Andrew Fifita

Andrew Fifita is still hoping to play this week as he recovers from bone bruising in his knee. Initial expected return was sometime in the next 1-4 weeks.  Fifita’s scans showed he has no PCL in his left knee, which explains why his knee gave way when changing direction. It also can explain why the initial thoughts of the medical staff was an ACL injury, as his knee joint was unstable. He will have to undergo a strengthening program due to the instability caused by an absent/torn PCL. Either Fifita had an old PCL injury (many players can play on without a PCL) or he tore his PCL during last week’s game. If Fifita has indeed been playing without a PCL for a while the 2-4 week estimate is where most return for mild bone bruising. If he actually tore his PCL in that game + bone bruising, more likely 4-8 weeks

Matt Gillett

Well reported that Matt Gillett visited a specialist last & it was discovered he has 3 fractures in the C5 vertebrae in his neck. Estimates of 8-12 weeks on the sideline. Many different types of vertebral fracture, good news majority heal well with no surgery, no long-term issues. Gillett suffered his initial neck injury in Rd1 at the end of the game vs Dragons. His chin appeared to get forced to the chest (hyperflexion/crusher). He left the field 1 minute after that tackle and missed a training session the following week with neck soreness. Factors that influence recovery time from cervical (neck) fracture include:

  • the severity of the fracture
  • which of the cervical vertebrae are fractured
  • which part of the vertebrae is fractured - is there nerve/spinal cord injury (luckily this doesn’t appear to be the case).

Despite concern that comes with neck fractures, signs for Matt Gillett are positive. He doesn’t require surgery, no nerve/spinal cord injury, no collar required to stabilise fractures/help with healing, and is able to continue training over next 2 months with no contact. Indicates fractures are likely minor and stable, great news for the recovery.

Paul Gallen

Confirmation of a grade 2 MCL sprain for Paul Gallen. Has been estimated a 4-6 week recovery, which is where most fall in the NRL. Have seen some cases return in 3 weeks (Sam Burgess RLWC 2017), rehab would have to go perfectly

Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown is said to be out for 1 more week (return Rd 8) with an ankle injury (likely high ankle/syndesmosis sprain). Most grade 1 high ankle sprains fall in the 1-4 week recovery range

Cameron Murray

Confirmed hamstring injury for Cameron Murray, missed last week’s game. Still no word on severity just yet from the Rabbitohs. A reminder even minor hamstring strains usually require 2-4 weeks to recover from.

Wade Graham

Wade Graham will miss the next 2-4 weeks with a hamstring strain. Likely grade 1 hamstring injury with that recovery timeframe.

Josh Mansour

Josh Mansour will undergo surgery for his fractured cheekbone once the swelling settles. He is expected to miss 4-6 weeks, but surgery often speeds up recovery. Josh Dugan missed 3 games in 2017 after surgery for the same injury.

Jai Arrow/Luke Lewis

Arrow suffered a corked back/Lewis a corked thigh on the weekend. Likely too early in the week to tell for certain if they will play, as corks are about seeing how it progresses during the week. Nikorima recently a perfect example. Word around is Arrow is expected to play though, Lewis may need a week off.

Sio Siua Taukeiaho

In some positive injury news, Sio Siua Taukeiaho will not require surgery on the cartilage injury in his knee. Will undergo rehab and should only require 1-2 weeks recovery.

Nathan Cleary

Nathan Cleary is due to start running next week in his rehab from a grade 3 MCL injury. Is aiming for a return in Round 10-11, if rehab continues to go well that is very achievable. Have had some Q’s about goal kicking when he returns; the general rule is if he is fit to play kicking shouldn't be an issue. Wouldn't be surprised if Maloney just kept kicking though, such a capable replacement + take some pressure off Cleary returning

Solomone Kata

Solomone Kata is expected to miss up to a month with an ankle injury sustained on the weekend. Grade 1 high ankle sprains usually require 1-4 weeks recovery time

Gerard Beale

Gerard Beale is hoping to return for the New Zealand Warriors in 3 weeks time. Would be a 6-month return to play for him after suffering a fractured tibia and fibula (lower leg) in the RLWC late last year. Really tough rehab and will be good to see him back

Nathan Peats/Matt Lodge
Peats + Lodge reportedly suffered rib cartilage injuries on the weekend and could not return to their games. Unfortunately, Peats suffered a fracture and will miss 4-6 weeks. Lodge was able to avoid fracture and this injury is mostly a pain management issue. Could cost him a week or two, but most do fine with a pain-killing injection/padding.
Jackson Hastings

Hastings suffered an achilles injury in the loss to the Gold Coast Titans and was ruled out of #NRLManlyTigers

Leivaha Pulu

Suffered what appeared to be a high-grade syndesmosis (high ankle) sprain on the weekend with potential fractures. The injury is still being assessed, likely long layoff upcoming

Morgan Boyle

Morgan Boyle has been playing with a shoulder that requires reconstructive surgery. He dislocated his shoulder 4 weeks before Round 1 but opted to delay surgery until the end of the season. Went through a strengthening program, and hasn’t missed an NRL game yet. Super effort

Dale Finucane

Dale Finucane is targeting a return in Round 9 for Melbourne Storm as he recovers from a broken thumb

Waqa Blake

Unfortunately, Waqa Blake does require surgery to repair his syndesmosis (high ankle) injury he suffered in Round 5. Will miss 8-10 weeks for the Penrith Panthers. Wish him the best with surgery and recovery.


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