 5/8 if there is the need for a reshuffle with an injury to the halves). But as silvertail47 says. “I will never understand , I’m not a Manly fan”.

        • Tom was awesome at centre, the problem with it if snake plays is matai and walker are only centres and nothing else. It’s all individual opinions and to be honest I honk snake won’t be there anyways. But if he is a combination of matai/ taufau which was awesome in 2014-2015 and a right side of walker/Tom and snake pulling the strings in the middle of it with cut out passes, well frankly I’m excited by it, no team could contain a side of dce/ walker/Tom…. Mind you have to get the forward rolling first but the backs can score points when given a go, this year we played williame/ wright/ brown as backs too often and they just aren’t up to standard for full seasons..

        • crowy3301

          I don’t think snake will be there either. It is best for him at this stage to make bigger $$’s overseas while he still can. Not that I am a fan of Matai (given the history between our two clubs and with Matai in particular) but I would be very sorry to see Matai shafted after Manly “reportedly” blocking his attempts to sign with the Warriors. It isn’t fair at this stage of his career if he is left out in the cold after Manly blocking his last avenue of escape IMO.

          “Mind you have to get the forward rolling first”

          And THAT is where I feel Manly will need to lift their game to improve in 2017.

    • How did the sharks not deserve it silvertail? The two games you referenced as crooked didn’t even involve the sharks!

  14. Dude , your behaving like buzz rothfield, why must you critique every comment ? Just let people have an opinion aie !!!!

  15. Miltontoaster , both on and off the field Cronulla have failed miserably, from ASADA to young refs , this club is a disgrace , my opinion and its shared by many Rugby League purists , there’s fans and then those who’s passion for the game extends past there team , Cronulla don’t deserve a Prem Ring , the fans may but there side is full of grubs , and yes we at Manly have ours ,

    • So they have grubs in their team so they don’t deserve to win a comp? Idiotic statement there. If the storm won would they not have deserved it either because they have grubs in their team? Cronulla were the better team in all 3 finals games they played in, including the gf which makes them deserving winners. ASADA was 5 years ago mate, time to move on. The sharks have a new board and turned the club around.

  16. old ronald m had his retirement party yesterday he lost his bet when sharks won the comp hes now officially never to post on here again … and as for manly they did a good thing signing the brothers but a bad thing releasing buhrer ..dce is draining them hes over rated not worth what hes being paid … could of got 2 quality halves for less.. but buhrer will be much needed at knights to replace sims headed to sharks once the release get finALISED .. just how many more players will manly have to release now to cover the brothers …believe that

  17. Great news for Manly fans. These 2 kids will be massive stars for the Blues and Australia for sure. I love watching them play.

    • +1 there’s a third Trbojevic and I’ve heard he’s better than these two combine. Let’s hope and see…

  18. Has i have stated many times before, Fulton is Manly’s worst enemy, mind you, i don’t give a rats about Manly, but their recent big money signing of the Trbojevic brothers is another mind boggling decision, these players are not worth that sort of money , and while Tom had a good year, rival clubs will sort him our quickly next year he simply is not that good and will be found out.

    Manly will not figure in the semi’s for the next few years at least

    • 100% Penso , he struggles to pick up a rolling ball , is useless under a high ball , not a good defender and Was mowed down by Beau Scott who had to stop turn , Turbo got owed by Beau, a forward ,,,, Beaus no Jamie Burhuer but man the old forward smoked turbo , that’s when I made up my mind on this bloke , 3mill ,,,,, wasted

    • penso

      The Trbojevic brothers are both going to play SOO mate. They may be getting overs now but in a few years that investment will more than pay for itself IMO. Even the Manly fans here are agreeing that Fulton has been let off the leash and needs to be brought to heal. But, as the story indicates, he played a major role in keeping these boys at the club. He does get too involved though, and needs to let Barrett call the shots, agreed.

  19. I’ve got a bet with a mate, 5 cartons that j trobjevic will captain Nsw! Anyone bagging the snake that supports manly, hasn’t a clue!

    • BroncoMatt

      For a second when I read that I thought you asked; “WHAT is a salary cap?” As you are a Broncos fan I would have understood that.

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