SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 05: Jorge Taufua of the Sea Eagles runs the ball during the round one NRL match between the Manly Sea Eagles and the Parramatta Eels at Lottoland on March 5, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

The Manly Sea Eagles have announced the re-signing of international winger Jorge Taufua for the next two seasons.

The hard-running winger had been in fine form for the Sea Eagles in 2017 until suffering an ACL injury in the round 13 win over Canberra Raiders at Lottoland. He had scored eight tries in 12 matches.

The new deal keeps the 25-year-old on the Northern Beaches until the end of the 2019 season.

“(Coach) Trent Barrett told me when the injury happened not to worry about my future as he would be looking to keep me, and to just focus on the rehab. It put my mind at ease a little bit,’’ Taufua said.

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“I’m very grateful for the faith and the support Trent and the Sea Eagles have shown in me. It was a massive relief when the deal was finalised. I love playing for Manly.”

Taufua has played 113 matches for the Sea Eagles since making his NRL and Club debut against the St George-Illawarra Dragons at WIN Jubilee Oval in round four of the 2012 season.

Manly Warringah Head of Football Bob Fulton was happy with the extension for Taufua.

“Jorge’s extension is well deserved. He has been a trojan of this club since 2012 and is certainly part of Trent Barrett’s plans moving forward,’’ Fulton said.

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Sea Eagles Chief Operating Officer Neil Bare said Taufua was highly regarded at the Club by his team-mates, Coaches, and administration staff.

“Jorge’s professionalism in how he conducts himself, maturity, loyalty to our club who graded him, exceptional try scoring ability complemented with finals and grand final experiences, made his retention an important priority for the Sea Eagles,” Bare said.


  1. He needs to transition to second row. You can’t just stand back and watch bombs bounce.
    The opposition have got him worked out.

    • No, no no no no…

      Jorge is a great winger and he does have slight troubles under the high ball but it hasnt been targeted before as the opposition know when he catches the ball they going to lose the advantage due to his power runs. He actually has one of the lowest error rates in the comp, in comparison Suli V the NRLs best winger makes heaps more errors and drop balls.

    • 100% correct mate IMO. I posted this at the start of this year and almost a year later people still want to bang square pegs into round holes. I believe (IF he worked hard) he could be a revelation as an edge back rower. The back 3 have to be safe as houses with the ball in the air (and along the ground). It can’t be a lottery every time a kick goes up, there has to be someone who is dependable otherwise teams run the risk of being pinned deep in their own 20 and giving up back to back sets and points.

      @ Holmsey if Taufua has not been targeted with the ball in the air then it is due poor game management from the opposition not to exploit this deficiency rather than because of any fear of his ability to return the ball. A good kick chase would hem him in before he could build up steam to take on the defense and he lacks both the speed or the footwork to trouble an organised defensive line.

  2. Great stuff, had a great year till that injury, luckily wont hamper as speed was never his strength. His strength is his power running and try scoring ability. His tough carries, along with Tom and Uate getting out of our own end were massive in early in the year. Side looking solid, no notable additions as yet but the side will be hopefully top 4 or pushing the top 4.

    1 T Trbojevic
    2 Taufua
    3 Walker (Parker for start of season if Walker still out)
    4 Kelly
    5 Uate
    6 Green
    7 Cherry-Evans (c)
    8 Lussick (Hopefully we can snare a starting prop this year or next)
    9 Koroisau
    10 Taupau
    11 Winterstein (A position we need to strengthen, J Thompson apparently in talks)
    12 Sironen
    13 J Trbojevic (vc)

    14 Hastings/Fainu
    15 Perrett
    16 Sipley
    17 Fonua-Blake

    We are also in urgent need of a goal kicker, Cherry kicks at 62% and thats not going to cut it, maybe he could practice or we can give it to Kelly who kicked in U20s.

  3. Yes ! Holmsey “toms positionional play is fine” seriously mate how many years have you been watch rugby league , it’s his biggest flaw , he has no idea where to stand in defence , look at our stats when he was injured , pay attention to Wrights positional play, pay attention to our defensive stats during this period , Turbo was destroyed by StG , Melb and the WORST ATTACKING SIDE OF 2017 Bulldogs

    • I agree it is his biggest flaw, but the good thing is it is one of the easiest to learn. You can’t learn to be fast, you can’t learn to tackle if you have no heart. The thing she can learn as a fullback is positional play and when to chime in to the backline (when to pass, when to run etc), and those are the things that need work.

      Holmsey’s flaw is that he puts his players up on a pedestal before they should be there, but that is just passion for his team and a lot of people do it. Turbo has the potential to be a great fullback and player, he isn’t there yet, but the signs point toward him getting there.

      Also, agree about Taufua, his future is in the back row I think.

    • Valid points E47 , I will disagree though on fullback being the easiest position to learn, you watch teddy, slater, Gordon ,and the Cows fullback who’s name escapes me , there ability to instruct there side in defence and the cover is superior to Tom , forget the try’s for a moment , Dylan Edwards v Turbo from a “fullbacks” instinct Dylan is superior I believe like the rest of the “spine” numba 1 is born not breed

      • Sorry, I didn’t mean fullback is the easiest position to learn, far from it. What I meant was that if Turbo’s biggest flaw is his positional play, then that can be learned. As he gets experience he will become more of a talker on the field, which will help instruct the defence too, look at Darius Boyd, he was fairly average at first, but he is now in the top echelon of fullbacks in the comp, and a lot of it is to do with his communication with the defensive line.

      • True , but I don’t see Turbo as involved. I do know that Rugby League comes second to his studies , he’s a very clever lad ! Maybe when he can focus solely on Footy he can adapt

  4. Yes tom does get caught out a bit, but he is only 21, and I’m 20’s he was that dominant it didn’t really matter where he stood or what he done. Hopefully as snake was brilliant with his defensive positional play and talking he has taught turbo a thing or 2 and tom will continue to improve…
    Jorge would make e good backrower but he is also good ok the wing, he doesn’t have to create just use brute force and score tries, if he moved to backrower he would need to develop a short passing game. Either way I’m happy he signed on again. I like him..

  5. Toms positional play is fine for a 20 year old, sure he makes mistakes but he can make all the mistakes he likes when he keeps dishing up the attack. You all expect too much early, surely MW47 you are not comparing Tom to Coote, Gordon and Teddy who are a long time into their careers? If you are thats just silly, really mate. 2017 was Toms first full year in the one, for what he did Id say its a fair effort, he topped the NRL fullbacks for most tries, try assists and line break assists and line breaks. He was pretty unlucky to miss out on dally m fullback of the year also and an origin jumper. Toms future is in the 1 for Manly, NSW and Aus and as Eels says he has a way to go but he will be there in 2 or 3 seasons. As for those 3 games you mentioned what about the other 20 games Tom played this year? For the majority of the season we sat inside the top 4, with Tom at 1. There are flaws in your argument mate big flaws.If Toms positional play is so bad why did Cooper Cronk say on Fox, “Toms positional play isnt the best but I think that if his defence was really poor manly would not be near the top this year”. That is from the games best 7 who would study every little detail, shows that he knows Toms positional play isnt bad, its not perfected but it is hardly a major flaw.

    And Jorge will never transfer to backrow, never if he had of it would have been done very early on. His potency on the wing is too high, he was the main reasons along with Uate and Tom why we were destroying teams early on in the season. You say you are the messiah at footy MW47 but some of your positional changes and judgments on players are lets say creative at best.

    • If you are happy with your fullback making mistakes because he can dish out the attack, then you are easily pleased mate. All the attack in the world will not be enough if he can’t fix his positional play and his talk in defence. Like I said above, I think he can get there, but to suggest that the defensive mistakes of a fullback can be offset by his attack are way off to say the least. Eels supporters used to say that about Jarryd Hayne, and look at all the premierships he took us to……. Personally I would prefer much more balance from my fullback, like a Darius Boyd or a Lachlan Coote. Again, Tom has the potential to get there and be a top fullback, but he has a way to go yet before he is a mainstay for NSW or Australia as you suggest.

      • Again here are the facts:

        Tom is 20, first season at fullback was good enough for me and obviously good enough for Aus selectors

        His positional play isnt the best but will improve and hasnt and will not cost us games like some are suggesting

        Most clubs in the league would swap their fullback for Tom in a heartbeat and that says to me his positional play is easily not hampering him or the team and will only get better. No patience, expecting a 20 year old fullback to be as good as Boyd is just plain dumb to suggest by some on here.

        • I am not expecting he is as good as Boyd, I suggest you read my comments again. I am suggesting that if you think that defensive errors are offset by good attack, then I think your expectations of your fullback are too low and that I would prefer more balance rather than just attacking prowess. I have also clearly stated that I think he will improve a number of times.

          As for your facts, how can you say it is a fact that someone will improve, that is purely speculation not fact. You also state that it is a fact that his play at fullback was good enough for the Australian selectors, but are you sure he is even touted as a fullback by the selectors, or will he play on the wing. You also state as fact that he won’t cost Manly a game… how do you know this? Crystal ball maybe? not fact, opinion. And most clubs would swap their fullback in a heartbeat, also opinion, not fact. Have you spoken to any officials from any clubs about their rosters? I don’t think Brisbane, Roosters, Melbourne, Cowboys, Eels, Rabbitohs to name a few would be swapping in a heartbeat, but that is just my opinion isn’t it?

          You are entitled to your opinion and are clearly a big fan of Turbo’s, but don’t portray your opinion as fact and label other’s opinions as dumb because they disagree. The only facts that you have in your post is that he is 20 and it was his first year as fullback.

        • Last comment wasnt at you mate, was aimed at MW47. I know where you are coming from.

          As for teams Tom would start at fullback, he is a top 5 fullback, but he suits Manly as the other clubs fullbacks suit them.

          Tom being viewed as a future star by Aus selectors, and NSW is a fact mate otherwise he wouldnt be in the squad.

          And Tom not costing us games is a fact, future and present. No team loses a games based on 1 or 2 mistakes. But as you said he is only 20 and will be better in 1 or 2 years time.

        • “No team loses a game based on 1 or 2 mistakes”…. but they do based on 1 or 2 refereeing decisions do they? 😉

        • 1 or 2 drop balls does have the same out come as to when you are leading 12 to 10 with 5 mins to play and the ref rules a try on an obvious no try 🤔

        • What if you were up 12 to 10 with 5 minutes to go and Tom’s poor positional play led to a try? Would that not cost you the game?

          Also, which try are you referring to? Surely not the Peachey one which has been proven to be the correct decision?

    • All those you mentioned were guns at fullback from the start mate , yes my standards are high yours obviously not

      • Lets not get into that try again eels😂 It still hurts me that we lost on that call. As for if we were up 12 10 with 5 mins to go the try didn’t get called, I highly doubt that Tom would cost us the game by being out of position. If it did occur though it would be very unlucky, not really a mistake, the game wouldnt be lost through that one play, if we are good enough we would have put them away.

        MW47, Teddy doesnt posses a kick or pass game like Tom. Tom would be better offensively, and improve in his defence in the next couple of years before taking the 1 of teddy. Teddy would then move to centres.

        And your comment about all the fullbacks starting off as guns, what the hell do you think Tom is? He is a gun in the attack department already probably the most potent, but his defence isnt that of an established veteran like Boyd or Coote because he is 20, first season at fullback. If you honestly believe all the great fullbacks start with amazing talk and defence your a bit whacko😋🤔😂😂

        • Also, I wouldn’t say Tom is probably the most potent attacking fullback in the game yet. Billy Slater still holds that Mantra, with daylight second in my opinion.

        • Stats don’t tell the whole story though do they? Stats show that Morgan was a better player than DCE this year attacking wise, as i listed on the Dally M article, but you still wouldn’t accept that DCE wasn’t the best half this year. Again, you can’t have it both ways.

          The difference between Billy and Tom, other than experience, is Billy knows when to inject himself into the game, quality over quantity. Tom will learn that over time, but at the moment he hasn’t perfected it, which is understandable. Billy leads the way for fullbacks and is the best we have seen in a long time, with his current form still near the top of his game. To suggest that Tom is near the same level is ludicrous as far as I am concerned.

        • Morgans stats included finals not reg season. DCE topped him in regular season, but Morgan was better because of the amazing job in the finals. And Tom is a more potent attacking weapon, Slater is better though I agree but if Tom had the timing and experience of Slater hed be the man. Right now he is still learning.

        • And DCE couldn’t get his team past round 1 of the finals……. Morgan did with a team missing the best player in the game and the best prop in the game, not to mention a host of players playing busted. Morgan stood up when it counted, DCE didn’t. That is what makes Morgan a better player.

        • Morgan was not seen all season, his record while playing without JT this year in the final games shows this, he was sh#t! They only made finals due to a dragons loss, and the handy work of JT early on in the season. He played well in the finals, defeated some average side before his true colours showed in the GF. 3 good games against average sides doesnt make you a good player.

        • Average teams you say? I guess you are referring to the Sharks eho were the reigning premiers and finished above your team? Also the Eels who finished top 4 and beat your team twice this year. And the Roosters who finished 2nd, again above your team? Yep you are right, definitely average sides…. what a ridiculous statement, even by your standards.

          Face it mate, DCE is not the absolute champion you make him out to be. If he was your team would have got past Penrith, who also finished lower than the 3 teams the Cowboys beat.

      • Sorry mate but you are contradicting yourself. You are happy to blame a refereeing decision for a loss, but if one of your players makes a mistake at the same time which ends up in the same result (a try that puts the opposition in the lead), you say that the game wouldn’t be lost through that one play. Would the same not apply when to a game lost due to a late refereeing decision? You can’t have it both ways mate.

        • Sorry I was thinking differently to you those last couple of statements, now I understand properly let me re answer your question.

          You are asking me if Tom made an error when we were up 12 10 would it cost us the game? Partly yes, but then the side has 4 mins to correct that. But to solely blame players for loses is silly, when you have a whole game to correct the mistake.

          As of the ref mistake I tried to avoid blaming my team, tbh I beleive penrith played better on the night and deserved the win. Did the ref mistake cost us the game, no. If it had have been a no try we would still have to defend another 5 mins. Who knows what could have happened.

  6. What about the intercept that cost us ? Two of the same things , remember St G game ?? Hello , who cost us there

  7. I encourage you to sit down and watch Manly v StG followed by Melb and then Bulldogs , pay close attention to Toms positioning on the field in general play , he is garbage !

  8. MW47 your an idio.t. Lets run through how you would have our side line up:

    – Tom at centre where his talents can waste away while Matt Wright plays 1?!😅😅😅😅

    – Cherry-Evans at 9😅 Where passing is essential and kicking is also needed but you say he lacks both of these😂

    – Jorge in the backrow😂

    Now I know your serious and Ill politely call you an idio.t, not because you think our 2 best players! Are rubbish and should be positionaly changed, or that you beleive Baz is crap, its actually because you think this would improve the side😂😂😂 Any normal manly fan would see the stup.idity in these ideas

  9. MW47 you keep referencing to 3 games, our 3 poorest games. Games where we were not at our best. But you keep ignoring the games we won!!☝ What about the other games we won? Who won us those games! Thats like saying when all the other teams had poor games and lost, there singular players lost those games for them. Its like talking to a rock except a rock would make more sense😁

    • 3 games that leaked nearly 150 points , with a “gun” fullback , million dollar 7 , and the “best” hooker , your deluded

  10. Listen Punky Brewster , leave the name calling out of it , you can argue your point without getting personal, for the record Mr I know everything, what position did Turbo play last year ? So how many years has he been at fullback , ?

  11. Turbo out injured , Wright steps in , side looks unstoppable, Turbo returns and out “stats” go to . Yep go tommie

  12. Didn’t Tom play 23 games last year ? Were they at fullback ? How so his “first year at fullback” Holmsey ?

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