The NRL has introduced an NRL Spectator Code of Conduct (Code) in an attempt to limit the amount of spectator misconduct for this season.

Established to create a safe environment for fans and the wellbeing of players, the guidelines will provide an important tool to stop misbehaviour in the crowd.

This comes after last season had several incidents involving players and the crowd. Most notably, a young fan racially abused South Sydney Rabbitohs star fullback Latrell Mitchell at BlueBet Stadium (Panthers home ground).

As the Code of Conduct outlines, spectators must accept and understand the following rules of attending an NRL match. Some of these expectations include:

(a) not use foul, indecent, obscene, threatening, insulting or abusive words or language, or make racial or threatening remarks or gestures, or behave in a manner which is abusive, riotous, indecent or insulting;

(b) not engage in any violent act;

(c) not disrupt, interrupt, or behave in a manner that may disrupt, an Event or other activity at the Venue;

(d) not disrupt, interrupt, or behave in any manner that may disrupt or interrupt any official, employee, or contractor of the ARLC or NRL, or the Club or State hosting the Event;

(e) not enter the Venue or the playing area without proper authorisation;

(f) not hinder, obstruct, or interfere with any participant in the game (which includes, for the avoidance of doubt, those officiating the game);

(g) not throw or kick any stone, bottle, or projectile;

(h) not engage in conduct that might corrupt a betting outcome of a betting event or contingency;

(i)  not conduct themselves in any way that injures the reputation of, or brings into disrepute, the ARLC, NRL, the Clubs or the States participating in the Event or the game of rugby league;

(j) comply with all other Event Rules or any lawful request of the organisers or the Police.

The full Code of Conduct for spectators is now available.