Knights coach Nathan Brown said the cashed-up club is currently surveying the market for power forwards.

Newcastle have several roster spots available for next season, but Brown has an eye on players in the middle of the field.

Having already added Queensland Origin forward Tim Glasby to their squad for next season, Brown is looking for "impact" players to pair him with.

"Probably the biggest thing now is, we've got Tim Glasby coming, who is a really good, experienced worker. He's probably in that prime part of his career at 29," Brown told 2SM.

"Coming from Melbourne, we've got Tim coming, who is that really tough consistent player.

"In an ideal world, if we could come up with a few real powerful tackle breakers in the forwards, blokes like (Brisbane's Tevita) Pangai Junior and (Manly's Addin) Fonua-Blake. Blokes of that sort of ilk are the types of athletes we need to add.

"We've got some really good workers, blokes who can pass a bit, some good youth there and with Tim coming we've got some good experience.

"We'd like to try and find a couple of those real impact ones. We've got Herman there but we probably need a couple to go with him to be honest."

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