SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 19: Jayden Okunbor of the Bulldogs warms up during the NRL round six match between the Bulldogs and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium on April 19, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Bulldogs duo Jayden Okunbor and Corey Harawira-Naera are set to face “heavy penalties” as the pair await charges after being stood down for breaching the league’s code of conduct.

Channel 9’s Danny Weidler added further details on Wednesday for the Bulldogs pair, with sanctions for the schoolgirl scandal set to be handed down in the near future.

“The two players’ circumstances are different. I’ve been told only one of the players met the girl on a school visit – that’s Jayden Okunbor,” Weidler told Big Sports Breakfast.

“Corey Harawira-Naera met a schoolgirl independently of the situation.”

Canterbury coach Dean Pay and featuring chief executive Andrew Hill were present at a press conference hosted by the club, but refused to comment on any questions surrounding the scandal while the investigation remained ongoing by the NRL’s Integrity Unit.

Okunbor and Harawira-Naera met with two schoolgirls during a pre-season trip to Port Macquarie earlier this month and proceeded with consensual sex at the team hotel.

The pair at the centre of the scandal have been handed with show-cause notices by the league following the clubs decision to self-report the incident to the game’s governing body.

Hill confirmed further details of the pairs decision to bring the girls back to the hotel.

“First, the matters that are the subject of the ongoing NRL disciplinary process occurred during the recent visit to Port Macquarie,” Hill said during the press conference.

“Second, I can confirm that the breaches do relate to players bringing young females of a consensual age back to the team hotel. The club wishes to reiterate that while neither player is the subject of a current police investigation, these are very concerning matters that the club has treated very seriously.”

Neither player has been subject to a criminal investigation, however have been asked to show-cause to the league why they should not face suspension or bans to their player registrations.

“They did breach team policy by bringing girls back to the room,” Sydney Morning Herald reporter Michael Chammas told Triple M’s Rush Hour with MG.

“In terms of the Bulldogs, they set these guidelines out for the players that they weren’t to bring females back to the room.

“The girls were in high school, but they were of legal age, however, the club made the moral judgment this was against what they stood for and decided in consultation with the NRL that they’d stand them down.

“This came to the Bulldogs on Friday and there’s been a series of interviews with the people involved since then and they’ve decided to take this course of action.”

The Bulldogs added comments to the situation after releasing a statement that read:

“The Bulldogs referred the matter to the NRL Integrity Unit after receiving concerning reports of alleged misconduct by the two players. The club also initiated its own internal review.

“While neither player is the subject of a criminal investigation, the club is treating the matter very seriously. The allegations are that each player engaged in behaviour that represents a serious breach of the NRL rules and the Bulldogs’ code of conduct, resulting in the NRL notice.

“The club supports the NRL’s decision to issue the breach notices and will continue to work with the NRL to conclude the process.

“Both players have an opportunity to respond to the matters alleged in the breach notice before any final decision is made.”

The Bulldogs will be without the pair against rivals Parramatta this week, with Harawira-Naera having been expected to line up in the Bulldogs back-row while Okunbor was seen to be a chance of winning a spot on Pay’s wing.


  1. You would think these guys should have enough money and brains to rent a room at a different hotel if they were intent on going down this path. But really stupid to even put themselves in this position considering what could happen if things go bad in the bedroom and the girls then make a complaint ala JDB

  2. Yeah it’s a bad look taking high school girls back to a hotel, since when was it a crime for men to do something natural young men as well god sake they ain’t 30+ society is to sensitive Id say everyone whinging needs a tissue but unfortunately due to corona making ppl dumb tissues are at a premium right now.

  3. Meeting school children in hotels out of town, this article sounds like it’s about adamhoward and the woody stable

  4. Nothing illegal here consent was given, 2 16 years olds and a teacher get over yourselves this happens every day

  5. If the police are not required, the people involved are of age and nobody is complaining from either the girls or the players, then whats the problem? What next? Players need to get a clearence from clubs and the NRL, if they desire to do what Adam & Eve did. In an age when the world has gone completly crazy when Adam & Steve can marry. Surley this between to consenting people can not be an issue of integrity.

  6. The problem is the media reporting “two NRL starts caught in sex scandal with school
    Girls” and everyone has lost there mind assuming they are underage. I agree it’s not a good look for the game, but like
    People have said, they are of age and it was consensual

  7. Ahhhh they’re in high school! I think that’s the issue here 🤦‍♂️. Just because it’s a legal age doesn’t mean it’s not frowned upon. They went to a school to promote footy then had sex with 2 students. Huge image issues. Couldn’t they just of jumped on tinder? But high school girls seriously.

  8. How do you know Terddy123, was you hiding in the bushes perving on them as an eye witness you Klown !!!!!!

    chalkyMarch 10, 2020 at 9:45 pm

    “tell the Roosters supporters not to bring Souths into stories that are not about Souths, then I will agree with you”.

    Chalky you goose, soufths are doomed to fail in 2020 with their Nana Glen Farm hand out in the open air of Russells farm with huge money gifts and their transit.lounge antics.😁

  10. It isn’t a good look for the game or the club. They’ve also been told what isn’t acceptable behaviour for players & staff , by the clubs. No doubt many times over.
    ‘was you hiding’? So sad ….

  11. As a dogs supporter its simple

    Sack Okenbor.. but ensure the NRL won’t let any team try and register him.
    Its a joint decision between the NRL and the club. No other club should benefit in any way
    CHN massive fine. Like I mean at least 50 percent of his contract. paid back to the club and community. If he even sneezes wrongly he goes.

  12. Doganator I agree with you to a point mate. No law was broken but I agree its a terrible look for the game so its right that they get stood down are fined etc. My problem is consistency from the NRL. Curtis Scott assaults police and is arrested (breaks the law) and doesn’t even miss one game. Sivo is charged with assault in Fiji (breaks the law) and doesn’t miss a game. Fifita is arrested for assault in Bali and doesn’t miss a game. So what is the NRL saying?

  13. Nailed it greggo – that is the real issue here – double standards in the NRL favouring particular teams

  14. Pair of ‘Boofheads’ they should have known better. They would have been aware of the club’s stand on this I am sure.