BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 12: A general view of play during game three of the State Of Origin series between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues at Suncorp Stadium on July 12, 2017 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Seven News revealed on Thursday night that Suncorp Stadium has been approved to host an NRL first, with all 16 clubs to play at the stadium over the course of one round.

During the 2019 season, the NRL will host a full round at Suncorp Stadium, with all eight matches coming over a four-day span.

It is believes the stadium will see at least 150,000 through its doors that weekend.

The round would likely take place in May, 2019, with one Thursday game, two on Friday, three on Saturday with the final two games taking place on Sunday.

“From a fan’s point of view, I think it’s ideal. I think it’s a sensational idea, and people will turn up in droves,” Trevor Gillmeister told Seven News.

“I think it’s a reward for the amount of times they turn up to Broncos games and State of Origin games.”

After missing out on the rights to host the grand final, the plan was financially backed by the Queensland government, and will be approved by NRL CEOs this week.


  1. Great idea maybe we do that in other states/regions and grow the game.

    Can you imagine the crowds if we did this in PNG?

  2. 8 games on one oval. They wanna hope it doesn’t rain. It’ll be a quagmire after a few games.

  3. Can’t see the entire weekend pulling big crowds given that there are only two teams in proximity. ANZ would have been the better option

      • Well der, there’s about 10 clubs in Sydney and Canberra and Newcastle are only 3 hours and 2 hours away vs 1 club in Brisbane and 1 in GC, so you do math.

        • The math isn’t that simple.

          There are often a lot of games occurring in Sydney and it quite rightly doesn’t cause interest from many people who are not supporting the teams.

          As this would be a novelty to Brisbane, it would have much more interest. If this were occurring on a regular basis in Brisbane, you’d expect the same tepid response they probably fear for Sydney.

    • I guess if it is over 4 days you have Brisbane, North Queensland, Gold Coast and Melbourne all on different days?

  4. Good idea if the entry fee is right…. the cost to go to AAMI park for a decent seat is $70 per adult ,
    whats it cost to go to Suncorp ? anyone ?

    • About 35 for corner / end
      50 for top tier in line with field
      80ish for lower tier in in line with field

      very rough prices

  5. Surely this is a gee-up. The Brisbane brigade get enough favouritism as it is, with the Boncos on telly practically every Friday evening. What about the fans who don’t want to travel all the way up there to watch their teams play? Come on!

    • Given that we’re about to see the sharks on thurs/fri for the 5th time, tonight – and we’ve only seen the broncos for 3, I’m not sure that favouritism is quite so represented this year

      (nor would I want it to – brisbane are dire)

  6. I really like the idea – I think it would be great for the game, and probably lay the foundation for a second team in Brisbane. As long as ‘Politician Pete’ Beattie keeps away from it – it should work!

  7. How does it work for the double header they usually have? Do you pay for one game or pay a slightly higher rate for both games?
    Maybe if they do the rounds correct Brisbane will get the sunday arvo match.
    Thurs. Titans v Panthers
    Friday. Souths v Roosters then cows v tigers
    Sat. Dogs v canberra , sharks v knights then warriors v Melbourne,
    Sun. Parra v manly then Broncos v dragons.
    Actually pretty hard to line up rivalries and guess which teams might be favourites next year and also keep people semi-sober by start of final match.

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