SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 23: Mitchell Pearce of the Roosters looks dejected after defeat during the NRL Preliminary Final match between the Sydney Roosters and the North Queensland Cowboys at Allianz Stadium on September 23, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

How about this for being the mother of all coincidences...

Roosters fans, in the main, seem to have realised that Mitchell Pearce perhaps isn't the best halfback to ever grace a rugby league paddock, just as reports of his impending exit from the clubs have gathered steam.

I know right, incredible timing!?

It's almost as though club bias and fanship affected opinions, at least publicly, of Roosters and Pearce fans?

Could it be?

It doesn't stop there though. Members of the tri-colours fan base have also seemed to realise that Cooper Cronk is right up there in terms of current day halfbacks, just weeks after stating that they don't want him at their club.

Mind baffling!

Funny how many Sharks fans also came out rubbishing the potential Cronk to the Shire move AFTER Shane Flanagan announced that the club was no longer talking to the Storm, Maroons and Kangaroos legend.

Just to round out the conspiracy claims, it's funny how quickly James Tedesco went from being the undisputed best fullback in the game to an overpriced, injury prone, ball hog to Tigers fans, right around the time he signed to play out of Bondi next season.

Fans of the greatest game of all are, by proxy, the greatest fans of all also, but despite claims to the contrary, we are all guided heavily by our team colours and the bias that comes along as a result.

The colour of the jersey you have on 100% affects the way you view things. I dare any passionate footy fans to tell me otherwise. Meanwhile, some fans of the Dragons and Sea Eagles, coincidentally the Sharks biggest rivals, still tweet about it daily as the darkest day in the game's history.

Ask a Storm fan what they think of the salary cap scandal. Bet their opinion differs from that of an Eels fan, or a Manly fan or a fan of any club held down by the years of two sets of books.

Funny how many fans of the clubs employing players with a history of off-field issues seem to forgive said issues.

In the case of Mitchell Pearce; he's a special footballer ... until he wears an NSW Origin jumper, but for the purpose of this I'll put my not being a fan of Pearce at a rep level aside.

Pearce is a top five or six halfback. Thurston and Cronk are better, but who other than that has CONSISTENTLY outplayed the Roosters number seven over the past few seasons?

He's taken his side to a Premiership, a World Club Challenge, and a stack of Minor Premierships. He's played 238 games for the Roosters despite being only 28 years of age. He would have played more but for a few incidents, we'll just briefly mention.

Love him or hate him, he's a Roosters legend. Anyone who has delivered the sustained success that Pearce has should be seen in nothing but a positive light.

Yes, he's had some shocking moments of madness off the field. He's cost the Roosters points as a result, and his antics in the 2016 pre-season were largely responsible for the Roosters worst season in almost forever. It hasn't all been a positive relationship.

On the balance of power though, Pearce's accomplishments are undeniable. He delivered a premiership, the ultimate goal in any player's career, especially a halfback.

I don't know how, but he has 17 NSW caps to his name. That's over five series as the Blues main man. That says a LOT about his club form.

I truly believe that if Pearce had tasted Origin success, or had never been picked for Origin, he would be regarded as probably the third best halfback running around in the game today after Thurston and Cronk.

In terms of purely club football, Pearce is elite.

Roosters fans certainly agreed ... at least until a few days ago.

The Roosters are about to take a MASSIVE gamble. To move 28-year-old club legend Pearce on for a season or two of Cronk NEEDS to deliver a premiership, possibly even two, or it will be looked upon as a huge failure.

Pearce may well move on and drive success elsewhere, especially if he makes his way to a Manly side containing the likes of DCE, Walker and Trbojevic x2.

Manly fans will laud him as a hero, Roosters fans will roll their eyes ... coincidentally the exact opposite of what they were saying just a few weeks ago.

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