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With the Raiders finishing 4th in the regular season and just one win away from a Grand Final berth, the club celebrated their end of season awards on Tuesday.

Raiders prop Josh Papalii won his third Meninga Medal as Canberra Raiders player of the year.

The club also took the opportunity to farewell Brad Abbey, Ata Hingano and Royce Hunt will not return to the nation’s capital in 2020.

Raiders 2020 Player Movements

2020 Gains
George Williams (Wigan Warriors, 2022)
2020 Losses
Brad Abbey (released), Ata Hingano (released), Royce Hunt (released)
Luke Bateman (2020), Emre Guler (2021), Corey Horsburgh (2022), Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad (2023), Bailey Simonsson (2023), Ryan Sutton (2022), Elliott Whitehead (2022)
Off Contract 2019
Sebastian Kris, Andre Niko, Brendan O'Hagan, Kyle Paterson, Reuben Porter, Jordan Rapana, Harley Smith-Shields, Sam Williams


  1. Need to keep Rappa, Kriss and Niko don’t know to much about the others that are leaving,
    I am surprised they let R Hunt go and resign L Bateman for another year.

    Thoughts anyone ?

  2. Kris is off contract & not a first grade regular. Penrith should target him , as one of the Canterbury Cup players they should try & buy. To build up the centres . He’d get a regular start there & stay in first grade if he played well enough.

  3. With These three leaving it will not effect our club to much. However with the arrival of Williams arriving from England, I can smell a premiership on the horizon.

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