South Sydney Rabbitohs enforcer Liam Knight has signed on for another three seasons with the club.

The new deal will tie the 25-year old to the Redfern until the end of 2023, having been rewarded after a breakout 2019 campaign.

Knight was thrilled to call the Souths his home for another three years.

“I absolutely love this club, the playing group and the coaching staff. It was impossible for me to leave,” Knight told

“We have unfinished business here after the way last season ended in the Preliminary Final.

“I’m really grateful for the trust and support the Club and the Members have shown in me and I want to give that trust and support back.

“I’m really excited about the future and it’s great to know my future is at Souths.”

Souths general manager of football Shane Richardson added: “We’re very pleased to have Liam re-sign with us for three more years and we look forward to him being one of our forward leaders for years to come.

“Our coaching staff have done a great job to develop him and his game over the past year and we know he still has his best football in front of him.

“He has shown great loyalty to the Club with some massive offers coming his way from other teams, but he wants to play his football here at South Sydney.

“We see Liam as being a big part of our pursuit for our 22nd Premiership and as a Rabbitoh for the long term.”


  1. Rumour has it that all other 15 clubs were chasing him with massive offers but he decided to play for the South Sydney Sombreros ” for less”
    He will be making a “playing for less” speech shortly…

  2. Good signing Souths , interesting what Richo said about Souths targeting 2022/3 years has being potentially our best years but in saying that, and I have been saying the same, Souths forward depth according to Richo is very good and will not let the team down, signing Knight is very positive.

    Is it true bennan barred? about time, still he would have quite a few other alia’s to fall back on.

  3. apparently LP 21’s tomato sauce has informed him that the roosters offered him $1million per season (after they turfed him 4 years ago) but he couldn’t live with himself to be a part of that heart and soul back to back premiership winning culture and chose to sign with the back to back chokers “for less” .
    He said he didn’t mind missing out on the half million per year… as he is not playing for money but rather wants to be Bennetts new grandson.

  4. We were never concerned about Liam accepting the bigger offer from the roosters.
    Young forward still improving and with an added 4kg in the off season looking forward to a big year.
    Congratulations Liam in choosing to be at a club bursting with pride and soul like your good mate Latrell.

  5. He goes ok but calling him an enforcer is a bit rich.
    Sam Burgess was an enforcer and Knight ain’t no Sam Burgess.

  6. Congratulations L Knight, improved all year, now has an opportunity in my
    opinion to lead a very successful nrl team. Perhaps rep honours await.

  7. Kev
    February 7, 2020 at 11:21 am
    “He goes ok but calling him an enforcer is a bit rich.
    Sam Burgess was an enforcer and Knight ain’t no Sam Burgess.”

    Fair call Kev but then again who is another Sam Burgess?

  8. Yes Rabbitohs17, he is doing better down there than his previous clubs. Think it has a bit to do with him maturing as a person also, rather than the mythical toxic culture gibberish one eyed 21 bangs on about 🙂

  9. the Enforcer….. laughable
    Easts had NO interest in him at all. A beat-up by his manager to extract maxium from the SS Sombreros of Nana Glenn.
    Remembering, this idiot, tried to scam a road side breath test by spraying deodorant in his mouth…. he failed, and went DUI.
    A brainless mong…, a perfect fit for Souffs

  10. I’m glad he resigned with the bunnies he’s a good fit there. Arrow is the perfect starting point for rebuilding Bunnies pack after the good Burgess retired.

    I was worried after reading an article Titans offered Knight a contract probably wouldve offered him 500k over 3 years would’ve been a terrible signing for Titans.

  11. If Knight is Souths new enforcer then they have little hope of dominating opposition forwards.
    Last season in round 26 Sydney knocked Knight into night night land and split his head wide open. The very next week the Sydney (Roosters) team belted Souths out of the park by 30 points. This enforcer showed everyone who follows footy how weak he is. Sam Burgess did not play because he was to scared what Sydney did to him the previous week after their enfircers smashed Souths physically. This was Knights chance to show off his enforcer ambition in the semi final.

    Knight was a massive failure. Knight failed again in the other two semi and the Preliminary final. He just is simply not up to it.

  12. Mark.mywords February 7, 2020 at 4:05 pm
    “If Knight is Souths new enforcer then they have little hope of dominating opposition forwards.
    Last season in round 26 Sydney knocked Knight into night night land and split his head wide open. ”

    Thats right, a coward cheap shot by a dog who was let off by his mate Michael Buettner, the roosters (Nth Sydney) MRC Chairman who was tapped on the shoulder after that and shown the door.
    There’s nothing tough about blindsiding players and deliberately trying to mame them.

  13. The Great Northern Rooster February 7, 2020 at 3:56 pm
    “Enforcer 😂🤣😂🤣”
    This is the koori who stayed out of the anthem debate because he didnt have the backbone to challenge the rooster wombats on ZT who criticised the indigenous players who refuse to sing the anthem.
    Give up mate you are a lightweight.

  14. You are a racist 21 and a disgrace ….you would rather follow a dogmatic racist agenda than accept we are all equal, no matter what the colour of our skin.
    Neither The Roosters or anyone associated with them ever criticised latrell Mitchell for not singing the national anthem ….your just following meat head mundines hate filled dogma.

  15. TwentyOne
    February 7, 2020 at 6:05 pm
    “There’s nothing tough about blindsiding players and deliberately trying to mame them.”
    ….exactly 21, you complete nufty….seriously pal, you are describing Sam burgess (the thug), perfectly here….pulling hair, grabbing nuts, high tackles CONSTANTLY…….
    Glad to see the back of him….what a lowlife dog. Atleast knight kinda plays fairly.
    …by the way, it’s “maim” dopey

  16. isdonisgood February 8, 2020 at 1:33 pm
    “Yeah 21 you said “Koori”, “Indigenous” and “Anthem”. You rascist whitey.”

    Thanks isdonisgood, I forgot you dont use those 3 terms words in the same post or conversation.
    I’ll remember that in a few days whilst having a drink with my indigenous mates at the Yarra Sailing Club.
    Is it acceptable to use “indigenous” and “having a drink” in the same post or is this racist as well?

  17. LOL. I just read your final post Mr Lane. Took me an hour to get through it though. Must have taken you a week to write it hahaha. And surely you ran out of emoji ink. 😆🤣😅🤣😂 Long live King W.

  18. ….You also use the term “red neck “ and “whiteman” in the same sentence, which is a racial slur and I imagine would be very insulting to most white folks.
    Your hatred for a different football club has crossed the line into racism…ie: YOU are a RACIST.

  19. Only those who “CHOOSE TO BE OFFENDED “ have a problem with some of the language used, get over yourselves

  20. TGNR… you are spot on!!
    Funny that Most racists don’t think they are racists…
    so he brags about his “ indigenous” mates….. aren’t they just mates?

  21. TheMole52 February 9, 2020 at 9:57 am
    “TGNR… you are spot on!!
    “Funny that Most racists don’t think they are racists…”

    Maybe you should have warned your hubby about what you falsely accuse me of before he was barred.
    Dont think you are far away either.
    No place for racism and character slurring on ZT.
    Just deal with it….. Latrell has left the building 🤣🤣

  22. Well done Liam on a very wise decision to stay with your beloved Rabbitohs.

    Add to this an update on your buddy Latrell Mitchell submitted by Phil Rothfield;
    Far from hurting his personal brand, Latrell Mitchell’s tumultuous move from the Roosters to Souths has made home one of Australian sports biggest stars writes PHIL ROTHFIELD
    An off-season publicity blitz has actually helped Latrell Mitchell land one of the richest player sponsorship deals in Australian sport.
    The South Sydney Rabbitohs fullback is about to become the face of sportswear giant Adidas in rugby league.
    His co-managers Matt Rose and Warwick Wright were in Melbourne on Friday to sign off on the deal, which is understood to be the company’s biggest agreement with an NRL or AFL player — certainly the biggest since Sonny Bill Williams became one of their ambassadors.
    Mitchell will be the face of a mid-year Australia-wide promotional campaign.
    Adidas recognised the interest in the Kangaroos star from the mass media coverage of him leaving the Roosters to join the Rabbitohs.”

    Congratulations Latrell, you have shown what a truly great character and indigenous pride you possess in coming home to your beloved Rabbitohs with opportunities like this for you and your young family now open to you.
    Its why Souths are the Pride of the League and Adidas knows that.

  23. You’re 100% right Mole52, often people with actual problems are the ones who will deny it most vehemently….like some alcoholics and schizophrenics, who fail to see they have a problem….
    You’re a racist 21….deal with it.

  24. I think Liam Knight had some good games. Still he doesn’t look like anything that special. The fact that the Nuggets didn’t want him tells you something.
    South’s outside backs look their strength, with Walker & Reynolds to set them up.
    They had the big , tough Burgess brothers to help get them their last premiership. Now they’ll be without George , Sam & without Sutton . Only Cook looks a huge threat in the forwards, with his running. At least for 2020.
    I suppose the lesser forwards can be lifted, by wanting to do better . To assist a great backline.
    Still , other teams look to have superior forward packs compared to South’s in 2020. So if they can get over South’s pack. South’s won’t be any shoe in for anything.
    Just an opinion of course. Am I being unfair or missing anything?

  25. Its why TwentyOne February 9, 2020 at 11:37 am
    Souths are the Pride of the League

    South Sydney Sombreros. Ignite have been the pride of the league 70 years ago… but no one here ( including yourself) has seen or even remotely remembers that. Further no one is interested
    What most people are interested in is results now… and there’s no one better than that than the Roosters back to back premierships which has consumed you with jealousy.

    No problem you have this year to save the triple choke..

  26. TheMole52 February 9, 2020 at 9:58 am
    “Long live the King”
    Don’t you mean “Long live the King of nobody”?
    Special thanks to ZT.

    February 8, 2020 at 7:58 pm
    “LOL. I just read your final post Mr Lane. Took me an hour to get through it though.”

    He wrote it whilst standing at the back of the queue as always.
    Would have had lots of time.
    Poor Mole52.

  27. Like Latrell, Liam Knight is thriving under the master Wayne Bennett and looking forward to a big year.
    Souths in 2019 was no doubt the unluckiest in terms of injuries with $1m Inglis gone early, now revealed Sam Burgess under tremendous pain 2nd half of season, Burns out, Johnston out, Lowe, Knight, Reynolds playing with injuries and George B never fit after suspension.
    Despite all this was an amazing effort to go as far as they did and having to overcome an overrated roosters who needed every bit of the leg up the MRC gave them.
    Absolutely no doubt in my mind as an astute judge that Souths would have easily gone all the way with only half the misfortune mentioned above.
    With a change of luck with injuries Souths a big chance for number 22 and bring joy to their current number of 29,000 members (heading for 35,000) and massive following around Australia second to none.
    Congratulations to Latrell on his massive sponsorship deal with Adidas.
    I’m told Cameron Murray being lined up with a big deal similar to Latrell.
    Of Course, he’s a Souths and NRL superstar.
    Well done Russell.

  28. TwentyOneFebruary 9, 2020 at 4:05 pm
    “He wrote it whilst standing at the back of the queue as always.
    Would have had lots of time.
    Poor Mole52.”

    TwentyOne. Are you now implying that KingWood was really ever only the King of Slops?

  29. Twentyone, you know that as his first born slops son you will inherit the thrown and this title one day?

  30. TheRopeableRooster
    “February 9, 2020 at 4:52 pm
    Twentyone, you know that as his first born slops son you will inherit the thrown and this title one day?:

    If it were true as his 1st born, everything he owns is sitting in cash converters opposite easts leagues.
    Let’s catch up for a drink one day.
    You get it.

  31. So TwentyOne.
    A massive Adidas deal. This sounds like an independent corporate sponsorship deal. Which makes up the real amount that Mitchell is paid. Much along the same line as the Nuggets have been using to pay their high profile players, for many years. If it looks like a duck & quacks like a duck…It’s probably the same type of corporate sponsorship, outside of the cap restrictions.

  32. EastOfDivide I dont have a problem with elite players attracting independant sponsorship if it means protecting losing them to other codes especially if there is reciprocal gain by both parties as in this case with Adidas and Latrell.
    What I find questionable is where next tier level players who are not of any marketable prestige have an official salary and offered off the plan properties from club associated developers at $100k to $150k below market value as has been exposed in the media a practice undertaken by the roosters to make up the difference in real financial gain.
    Add to that very attractive interest rates from other club associated financiers.
    The media article which listed the roosters official TPA’s as one of the lowest didnt include other external arrangements such as property example I gave.
    Then there is the grey area of back ended TPA’s where for example a retired player has full fees covered for university studies.
    This subject can be argued forever and the bottom line is that the majority of NRL clubs dont have the backing to compete with the few that do.
    Until this is addressed and overhauled by an NRL hierarchy that has the ability to do something about it the salary cap will continue to be manipulated.

  33. Did you have a problem with it , when it’s the Nuggets that are mostly using them?
    The let’s buy a premiership clubs , are almost enough to make anyone support the Broncos , to win the next competition. Out of the clubs with an actual chance. At least they are producing a lot more of their own players recently. No matter how dodgy their player payments may be? They can’t be any worse than certain other clubs up there.
    I said about the payment of University Fees for former players & their relatives first on here last year. It came from an old SMH story. The same story that said about the unregulated amount that can be spent on independent corporate sponsorships.
    I guess everything is fine , when it’s your club doing it?
    Profit money made from the new hotel , units & conference centre, that are going up around Panthers . That should be allowed to be spent on the football club & players there. It’s all for the good of the area & the Leagues Clubs were made to support the football team. There’s no difference with allowing that , compared to allowing those unlimited sponsorships? Sure, that’s not available to all clubs & neither are huge leagues clubs. But who cares, right?

  34. I don’t have a problem with players sourcing extra income through independent sponsorship, that is common place in world sport. Most of the big names in the NBA for example have monster contracts, but earn even more than that through their sponsorships. What we do need is transparency on the issue, and they need to be true sponsorships, in that the sponsoring organisation gets something out of it too.

    I get your analogy about the Leagues Club EOD, but they are very different scenarios. The key word in the sponsorship this is independant. And the Panthers can, indirectly spend on the players, through better facilities, better food options etc, which they do quite well. I have a mate who is a head chef at a hotel that frequents professional sporting teams from all codes, and the discrepancy in what teams are prepared to spend on food for their players is astounding. Some NRL clubs do full (healthy option mainly) buffets for their players, some tone it down a little. One club even goes as far as to only order sandwiches.

  35. Since details of examples of how the various forms of player TPA’s have been revealed by the media (uni fees, discounted property deals etc) has anyone wondered why a certain NRL club has not gone on its now infamous postseason spending spree on marquee signings?
    Just on the discounted off the plan deals, this is a big one by the mere fact that if a property for example is offered at around $100k to $150k below market value, that’s not only a reduced amount to pay on stamp duty but more importantly it is a nett gain of $150k tax free. WOW!!!
    How much does one have to earn before paying tax resulting in a nett payment of $150k Is it 200K? 250K?
    What a beautiful set up.

  36. I have a problem with the independent sponsorships eels47. If they aren’t available to all clubs & their players. It wouldn’t be difficult to put a monetary limit on those types of deals , for each year. The same for payments of university fees or discounts on any real estate deals.
    If these things aren’t controlled, you continue to see a widening gap between the clubs. Especially when it comes to player talent at each club.
    If the NRL aren’t going to control the amounts that are actually paid to players each year through these back door methods? Do they actually have a leg to stand on, when it comes to more direct methods of payments, for the clubs that can afford to do it that way? I don’t think so.
    If more direct methods of player payments cease to have limits on them. Other than, the clubs & backers can only spend what they can actually afford , out of real profits.
    Then can anyone out spend Wests Group , who back Newcastle now. Suddenly Newcastle buys a lot of the best players. Or Brisbane does, or Penrith etc. ( Preferably Penrith just keep more of their better local players ) .
    This is no less fair than what is happening right now.

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