SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 06: Bronson Xerri of the Sharks is tackled during the round four NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Cronulla Sharks at ANZ Stadium on April 06, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt Blyth/Getty Images)

Sharks young gun Bronson Xerri is set to test his value on the open market on November 1, according to Fox Sports’ James Hooper.

The 19-year old reportedly knocked back a five-year $2.5 million from Cronulla to focus on having a big season coming off shoulder surgery.

The Sharks’ mega offer was an attempt to blow NRL rivals out of the water. While Xerri is free to talk to other clubs, he cannot sign anywhere before November 1.

Xerri, who has shown potential as a left centre, has previously been linked to the Sydney Roosters, which could make more sense given Latrell Mitchell’s exit.

The youngster is close mates with Roosters recruit Kyle Flanagan which has further fuelled talk of a move to the Tricolours.

Xeri made his NRL debut for the Sharks in round four last season, scoring 13 tries from 22 games.


  1. $2.5 million over 5 years is not much for a player of Xerri’s potential. I can understand why he knocked back the Sharks offer. He could easily become a representative player in the next couple of seasons, and testing the market at the end of 2020 could be a financial bonanza for him if he has a good season this year.

    Most of the street talk will probably say he’s going to the Roosters, but I’m not so sure. Now that Cooper Cronk has retired and Latrell Mitchell has moved on I don’t see them being as formidable as they were in 2018 & 2019. Teams will still have to be at their best to beat them, but I think the Roosters have had their share of glory for now.

  2. I cannot have any sympathy with Cronulla. They have had every advantage given to them on a plate so when something like this happens, I think Karma.

  3. Our? You mean bunnies new recruit. You don’t support the bunnies you’re a rubbish fan. You are best keeping your rubbish comments to yourself. You seem to lift the roosters up every chance and bag the bunnies, MY team. Last I checked people who support their teams don’t rubbish them. You’re the only bloke who rubbishes the his own supposed team. As for Xerri, smart move. His value will go up next year and he’ll sign for either more money or the Roosters. Sharks trying to get him locked down for cheap, good try but he clearly has a good

  4. Fair offer from the Sharks $500k, for a bloke who has played well, but hasnt played any rep footy yet.
    If he has a GREAT season this year, Sharks may have to up the offer.
    Otherwise, let him go chasing the big bucks, just another Sharks junior academy player lost & no compensation as usual.
    He may end up as another Jack Bird scenario.

  5. This is a situation where there needs to be a right for the existing club to match any offer young Bronson is offered. Let’s say cowboys offer him 700k a year the sharks should have the right to match the offer. Then any further offers must be 10% more then that amount. This ensures transparency plus gives teams who bring through youngsters a fair chance of keeping them

  6. Brennan.Lane January 30, 2020 at 5:29 pm
    “Xerri of coarse would be far better off on 500K at the Roosters than at Cronulla,”
    No, Latrell Mitchell confirmed the dump is toxic an no place for any player looking for a club with integrity and soul.

  7. Latrell Mitchell’s signing at Souths for much less than the cap burgling roosters offered him has set a standard for young up and comers who place club soul and fan support as a priority.
    Like Latrell, no doubt future stars want to experience playing for a club above 3rd last in memberships and a crowd with majority home crowd advantage.

  8. Mate Crowe helped mine and twentyone’s club. He revamped it and turned out club into a profitable club. Go support your true team roosters. Stop bagging our great club out. Latrell will be a great coup you’ll see.

  9. Tigers junior and Doueihi will have a better chance playing FB or 5/8 at the tigers. Rooster would just stuff this poor kid around and then get rid of him when they have no use for him. Hey Twenty when’s the fox coming?

  10. Rabbitohs stop responding to that two bit loser, the blokes a joke and all on this site know he is nothing but a mental retard who needs help.

  11. penso, his problem is he and his wife Mole52 were Latrell’s biggest fans and are now desperately trying to cope with Latrell coming home to his beloved Rabbitohs. Like their Sookpen they are in meltdown.

  12. Redv

    At least the storm paid the price for their one transgression unlike Cronulla. They get every benefit going and have done for decades.

  13. IMO Tigers should really go in for him. Chris Lawrence, Benji Marshall (probably retire, if not keep him), Elijah Taylor and Chris McQueen’s contract all run out this year and we have a bit of cap space so why not go in for him and maybe another forward. Tigers backline would look scary. Give him 600-700k and try to get Frizzell and Fifita (don’t expect either to happen) and if not get a youngster/mid 20’s (i’d go for Scott Sorensen)

  14. @aidssfc You can add Russell Packer & Josh Reynolds to the list of players who will probably leave the Tigers at the end of season 2020, if not earlier for Reynolds. I think Madge wants to put a big broom through the club and bring in a group of younger players without big reputations. They have done well to sign the Leilua bros and Adam Doueihi, and you can expect more signings for 2021.

  15. @budgielegs yea Taylor, Lawrence, Packer, Reynolds, McQueen are all on 400k+. With Madge I can honestly see in 3 years time WT challenging for a Premiership. They’re signing the right players (for the first time) for not massive contracts like previously mentioned with biggest age being 28 in Leilua. Very, very smart by WT. They’re planning for the future for what feels like the first time in forever. Give madge another contract.

  16. Were you taking your drugs again BrennanWoodNugget? When you you typed in your tenth posting , as Brennan ( the Nuggets Jersey wearing South’s supporter ).
    ‘Not very smart sifning a nobody rookie in Doueihi for 625K’ . Or writing it the language you know best , ‘cro-magnon’?
    Doueihi, all the talk about him going to the chicken coop. Yet another player who didn’t want to go there.
    Mitchell will be at the Nuggets in 2020 , from you . Over & over again. Yet he signed at South’s for less money.
    A month or two ago , Xerri was going to be at your Nuggets this coming season. Yet he’s not. So this story is worth about as much as the last one about him. Nothing!

  17. Xerri to the roosters next year makes a lot of sense.
    BMoz and Hall will likely leave/retire, and his best mate Kyle Flanagan plays there’s now. Xerri to sign for about 650k and 4 years.

    1. James Tedesco
    2. Daniel Tupou
    3. Bronson Xerri
    4. Joseph Manu
    5. Billy Smith
    6. Luke Keary
    7. Kyle Flanagan

  18. Swagamuffin….that’s the most intelligent comment I’ve read on this entire thread!
    I thought this page was for commenting about league…..not sniping one another like little bitches.

  19. Rabbitohs ignore this tool Brennan.Lane (which we all know is Woody Clown) comments – if we all do it, hopefully he will fade away like the bad fart that he is.

  20. The Great Northern Rooster January 31, 2020 at 8:09 am
    “Swagamuffin….that’s the most intelligent comment I’ve read on this entire thread!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    You obviously didnt read EastofDivide’s comments relating to your other alies BrennanWoody.
    So you think Xerri is basing his whole interest in the roosters because Flannagan is there? Wake up champ.
    If Latrell Mitchell and now Adam Douehi haven’t exposed the roosters as the toxic dump they are it will take a lot more than $650k to lure Xerri there in the name of money over happiness.
    Xerri I hear will take the same and even a little less anywhere else to avoid the roosters.
    That includes I would suspect rooster’s no1 poaching scout Fittler with promises of origin selection like I heard he did with Crighton which wore off after 1 game.

  21. How about deleting all r0rters vs wabbits dribble from any topic that has nothing to do with them. And what’s with that brain dead Brennan.Lane thinking every one is stupid enough not to know it’s woodc0ck and god knows how many other aliases. Otherwise change the site’s name to Zero Credibility.

  22. I agree daffy , summed up quite well, i don’t like responding to their dribble, i’m way over it and them, in the old days you would be tossed off this site, but not any more it appears

  23. Great news Mole, MarkMyWords et al…Nat Butcher has just resigned with Easts for two years….says he loves the club and Robbo’s mentorship.
    Go the Chookies for the hatrick in 2020

  24. The Great Northern Rooster February 1, 2020 at 9:43 am
    “Great news Mole, MarkMyWords et al…Nat Butcher has just resigned with Easts for two years….”
    An average player and another poached Souths junior who is very fortunate Adam Doueihi rejected the roosters otherwise sayonara to Butcher.

  25. That is a good signing GNR. I like the way he plays.
    BTW Brennsey I do believe there is some merit in 21’s post both Nat and his brothers were eastern seagull juniors. I think there was some friction caused when east’s came signed them up.
    Your last post had you sounding like an east’s supporter.

  26. Thank you Sidney.
    We all get very tired correcting Bennsy’s porkies but he still persists.
    Poaching Souths juniors was the main reason the roosters were kicked out of our juniors comp after several warnings.
    Their last remaining genuine junior is the rooster media hyped up dud Radley.

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