The NRL has handed down its findings from Round 3, with Jack Bird headlining the names charged.

Bird has accepted a one-week ban for contrary conduct after putting in an early guilty-plea to avoid a possible two-game suspension.

Bird was involved in an incident where he was seen to have stamped on the hand of Moses Suli on Friday night.

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Meanwhile, Wests forward Alex Twal has been issued with a fine for the same charge of contrary conduct.

Canterbury's season hit a new loss as they were smashed by Brisbane and doesn't show any signs of getting better as skipper Josh Jackson faces a two-game ban for a crusher tackle on Alex Glenn.

Renouf Antoni was also charged for dangerous contact but he will only need to pay a fine.

A shoulder charge has seen Sharks forward Briton Nikora offered a three-week holiday, with both Nikora and Jackson have until noon Monday to respond to the charges.

Daniel Suluka-Fifita's has been offered a two-week suspension after his poor act. He was charged with striking after he struck Souths Jai Arrow.

Stephen Crichton can also accept a financial sanction for a dangerous contact charge in the Panthers win over Melbourne.


  1. Jack Bird has been fantastic for the Dragons in the last 3 games. I was skeptical in buying him but center is his spot and for me has probably been the most impressive part of the year. But this was stupid and should have got longer imo. Massive brain explosion. Players who get suspended for this kind of stuff should be docked 1/25th of their pay per week. I hope he understands he’s let the team down for this week.

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