BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 11: Coach Kevin Walters talks to the media during a Queensland Maroons State of Origin training session at Suncorp Stadium on July 11, 2017 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

The Brisbane Broncos will this week interview the shortlist of coaches who will replace Wayne Bennett in 2020.

Club director Darren Lockyer, CEO Paul White and chairman Karl Morris will head the panel to find the man to replace the coaching legend.

According to, Michael Maguire and South Sydney’s Anthony Seibold have already been interviewed for the position, while Queensland coach Kevin Walters and Broncos assistant Jason Demetriou will be interviewed later this week.

Retired Broncos legend Sam Thaiday endorsed Walters for the top job.

“I’d love to see Kevvie coach here because culturally he understands what the Broncos are about and he knows the standards and structures that we have in place here,” he said.

“Kevvie lived and breathed that culture for the years he played here and he will continue those standards.”


  1. I believe Souths should get rid of Seibold straight away and get a coach who wants to believe in our future, Souths shouldn’t have to put up with this, if he misses the Bronco’s job, and I don’t believe he will, Souths should get rid of him anyway / straight away actually, Jason Demetriou would be a great new coach for us and someone who would show loyalty.

    To be honest I have my doubts about Seibolb , he did nothing to change our tactics against Easts when it was obvious they knew how to defend against our attack , but i guess it’s part of the learning curve.

    • This is turning out like the West Tigers. We have a coach that obviously wants to leave but is contracted for another year. If he doesn’t get the Broncos gig what does Seibold and Souths do? Do we sign him to a long-term contract, tell him to go now (Souths would have to pay him out), or what? Surely Souths wouldn’t sign him for another two years so he can do the same thing again.

      Souths should sign Demetriou for 2020 if Seibold wont sign for the long term. Seibold needs to change his tactics a little like Penso said plus use all of his player during the game, not leave up to two with no game time on the bench. They are there for a reason.

      • Demetriou is a slight gamble and could be the next Trent Barrett, so too is Walters. Everyone is talking them both up yet they are both rookies when it comes to NRL coaching. Maybe they could be a Hagan, Stuart or Robinson that went onto win premierships in their first season but I wouldn’t put any money on it. Brisbane will go for Maguire hard and Seibold should be more open on his intentions. For a Roosterman like myself, I find it funny that Seibold is bringing all his great work unstuck pursuing a Bronco contract and just using Soufths for a short stint to gain his preferred job back in his maroon blooded land of Queensland.πŸ’ͺπŸŽ±πŸ‘Ž

        • Penso, chalky, the way I see it, start looking for a new coach, and hope he gets the Broncos gig, and asks for a release.
          That is incredibly disrespectful / rude / ungrateful (that’s a better word) of Siebolb to arrange an interview at another club in his first year of being promoted to head coach, and with another year of his contract to run.

        • Good call mighty. I think the word we are all searching for is Greed. And Gordon Gekko was wrong, greed is NOT good. It ends up with stockbroker and speculators in general trying to skydive without a parachute from office window ledges. It also ends up with clubs being taken to the cleaners after signing a contract in good faith. Mind you, it is a two way street and coaches are often on the wrong end of a contract not being honoured as well.

      • Agree with yr comments rabbitiohs – WE DON”T WANT THIS TO DRAG INTO THE NEW SEASON. MAN UP Seibs commit or GO !!
        PS re his coaching – think he went away from letting the boys “play what they see” we became way too structured towards the end of season, with a bit of the old Madge mentality dripped in, ie roll forward, build pressure, fatigue the opposition (boring, boring doesn’t beat the better teams)….
        Agree fully with eelsalmighty re his “incredibly disrespectful” comments

    • Seibold needs to take a leaf out of Trent Robinson coaching manual. Always have a “plan B”, Who was it throughout last season who scoffed at my facts that the Roosters can play semi-final Football when needed or premiership football as required. When the heat is on and a teams tactics have been exposed, then the best coaches are capable of changing a game plan 20 mins into a match, simply because they have trained hard for those occasions. Great teams can bung on the semi final game at a drop of a hat or 3.πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

      • Trent Robinson’s β€œplan B” is rely on Uncle Nick to do a magic trick and make the salary cap “disappear”. He has won two premierships in his tenure at the Roosters and BOTH have been because the Roosters have been MASSIVELY over the salary cap by $2 – $4 million. Robinson’s TACTIC “when the heat is on” is to slow down the play the ball with hands on the ball, lifting the leg of a player trying to play the ball (or like Radley in the prelim final against Souths) walk through the play the ball while the ball is being played.

        Let’s be honest, the Roosters back their defence which is why they were the ones to pioneer giving away repeat penalties on their line to reset their defence and rob the attacking team of any momentum of attacking advantage. It is cynical and it is cheating.

        Tell me why Radley wasn’t sin-binned in that game for a blatant professional foul? They also committed a blatant professional foul out on the left edge defence making a tackle to stop a try while they were clearly offside. Again another blatant professional foul and in neither case was a Roosters player sent to the sin-bin. Why? Why when ALL other teams have lost players to the bin for repeat penalties near their line of professional fouls WHY did the Roosters escape being a man down for 10 mins? If you don’t know the answer ask “the Don” Politis.

        It’s bad enough that your club has cheated twice now to claim a “Claytons premiership” without having to hear Roosters fans crow about it like we ALL are unaware that your team CHEATED to get it.

        • All you rabbits fans act like James packer haven’t given his fair share of brown paper bags to rabbits players.

        • I usually laugh at most of your posts but you’ve lost me on this one mate. Too much Red V perhaps “Big Red”? I noticed that “V” have added Lemon to the Rasberry Red so that explains a lot. Perhaps I should call you “Tortured Orchard” instead (Red V with a splash of lemon for bitterness)?

          When you come down off your sugar high let’s examine the facts. The fact is that Greg Inglis (and more recently Dane Gagai) are the ONLY rep players that Souths have “imported” into their current squad. The 3 Burgess brothers, Adam Reynolds and Angus Crichton all had not even played in the NRL before coming to Souths that alone had rep experience (although Reynolds was a junior so he was already here). Souths have developed almost all of their key players, which includes Cody Walker, Damien Cook and Robert Jennings.

          John Sutton, Adam Reynolds, Alex Johnston, Jason Clark, Cameron Murray and Campbell Graham are ALL Souths juniors. How many Dragons juniors are currently in YOUR starting 17? So Souths develop their players and, unlike the Roosters, they don’t rely on bulk imports to boost their chances.

          With the combined net worth of both James Packer and Russell Crowe I would hazard a guess that the Rabbitohs “potentially” have the most $$’s behind them but I doubt that either Crowe or Packer would invest every last cent into the club in any case. Further, other than one minor infraction involving the 2nd tier cap, Souths have never been in trouble with their salary cap compliance and a casual look at their squad would show that there is little room for argument that can be made for Souths being over the cap.

          Time to put the Red V can down mate and get all that excess sugar out of your system. You also might want to google “Death By Red Bull” as well as you do exhibit signs of restlessness, agitation and confusion. Only you know if you have the rest of the symptoms and I would hate to see any more of your posts spiral into delusion. Keep the funny ones coming though. πŸ‘

        • Stopped reading after your first paragraph of complete dribble, how lonely do you have to be to write a novel like that?

        • Matter of fact, look at all your garbage comments on this article? You have written like 1000 words of pointless crap. Get a life.

        • Very convenient that you stopped reading after the first paragraph so you can disregard the facts. I noticed that you are very insecure and like to project your insecurities onto others. Sorry, Red “V”. I should have taken into account your remedial English difficulties and I would post pictures if I could.

          When you find an argument based on facts let me know. Otherwise keep your BS to yourself.

        • Is that the best you can come up with Cletus Spuckler? You were funny once on the The Simpsons as Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel but it all got old fast just like your school boy name calling on ZT and your one sentence compressed diatribes. Almost time for bed Cletus (born in 1990), school tomorrow and you should have graduated in 2008 but you kept repeating a year!

  2. I’d say Kevie will get the nod… When the votes come down he has to be favourite for the Broncs.

    • I’d also like to see Kevvie coach the Broncos pedro and for the Broncos to keep their dirty mitts off Seibold. I think Wayne Bennett would also be happy to see someone other than the “2018 Coach of the Year” at the helm at Red Hill in 2019/2020. Bennett truly believes he IS “the supercoach” and he can’t bear to see anyone else succeed with the Broncos to diminish his legacy and his myth which he only achieved after coaching the QLD origin team (and 2/3’s of the Australian side) in a Broncos jersey.

      Bennett is also the reason there is no daylight savings time in QLD. He believes the sun shines out of his backside and he isn’t getting up an hour early for anyone! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Think if they wanted Kevvie, they would of simply offered him the gig – everyone knows he would have jumped at the chance.. pretty sure they want Seibs.. all this bs about interviews is simply to lower the amount of Seibs contract…

    • i’m not so sure about Kevvie getting the job, pedro.
      There seems to be a perception around the town that while he may be a good qld coach, he is missing something that would make him a good NRL coach and that Maguire is the preferred candidate.

  3. Dragons should have made Demetriou the head coach when we had him a few years ago helping Mary.

    IMO Kevvie will get the job.

    • I agree daffy, but Mary didn’t do too bad a job in 2018 considering how strongly the Dragons finished in the finals. I think Demetriou will get snapped up by some club soon in any case. I just hope that Souths aren’t the team caught out when the coaching equivalent of musical chairs goes down.

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