The Canterbury Bulldogs have met with former Parramatta winger Semi Radradra to discuss the possibility of him joining the club for the 2021 NRL season.

Radradra, who is contracted to French rugby club Bordeaux until the end of 2020, played 94 games for the Eels before going over to France at the end of the 2017 season.

Canterbury's chief executive Andrew Hill confirmed the meeting, which will be music to the ears for all Bulldogs fans after a disappointing season.

"There was an opportunity offered to us to meet with Semi while he is in Australia," Hill told The Australian.

"We took that opportunity to introduce ourselves and let him know that at the right time, should he wish to come back to the NRL, we would be interested in talking to him.

"But at this stage it was purely an introduction to our club."

In the meantime, Radradra is in camp preparing for the upcoming Rugby World Cup in Japan where he will be representing his native Fiji.

Earlier in the year, Eels coach Brad Arthur said the club would be interested in re-signing Radradra, as he is a world-class player when he is firing on all cylinders.

Watch this space.


  1. That’s right Kev.
    Radradra, Masters, Naden, To’o. With Cleary, Burton/ Luai. Plus Edwards or Staines at Penrith would make a pretty handy backline as well. Plus they now have lots of money to spend. We can all dream …

  2. We certainly can dream eastofdivide.
    Let’s face reality though. The Roosters will cut John Doe from his 750k contract and sign Semi.

  3. Ha, Ha.. Spot on. They let someone go a year or two ago. So there’s plenty of cap space. Even after they sign Ramien & Arrow.

  4. What a load of garbage. You must be forgetting all the 5/8th’s the club went out buying during the season. Did they all cost nothing? The club is continually buying more players, that never have any affect on the cap it seems. Let’s not forget about also having to increase the pay of many players there. Again, doesn’t worry their cap. Other teams have to shed players after winning a competition, because all the players are worth more, cost more. Not at the Feather Dusters.
    Patriotic? It’s not a country , it’s just a team in a very small area .

  5. Your dodgy back room guys are doing the job that the Dusters employed them to do. Hiding the obvious overpayments at that club, that everyone can see . A clue to one new strategy is get the player manager to take the fall , when caught out. The Player Manager arranged the dodgy TPD, nothing to see here! So , I guess they do their job well. No other reason to employ two former crooks of the game otherwise?
    Let’s take a look at actual player values there. That the NRL stepped away from. So as to not upset the big end of town backers of the club.
    Tedesco ( best player in the game you say ! ) :$ 1.1- 1.5 Mill. If Ponga can get 1.5 , that’s a cheap valuation for a Rep player, premiership winner.
    Mitchell , Rep player/ premiership winner : $850,000 , Cordner : ( Dito ) $750,000 . Cheap valuation again. Getting towards 3 Million & I’ve only just started! Doesn’t leave a lot in the 10 Mill for the other 27 players, NZ internationals, premiership winners etc.
    So carry on with all your Twaddle .. Everyone knows they are Worse than Melboune. It just seems that they are untouchable. 👍

  6. You don’t need any false accusations or anything else. Common sense dictates player values . Add in extra for premiership winners & rep players. That just how it is. We all know in general what players are worth now. So, simple arithmetic gives the rosters cost.
    Anyone but a Dusters fan can do it.
    You should try it yourself !
    Although, don’t then divide the amount by 4, as your club does.
    The crooked back room guys .. Need no explanation. They go where they’re needed most for cover ups.

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