Canterbury Bulldogs forward Jackson Topine has launched legal action against the club after a training session last year that he claims were a "deprivation of liberty" and "unlawful corporal punishment."

It's alleged in an Australian newspaper report that Topine's legal team have lodged the claim with the NSW Supreme Court after he was forced to wrestle the entire squad as punishment for being late to training.

His legal team allege Topine has been subject to "assault, battery and humilation" from the club's conditioning staff during the unsual punishment.

It was first reported last year by News Corp that a Bulldogs' player - not named at the time - took mental health leave after the traumatic training session.

The Australian alleges that, in the court documents, Topine showed obvious exhaustion and distress during the training session where he was forced to wrestle the entire squad, but that trainer Travis Touma ordered players to continue wrestling Topine.

It's also reported that the court document suggests Topine needed help standing and walking after the completion of the session.

“Each player in the Bulldogs roster, who were the plaintiff's ­opponents in wrestling match-ups, possessed high levels of fitness and strength,” the court statement reads.

“(Touma) directed (Topine's) opponents in the wrestling match-ups not to reduce intensity by saying words to the following effect, ‘Don't let him up if he's down, jump on him straight away'.

“As a result of completing the performance of all wrestling match-ups required under the wrestling direction, (Topine) required assistance in performing limited physical functions, including, standing and walking.”

Topine alleges he had no idea he was late for training on the day.

It comes after disgruntlement throughout the Bulldogs' camp during the 2023 campaign over the perceived high intensity of training.

Topine is believed to be still contracted by the Bulldogs, having originally been signed through to the end of 2024, but it's now unclear the status of that deal, with the The Sydney Morning Herald reporting the legal action could wield $4 million with his contract having been illegally terminated.

He has not played rugby league since.

Sydney Roosters' coach Trent Robinson however told News Corp that Touma has a high "care factor".

“Travis is a very experienced trainer and a really outstanding person and his care factor is as high as I have seen with any staff member at any club I have been involved with,” Robinson said per the publication.

“I can't speak to the incident but I know who Travis is and the quality person he is, and the care that he has for his players.”