The Canberra Raiders and Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have been fined for breaches of the salary cap last year.

NRL Chief Operating Officer Nick Weeks said the breaches were at the lower end of the scale but would still result in financial penalties for the clubs involved.

He said the NRL would impose the following sanctions:

The Canberra Raiders (the club breached the second tier by $2,598 and the NYC top 20 cap by $8,093 for a total breach amount of $10,691).

The club has a poor record of compliance with the salary cap rules, having recorded breaches in five of the last six years.

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As a result, the club has been fined 150 per cent of its breach amount ($16,037).
The club has also been fined $68,073 for breaches of the NRL ($1,622) and NYC ($66,451) caps in 2015.

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs (the club breached the NRL cap by $81,965 in 2016).

Given the breach was self-reported by the club, which has subsequently upgraded its governance structure, the NRL has imposed a fine of 75 per cent of the breach amount ($61,474).

Mr Weeks said the clubs had five business days to request that the NRL Appeals Committee review the determinations.


  1. How can the salary cap be breached innocently in the current system, if not via an underhanded approach? Surely the NRL, who registers each players contract, has a running spread sheet for each clubs roster and can therefore easily forecast when a club is approaching the cap limit for a particular year?
    3rd party payments aside (which no one can explain clearly anyway), you would expect that there is no way the NRL should “miss” a salary cap breach and unless the club has a buffoon in charge of the contracts/cash, no way any breach is “accidental”.

    • I agree, but sometimes there can areas of doubt and sometimes the unexpected happens. For example, in 2009 Parra wanted to fly Fui Fui’s relatives to Aust to watch him play but Schubert ruled it would be part of the Cap. In 2000 or 2001 Saints had Kimmorley all but signed but had to back out because of salary cap pressures – Craig Smith kept getting suspended for lifting the knees and Nathan Brown had to retire because of a neck injury and unexpectedly, Ryles and Riddell ended up playing a heap of first grade. Also Gasnier made 1st grade too. Ryles and Gaz ended up playing for Aust. With incentives in their contracts it blew out Saints’ cap and they couldn’t sign Kimmorley.
      So it can happen. I’m just surprised CB got caught, very careless of them.

      • I commend you on your memory. Given that it is currently 2017, that stuff is almost 20 years old.

        I had never heard that Kimmorley story.

        Although there are many ‘near misses’ in signing. E.g. Remember Willie O, Wally Lewis, Mark Ella? Or the tragic Danny Buderus story? All major Saints signing hard luck stories.

        • Kimmorley was going to sue the NRL (or at least his manger was talking it up) claiming the salary cap was restraint of trade. Fortunately sanity prevailed.
          Hard luck stories? What about the good ones? We signed Chook Herron!

    • Player get injuries or retire and then someone has to take their place in full-time squad

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