SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 05: Latrell Mitchell of the Roosters warms up before the round 25 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on September 05, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Star fullback Latrell Mitchell is set to join the South Sydney Rabbbitohs, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

The report states he has "agreed to terms" with the Souths and could begin pre-season training with the club as early as Monday.

Fox Sports is reporting that the deal is worth $600,000-a-season over two years, with the Roosters chipping in an extra $120,000.

It will end what has been nothing short of a contract circus for Mitchell this off-season, with the 22-year old receiving wide-ranging offers from rivals.

The Tricolours originally tabled a multi-year deal worth $800,000-a-season but rescinded the offer after Mitchell wanted to explore his options.

He was also linked to the Bulldogs, Cowboys and Wests Tigers.

After signing Jai Arrow to a four-year deal this off-season, the Rabbitohs were keen to secure him for 2020, but that now seems unlikely given Mitchell's impending signing.


  1. If they get it right then I think they will go in to win it. Massive coup if he’s in the eighth head space and wants to play

  2. This whole off season debacle by Souffs has been shonky to say the least.
    The Sam Burgess retirement heads the list.
    I hope there’s full transparency over this feeble attempt to buy a premiership.

  3. Well below market value so should be blocked by the NRL but seeing as it’s one of their little pet teams it will be given the green light.

  4. Great signing and replacement for Sam Burgess. Playing Latrell up front will go along way to pumping up their forward pack….

  5. For all the people saying he is greedy blah blah and such, the signing for less shows it wasn’t about the money. If Latrell wanted the big bucks he would have gone to the tigers.

  6. Just a quick update.
    1 My source tells me Xerri a rumour reconsidering move to roosters after being advised of roosters facing to 2 premierships to be stripped.
    2 Gagai might be off to the Titans and with that the Fox to Souths.
    A good day.

  7. Lane, shhhhhhh you’re wrong and stop going on about mental health issues. You know him? He’s doing what’s best for him and his family. For a bunnies fan you sure got a lot of terrible things to say about the bunnies and great things about roosters. 🐓 ?

  8. So Brennan you realise you just said Souths are a chance at a premiership ? Moving forward as much as I like Burns its a matter of when not if for his next injury. I’m not in the know but I think this has been brewing for a while and was always Latrells preferred option. The media have milked this story for everythings it’s worth and then some but will still carry on stiring things up long after the saga has concluded. As for IF Souths have recieved favours to make this all happen it’s a bit rich pointing the finger when we all know every club will do whatever it can to get a competative edge over their rivals. Yeah the whole process has a bad smell about it but so have countless others and we have all moved on. Boy I wonder what the next great headline will be to take the attention away from this one, it should be a real doozy. Anyway thats my semi rant over.

  9. With all this premiership talk for 2020 let’s look at the issue for this season…
    Who replaces Sam??
    Who replaces George??
    Who replaces Sutton??

    That’s 3 of the starting 6 gone. Replacing them plus adding forward depth is vital and I’m not sure Souths have done that. Having an electric backline means nothing if your forwards can’t knock the skin off a custard!!

  10. good luck with that latrell…..2019 will be the last time you ever hold a premiership trophy aloft. Unless of course you’re still playing in another 48 years. 😂🤣😂🤣

  11. REDV 100% on the mark…..soufs are gonna get SMASHED up front. Without that go forward you could have the entire Australian backline and they’d be redundant.
    All these toothless soufs supporters jumping up and down…..they’re gonna be sadly disappointed when their team CHOKES AGAIN.

  12. While I agree with most of what you said red V George B hasn’t been the force he was for a while . Like I said in a chat with Brennan while premiership talk is just typical media hot air I don’t think Souths will go too badly this year. Yes we are rebuilding but our forward pack haven’t had the impact they used to for a number of years and a smaller more mobile pack will give a better showing then the old heavy approach .

  13. Look at all these nasty posts on here directed at Latrell.
    That’s it !!!!
    No more Mr Nice Guy.

  14. Sam B and GI were the main losses this year.
    George B never into full fitness after suspension.
    Sutton should have retired 1 year earlier despite some think.

  15. redv13…you make a lot of sense. South’s forwards are a little ”thin” but given some strategic planning 2921 could be a good year.

  16. Now this is confirmed swap Alex Johnson for Josh Addo-Carr to complete a dream team, Warriors fan.

    1. Mitchell
    2. JAC
    3. Gagai
    4. Roberts
    5. Graham
    6. Walker
    7. Reynolds
    8. T Burgess
    9. Cook
    10. Arrow
    11. Su’a
    12. Lowe
    13. Murray

    14. Douhei
    15. Tatola
    16. Knight
    17. Nicholls

  17. Maybe if they have any available cap space maybe cut some outside back depth, They have Goodwin, Dennis, Allan, Gebbie and Burns. And sign another cheap forward or two.

    I’d say release Dennis and Goodwin and sign Leivaha Pulu and Hame Sele.

    A bench of Douhei Sele Knight Pulu and backs ups like Tatola, Nicholls and Amone would be better

  18. Make no mistake.
    Latrell to Souths is a big kick in the arse for the sombreros and a giant gain for the Rabbitohs.
    No secret membership will go through the roof and the now exposed toxic culture of the roosters will have them struggling for members to a new low.

  19. Hi muff a pretty handy backline. They have about four fullbacks on their books now if you include Latrell with AJ listed as a winger. Yes Dennis and Allan could be expendable. I dont think Goodwin would free up a lot of cash. Hoping to see Gebbie get a run.
    Forwards are a bit light on without Arrow. There is still Sironen, Kealon K. and Jack Johns so without arrow at least need another forward. I wouldn’t put Arrow at prop.

  20. People forget SuA is Sutton’s replace and is similar to Teo style. He’ll get better. Tattoos and knight and Tom. We have some good forwards coming through. We will get arrow next year if not this. 2021 arrow and JAC no gagai and Johnston unfortunately but Souths also have bayley Sironen’s Brother and a few others. Souths will be fine. Haters going to hate.

  21. Maybe they even let Dane Gagai go, he’s overpaid as a wing and hasn’t been used much as a centre. The teams has Allan, Burns, Genbie and others to easily replace him. He would free up a lot of coin and make getting another forward a lot easier

  22. Only some 17
    I loved the hits Teo pulled off. I will always remember one he put on Hoffman just before the state of origin.

  23. Glory glory to the chokers, glory glory to the chokers…..Glory glory to the chokers, watch them CHOKE for ever more.

  24. The loss of Cronk and Mitchell is huge. And this will see the Broosters not reaching the last-4 this year.

  25. If the Panthers are one player short in their squad? They should sign Campbell Graham. South’s buy plenty of Panther youngsters . So Graham could get a go on the wing , or centre at Penrith.

  26. George Burgess played about 10 games all year. most minutes about 25, average 18. No loss. Was a good player in his day, but played busted. No lateral movement

  27. I have it on good authority that Mitchell does not need a scotties, he needs a box of Tissues.

    I have it on good authority that Mitchell failed math when he dropped out of year9 and the results of his contract numbers prove it.

    I have it on good authority that one million is worth more than 800K but 800K is worth more than Souths sixhundred grand.

    I have it on good authority that Mitchell did this move for his family and lossing 400grand is almost like playing half his season for free.

    I have it on good authority that Crowe gave him 400k in a brown paper bag up on his Nana Glen farm when they meet recently.

    I have it on good authority that that Souths are in for a year of struggles with a team of dud forwards. I have it on good authority that……

  28. Thank god the halfwiit Mitchell is out of our hands. What a “Drama Queen” in all my years following football I have never seen the dirty bludging tactic of draining money from the Roosters over the off season like Mitchell. Usually a person on the street might here… hey brother you got a smoke there cuz? Or lend me your wallet? But never blatant thieving from a goonie drinker like Mitchell has shown all of Australia. Thank God the swiine does not sing the Australian Anthem. He is no Aussie. Bwahahaha.

  29. You kept saying Mitchell’s not going anywhere , as one of your aliases AdamWoodKnot . Now you’re glad he’s gone. You’re not bitter & twisted at all!!!👍😠

  30. Adamhoward it must kill you with all those indigenous men getting top dollar. Your a typical racist. I don’t know why you hate and fear indigenous peoples so much? The insecurity of the white man is a mystery to me. Don’t be afraid little man we are all humans you shouldn’t hate someone just because of their race or skin colour. Your time is done son. If I were you I’d be more worried about your white government selling precious resources and huge amounts of that stolen land to the Chinese

  31. I think $600k p.a on a 2 year deal will prove to be one of the best (current/recent) buys in the comp.
    I think he’ll make it as a FB, and probably be a great FB, but if your downside is picking up (a very motivated) Mitchell to play centre at $600k p.a it’s a win/win anyway.
    The way I see it, in the context of the “great Bunnies vs Roosters rivalry”, the Bunnies get a point for picking up Mitchell, and another 2 points for the Roosters (partially at least) subsidising it.

  32. Zero tackle …..bit offensive, this objective racism being displayed here by toddy123 and twenty one….”white man” & “rednecks”….racism works BOTH ways….and ZeroTackle you should moderate these divisive posts.
    Not impressed.

  33. Skid markmywords
    The rainbow serpent told me in the Dreamtime about you! It said to me ( there shall be many a man with different log in accounts but with the same racist agenda. He continued to speak to me with the words( this hateful insecure little man will become to be known as woody/adamhoward/chookstir/Brennan.lane and of course mark.mywords😂 look out little man I’m in your small brain

  34. How did I vilify you timmah
    You tell uncle toddy what’s really wrong
    It’s ok princess uncle toddy is here for you

  35. “Insecurity of the white man”…..don’t patronise me you condescending little twat.
    Latrell Mitchell is just another player….I don’t care what colour his skin is … are the ones continually making it a racial thing, as per usual with soufs supporters. Hope the words condescending and patronise aren’t too much for your inconsequential little brain to comprehend.

  36. Your soft Timmah
    Black is beautiful just as white is wonderful!
    Racism is unacceptable!! You are apart of the woody stable I can understand you were raised with uneducated views of indigenous people, the hatred you were taught comes from your ancestors shame, from the way they treated the indigenous people. Don’t be blind by lies and hate, open your eyes and only then you will see a fellow human being

  37. I don’t have hatred toward any race….and I really don’t give a poo who you support….YOU are being the racist here saying “the white man”….can you not see that in itself is discriminatory? So who is spreading hate and derision here?
    ….and yet again, you are being a condescending little twat….I’m just going to put it down to ignorance and lack of education….so I forgive and pity you, you ignorant little pizzle…

  38. “Uneducated views of indigenous people and ancestor’s shame”????
    I actually did indigenous studies at uni….you complete nonce….and I have NO shame at all with respect to my ancestors….my father was a good man, as was my grandfather and his forebears…..don’t even attempt to try and guilt me into something neither I or my ancestors for generations past did. I DONT apologise for being who I am….in fact I am proud of my heritage, and am probably more akin to the Australian bush than 90% of these city dwelling “ indigenous” Australians claim to be.

  39. AdamhowardJanuary 10, 2020 at 8:19 pm

    “I have it on good authority that…”

    Adam, you had it on good authority that Mitchell would NEVER leave our roosters. What happened to your authority?

    It looks like TwentyOne has been reinstated the title of Nostril-damus.

  40. Well I’m confused as Latrell Mitchell has said he is weighing up offer and deciding what is best for his family. So has everyone jumped the gun here on Mitchell??

  41. “Nothing has been made official as of yet. But my stay at the roosters has come to an end. On to the next chapter where ever that may be.”

    That doesn’t say anything about the Rabbits only that he has left the Roosters.

  42. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  43. Latrell, Walker and Roberts all at the same club?
    What could possibly go wrong.
    3 giant shoulder chips right there

  44. Pablo64….your comment, is the most astute I’ve read over this entire Latrell Mitchell saga……hit the nail on the head.

  45. So now Roosters want Mitchell’s wages from past 2 months smart business I’m surprised Nick took this long to say so. Or it’s always been the case and media is just reporting.

  46. This is not about Eaffs protecting their interests.
    Its about persecuting a prized player daring to test the market instead of taking the terms offered in the 1st place.
    Eaffs were always going to try to come up with ways to delay Latrell’s desire to play for the Rabbitohs and the latest in wanting their paid salary back puts them to a new low despite knowing legally it won’t work.
    Don’t worry folks, Latrell is coming home to Souths and look for some built up karma to be unleashed in R3 in front of a 95% Souths crowd.
    Will make this even sweeter in rubbing Eaffs reputation deeper into the dirt they dwell in when Latrell’s signing is announced formally.

  47. Timmah
    Sorry old man it’s your peoples who think whites are the greatest race. Have a look what they did in South Africa. Or how about America, the whites didn’t even let the indigenous vote in their own country until 1968! The term white is a reference to a higher culture a race that was not discriminated against a race which looked down on people of different skin colour. For me to say white it’s not a racist term. Only an insecure racist like yourself would find that term offensive.

  48. Timmah, toddy123 makes very valid points regarding your underlying taunts.
    Just going through your posts, are you able to come up with any constructive viewpoints other than your repeated copy and pasted “souths are gonna get smashed, souths will be wooden spooners, souths are chokes, Latrell will never hold up a premiership trophy again blah blah blah.”
    Do us all a favor and go chew on some matzo balls

  49. I’m with redv13 back to footy chat

    I wonder if Roosters will impose a clause that prevents Mitchell playing against them as done so by teams releasing players early in the past if Rabbits can’t pay monies Mitchell’s already received.

    It’d be funny if Lattrell did take a suitcase full of dodgy Rabbit money and then signed with the Tigers for a million. Smile and wave boys smile and wave. Cheers Rusty bunge send through the paperwork. Ring ring hey Pascoe see you Monday morning there brudder. Mitchell winning. Take that white national anthem singing dogs.

  50. Souths look ok on paper but they will not make the all important top four home semi position by seasons end.
    To thin on the forwards with very little depth.

    Canberra and the Roosters will need time to adjust with new halfbacks and could both hit their peak come finals time. Parramatta and Brisbane are the other clubs that could go all the way. Manly will be the best of the rest and might cause an upset or two in the finals, depending if they are at full strength. Depth again is their problem. The rest are just making up the numbers.

  51. 😂😂😂 must of touched a soft spot.
    Be careful snowflake it’s a bit hot out wouldn’t want you to melt away.

  52. All that attitude in one team has a smell of failure.
    I doubt Zimmer frame Benny can control that mob, akin to herding cats

  53. Wow there’s more roosters fans on this website then at a roosters home game! And every single one hates indigenous people. Hmm me thinks it’s all the same clown woody you so smart me be silly fella hey der uncle brother boi

  54. toddy123 I’m surprised you have been drawn into the diversion from the subject these wombats are pushing.
    Ask them a few questions about Latrell’s desire to join the Rabbitohs and walk away from the toxic, no soul culture of Eaffs.
    Stick to the subject and watch them crumble into disarray.

  55. Let’s change the subject
    Keary has had several concussion, if suffers mire concussion this season and the side effects that come with it, would the roosters have the depth to cover him?

  56. Wow been reading the comments of all and seriously way to deep to give an opinion, so my take on this is.

    I believe that Mitchell signing is a massive positive for Souths, he is, in my opinion, the best back in the game and Souths backline is now the best in the business.

    Souths have the forwards , regardless whether Arrow is available this year or not, as John Sutton said , Souths have some serious talent coming through, re- Rodwell and other players so lets just relax on all the comments , Souths are entitled to sign Mitchell and Arrow, they have lost two legends in one year in Inglis and S Burgess, I believe Souths will finish top 4

  57. Pretty much agree Penso . Definatly finals bound just not sure about top 4. Happy for you to prove me wrong.

  58. Just a question South’s supporters .
    Penso is saying about some serious talent coming through. I wonder how many of them the club will be able to keep long term ?
    If you believe Mitchell is going to play for five years at the club , at $400,000 a season you’re crazy.
    It must be a massively back ended contract . So, with an extra $100,000 a season after next season to make up for the initial year. Then ,that must be at least $900,000 a season for the following 4 seasons.
    Add in an up graded contract contract for Walker. Add in Arrow’s contract
    Roberts wouldn’t be cheap etc.
    The question is , ‘How many of the youngsters will the club be able to retain’?

  59. Again…
    I say clubs such as Penrith, Titans, Warriors etc, should get in & lure the likes of Graham away from the club. With the promise of a regular first grade spot. Just a decent contract could do it. To sign each of several young players from South’s.

  60. I can declare Latrell is 1000% coming to Souths.
    So is his brother.
    If anyone was ever curious about the roosters culture head over to the sookpen where a few are hoping Lattel suffers career ending injuries.
    Do you wonder why this low life stain of a club struggles to attract fans?

  61. EOD, your club has every right to poach our players and I agree that Graham is an exceptional talent and hope Souths don’t lose him in the future.

    Souths won’t lose players they wish to keep, especially juniors, but we seem to have a heap of good back line players who may be looking for a start elsewhere, going on media reports , Gagai and Johnston maybe off to other clubs, I hope not cause they are great players if this occurs then Souths will have plenty of money, having said that, Souths just signed Mitchells brother, a prop I believe, man we must want Mitchell badly although a friend of mine , an Easts supporter, reckons hes a decent player, we shall see.

  62. oh 21 and penso17 having a love in ? penso17 upvoting himself ? get a room guys, i think i’m going to be sick 🤢
    you 2 have been mouthing off here for years for what ? a mediocre 4th place 🥱
    … meanwhile the Roosters have quietly and professionally scored back to back premierships. 😏
    you are just embarrassing yourselves now. 🙄
    I reckon souffs will get 3rd in 2020 … but only because they got LM.

  63. Not so sure about the not lose players Penso? If there’s a first grade spot available somewhere else & South’s first grade squad is blocking their progression into first grade? Anyone would leave to play in first grade. Especially when that carries with it a better contract .
    Never heard of Mitchell’s brother?
    Maybe he will be alright?
    Plus, if you keep buying top players . They come with a top price. So the salary cap squeeze must apply some time.

  64. Hey angryeagle, be careful, you are exposing yourself as a Roosters supporter.
    Oh, that’s right. You are mychookmycar 💩

  65. Mitchells brother is a fat 135kg lazy slug appropriatley known as slugo. The Roosters sacked him because he loves eating ten to many porky pies, while his ill brother Latrell loves telling Plenty of porky pies.

  66. 🎼Glory glory to the CHOKERS, glory glory to the CHOKERS, glory glory to the CHOKERS…watch them choke for ever more.🎼

    I’ve no doubt soufs will finish top four this year, but true to form they’ll choke again, Bennett will get the sack, rusty (the fat gladiator), will have that priceless devastated look on his face again come the last weekend in September, and thousands of toothless soufs supporters will bemoan what could have been, for ANOTHER year.
    One premiership in FORTY EIGHT years, WOW you must be sooo proud. Hahahahaha

  67. This whole early release has been handled in the most unprofessional manner. However you feel about the Roosters is irrelevant I respect the demand to be reimbursed the 112,000 payed to Mitchell and hope they hold firm. However Richardson has come out and said they (roosters) will be waiting a while implying that have no intention of paying them for his release. It’s very entertaining to say the least and nobody not even the claimed notradamus’s on here can see how this will end up panning out. The auditor Richard Gardham has to sign off yet, this is hilarious obvious changes need to be made.

  68. Brennan.Lane January 12, 2020 at 12:14 am
    “Should read…… there is no chance of South Sydney making the top four.”

    The stress finally gotten to you Brenda?

  69. There wouldn’t have been a problem if Lattrell had agreed to the manipulating, sleazy tactics roosters and gone to any club other than Souths.
    There is your confirmation of the deep jealousy and inferiority the sombrero stains and their supporters are living and tormented with every day. Several examples on here.
    It was never about the money. Latrell just wanted out 8 months ago to fulfil his life long passion to play for Souths where he belongs.
    Latrell’s signing with Souths will be sealed. 1000% Other sources are saying a deal was struck last night.

  70. You don’t know 21 seriously you jagged a few and have become very long winded raving about sources have revealed to you, your only sauce is your fruity lexia goon bag. I actually bought into your dribble for a while there but you’ve lost your street cred now.

  71. Having just read an article on Fox, it appears:
    Mitchell and the Bunnies have agreed to a 1 year deal, commencing immediately, at $580k for 2020, with an upgraded (player) option for 2021.
    Mitchell has already received $116k in wages from the Roosters from 1 Nov. 2019. It would appear that the $116k (already received) plus the $580k deal from the Bunnies for 2020 (total being close enough to $700k) is acceptable to Mitchell. I would also assume the Bunnies will “refer/imply” this total number ($896k) when getting the $580k contract registered.
    He, along with everyone else, knows the Roosters want him gone, so assumes they will simply release him when he formally asks. He is yet to formally ask, according to the Herald.
    Mitchell effectively announces his resignation via social media on Friday.
    The Roosters want compensation for the salary paid from 1 Nov. 2019 to the date of his release ($116k so far), Mitchell has already been paid said amount, so expects to keep it (fair enough) and the Bunnies are only offering $580k.
    FUN TIMES, and so the saga continues.

  72. The roosters have waived the 116k and have signed the release.
    Roosters making a statement this afternoon.
    No compensation eelsalmighty.

  73. Inglis allowed to medically retire with pre existing injury.

    Sam Burgess allowed to medically retire with pre existing injury.

    Rabbits allow to sign Latrell for heavily discounted price.

    Have you guys got compromising pics of Greenburg or something?

  74. Inglis allowed to medically retire with pre existing injury.

    Sam Burgess allowed to medically retire with pre existing injury.

    Rabbits allow to sign Latrell for heavily discounted price.

    Have you guys got compromising pics of Greenburg or something

  75. @screaming, it is a disgrace how this blatant bias is allowed to continue in a so called professional organisation.

  76. Screamingeagle…
    Do you think the clubs who’ve been denied having players get a medical retirement , should go as a group to the NRL. Then demand compensation in the salary cap available money?
    As the Sam Burgess medical retirement has set a precedent .

  77. East as more clubs take advantage of this rule its only a matter of time before the Nrl change it so get your club to get in while they can.

  78. Hopefully this boring saga is almost over.

    There’s so much pressure on Mitchell to perform now that I can’t see him making a success of the move to fullback at Souths. He’s far to lazy to get anywhere near the standard of Tedesco, Tommy T, Valentine Holmes or RTS. He;ll be back in the centres before long wishing that he had Keary giving him the ball at the right time and Cordner defending inside him.

    Looking at South’s roster, it’s all going to come down to their weak forward pack. There’l be at least six teams that will roll right over the top of them, and without a dominant pack, it won’t matter how many flashy backs they’ve got. When the going gets tough, there’s no one there to get them back in the contest.

    Add to that the over the hill Bennett factor and the best I can see them finishing this year is seventh or eighth, followed by another quick exit from the finals.

  79. Besides Matai and Stewart what other players have been denied medical retirement? One thing i’ll say is that I would much prefer a fit Inglis and S Burbess over anyone.

    Barry no club will roll over the Souths pack, we have much better forwards than you think and Keary isn’t that much better than Walker who I might add was the best 5/8 in the comp until origin, he is a class act and will ignite our backline, me thinks you should worry about your own team first who have under achieved in recent years, no doubt will get a reply from brennan backing my comments up “not”

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