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The Sydney Roosters have named their squad for Saturday’s trial clash against the Newcastle Knights.

It marks the final weekend of NRL before the season proper kicks off in a fortnight’s time.

The Roosters and Knights will meet at 7pm at Central Coast Stadium.

Central Coast Trial Squad
1. Asu ‘AJ’ Kepaoa
2. McKenzie Baker
3. Christian Tuipulotu
4. James Tuitahi
5. Matt Ikuvalu
6. Lachlan Lam
7. Drew Hutchison
8. Daniel Suluka-Fifita
9. Freddy Lussick
10. Poasa Faamausili
11. Egan Butcher
12. Tom Freebairn
13. Max Bailey
14. Luca Moretti
15. Lupe Tivalu
16. Elih Jackson
17. Ben Thomas


  1. The Merc doesn’t have a choke
    The Merc has proved itself at the highest level before being entitled
    The Merc doesn’t cost $1.1 Million

    🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 6 trophies in 7 years

  2. Lam is one of a many locals 21
    Let me ask you 21, if you move out of a houso around Rabbit land and buy a unit at Bondi beach with the intention to move never again. You become a local. I rest my case.

  3. Great to see the no names that the Roosters will turn into champions under the guidance of the brilliant mastermind coach and 6 trophy in 7 years winner

    This team has brought us so much happiness

  4. TheMole52
    February 27, 2020 at 8:53 pm
    “This team has brought us so much happiness”
    How can you be seriously happy existing in the shadow of the South Sydney Rabbitohs for over 100 years?
    I would find that hard to deal with.
    We all see how you do. Very sad.

  5. Yeah twenty-one, funny about those 100 years where we’ve lived in your shadow. It sure has been hard watching the success you’ve had winning one whole premiership in the last 48 years! I’ve envied the Rabbitohs my whole life, with nothing but back-to-back world titles to help me through the pain.

    How do you seriously come to the conclusion that we’ve been in your shadow for that period? The self-proclaimed ‘Pride of the league’ can’t even win premierships 😂

    It’s laughable.

  6. TWATTY ONE- We’re happy as, that our Roosters have won FOUR premierships in the last 19 years….been to 8 GFs and been minor premiers FOUR times….as well as being World Club Champions FOUR times…
    By comparison, your mob has won 1 GF, been to 1 GF and won the WCC once…..
    Why WOULD’NT we be happy???
    BTW Lachy Lam is an Easts jnr…

  7. Here’s how that line up could read-
    1. NZ
    5.Central Coast
    16.Central Coast
    I know, it’s actually amazing that two come the local Nuggets area. Even though one of those would rather play for Queensland & New Guinea.
    LAM is one of many locals 21. If a total of two ,can be considered as many?
    It is many for any Nuggets line up though .

  8. EastOfDivide February 28, 2020 at 8:58 am
    “Here’s how that line up could read-”

    EOD, Coogee Wombats is a South Sydney Juniors registered club.
    When you state Waverley, what team is that?
    Even with that, it leaves it at 1 grass roots junior which is still amazing for the sombreros and a proud achievement by their standards.
    You will note there are 4 poached South Sydney Juniors in that line up.

  9. Oh sorry.. I didn’t look to see which junior area Coogee was under. Should have known that one, as it’s east of Kingsford.
    Waverley College Player was as close as I could get. It didn’t say where the player was actually born. Or where he first played league . He also played union at that college.
    You’re right. Though, even one is amazing for that club .

  10. TwentyOne February 28, 2020 at 10:20 am
    “You will note there are 4 poached South Sydney Juniors in that line up.”

    Imagine a Souths fan criticizing the Roosters of poaching juniors! Coogee is located on the literal east coast of Sydney, anyone living in Coogee would proudly say they live in the Eastern Suburbs, rather than South Sydney. And yet, after you stole all our area because you couldn’t cope, it’s classified as Souths territory. Give me a break.

    Imagine stealing your rival’s junior base, leaving them with nothing but a postage stamp of territory (which happens to be full of rich lebaneese people – not exactly rugby league tragics), and still keeping your ‘pride of the league’ spirits high for 50 years. I commend you sir.

  11. Look everybody…. this is how it works. If you win loto and move out of your government housing in the dreaded south of Sydney Roosters territory. Then buy a unit at Bondi Beach with the intention to never ever leave the district. Then you instantly becone a local

    I rest my case.

  12. Even when Easts had that territory, their apathy was that they look after themselves, those clubs wanted to be part of the Souths competition cause it was a better run comp with financial assistance in funding, everyone knows this, but you clowns are trying to convince all on this site that Easts were hard done by, no one is buying it , modern supporters who don’t know the history can be infiuenced but not real supporters, bottom line is Easts have always bought premierships and still do till this day, have to, no juniors, just jealous that Souths are now on a level playing field when it comes to finance and corporate backing, infact Souths leave Easts for dead in sponsorship and corporate backing and make a profit without leagues club backing.

    All supporters know why Souths could not win comps in the early days, Souths getting illegially kicked out cause they wouldn’t sell their soul hurt us big time, while Easts always had the heavyweights of corporate backing , re James Packer and so on, Souths had nothing, struggled for many years until Russel crowe and Peter Holmes a court came on board , actually since the 70’s Souths were in trouble, by their own making to be honest, but never gave up and all those years Souths lost players to other clubs was frustrating, when Crowe and Holmes a Court acquired the club , clubs like Easts didn’t like it, like most clubs they like Souths beingin the comp but didn’t want them to be strong cause they all new Souths had the biggest supporter base, plus Easts could poach Souths juniors players when ever they liked , this is fact, it’s why Easts never invested in junior league, and this is why Souths have gone so long with out a premiership history all these years, their modern history is flawed , the fact is Souths have won more premierships than any other club, full stop, I take my hat off to Easts what they have achieved in recent history , a seriously great effort and their supporters deserve to be proud, and i acknowledge this to me Easts mates who respect the game of league and don’t get into the gutter comments that occurs here.

  13. You need to visit your couch doctor again penso. Stop spitting the dummmmmy. It is a well known fact Souths where given a large chunk of Roosters territory in the 1950’s. You cant argue against facts.

    Soufths rabbit’s purchased the very first two premierships in 1908 and 1909 after they raided all Rugby teams to form a League team. Poachers. But unfortunately Soutfths will find out once again that it is near impossible to buy a premiership these days.
    At best in 2020. Soufths might peak at 9th with their transit.lounge mentality.

  14. Roosters game same time as Souths tonight but fox understandably televising the Souths game acknowledging the roosters are a ratings flop as history shows.
    Latrell to Souths is a big attraction to all NRL fans.
    Welcome home Latrell you Rabbitohs superstar where you always belonged.

  15. AdamHubcap
    February 28, 2020 at 8:04 pm
    “south of Sydney is Deadfern”

    Well Hubcab if you base it on membership numbers it should read “South’s Sydney ”

    BTW who or what is Sydney Roosters?
    What is their demographic?
    Maybe time for the 5th name name change.

  16. Sydney Roosters are the team that played out of the old Sydney Sports ground and later redeveloped into the Sydney Football Stadium. They being Sydney have played more games of League than any other team which is over 300 games at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Hence the name Sydney.
    Their demographic area stretches from the Sydney Heads right across to the Sydney CBD overlooking Sydney Harbour and back out towards the Moore Park area and beyond.

    Hence the name Sydney.
    As for those rabbits 21, there is no such suburb as South Sydney. Hence your real name South of Sydney which is really West of Sydney, where your fool team plays home games 20kms away at Olympic Park and soon at Parramatta. Ahahahahaha
    Undoubtedly I only ever talk facts, unlike your dribble TwentyB.u.m

  17. Newcastle at full strength against a full strength North Sydney reserve grade squad promoted to the Sydney Roosters NRL team jumpers.

    Nothing to see here in this nothing game of nothingness.

  18. TheMole52 February 27, 2020 at 8:53 pm
    “Great to see the no names that the Roosters will turn into champions under the guidance of the brilliant mastermind coach and 6 trophy in 7 years winner”
    Well, if you consider 58 zip supports your prediction, your in for a big disappointment.
    Didnt even put up a fight for some show of pride at least. Pathetic lot.

  19. Adamhoward March 1, 2020 at 1:00 am
    “Newcastle at full strength against a full strength North Sydney reserve grade squad promoted to the Sydney Roosters NRL team jumpers.
    Nothing to see here in this nothing game of nothingness.”

    Sorry, Hubcap, Newcastle at below half strength totally demolished this hand picked poached roosters outfit who were on show to push for a spot in the roosters 30 and unveil a few future stars.
    I totally agree with your “Nothing to see” comment.
    At least show some pride in your club’s colours. Shameful.

  20. Adamhoward
    March 1, 2020 at 1:00 am
    “Nothing to see here in this nothing game of nothingness”
    Referring to the world club challenge I presume?

  21. 58 – 0 ….. yea what a fantastic performance ! What a frea.king embarrassment but then with Broosters there is no such things as embarrassment! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. TwentyOne March 1, 2020 at 12:53 am
    “Didnt even put up a fight.”

    I’m assuming that, considering the astute expert that you claim to be, you make that claim having watched the game? The game that was on at the same time as the charity shield? You wouldn’t be telling me you watched the North Sydney Bears take on the Knights instead of the charity shield? Or, maybe you watched the roosters game afterwards on replay, which is quite possibly even worse.

    I truly hope you get excited that ‘the roosters’ lost 58-0 to the knights. It’ll give you an adoreable sense of false hope 😊

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