SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 25: Referee Gerard Sutton (L) gives Dylan Napa (R) of the Roosters ten minutes in the sin bin as Jake Friend (C) of the Roosters watches on during the round 24 NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the Brisbane Broncos at Allianz Stadium on August 25, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Sydney prop Dylan Napa is set for a lengthy stint on the sidelines after an nasty incident involving Brisbane hooker Andrew McCullough in the first half of the Broncos’ 22-8 win over the Roosters on Saturday night.

Napa led with his head in a tackle and collected McCullough in the jaw, which knocked the hooker out unconscious before he had even hit the ground.

The incident is reminiscent of one involving Napa and the Broncos earlier on this season, after he broken Korbin Sims’ jaw with a similar tackle.

Napa was sent to the bin after his hit on McCullough, and was placed on report.

The Broncos told media at the ground their hooker had regained consciousness, and had not suffered a broken jaw, only a cut to the face.


  1. I hate the Roosters being a South Sydney fan but Napa is Totally innocent here. It was an accidental clash of heads as McCullough was lowering his body preparing for impact while Napa was lining him up to tackle around the ribs, putting his head to the side and once the contact was there driving upwards to impact on the rib region. It was a classic copybook rib tackle but the heads clashed. It was not high and the tackle is legal. The Judiciary will not find anything wrong with it and it is just one of those accidents that happen throughout a season.

    • 100% correct Russ Crower and Kelby, its so obvious that Napa’s tackle was a tackle and is not high and was not dangerous in the fact that his arms never made contact with the head, there are no broken bones and it is clear the heads clashed within the event of the tackle. Why does McCullough squat into his run? To me he has contributed to his on injury of a head clash by lowering his entire body while preparing for the tackle to hit him. This tackle is 100% LEGAL and should have no case to answer to. Again why was Napa sin binned? It was either a send off or a penalty not a professional foul. the referees did the same thing in the previous game between these two teams and sent Napa to the sin bin which influenced the score board in Brisbane favour. This event IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL FOUL!!!. The refs need to be sacked. I was at the game and lucky they refused to replay the event or this ref would not of escaped the footy stadium without plenty of abuse.

  2. Napa went to the Nate Myles school of tackling. I think he will get 1 or 2 weeks, will be classed as ‘reckless.’

    • It was a perfect height and is not reckless. Are you saying every time a player gets his head banged up in a tackle and needs to go to the head bin somebody must pay? Every Game someone will be sent to the bin or suspended for an accident.

  3. How many jaws does he need to break before he gets suspended? Accident or not he has an obligation to avoid the heads of oponents when making tackles just like everyone else. Needs to cop a penalty otherwise it sends out a message that its ok to lead with your skull.

    • Seriously?
      The hit was fair. What’s Dylan suppose to do? Take off his head on put in in his sock, like a mouth guard, before he tackles someone?
      If he gets suspended the NRL are a joke!

  4. I am not a Chooks fan, in fact I support the Storm (who are battling the chooks for the Minor Premiership, $100K, and bragging rights), but I see nothing wrong with that – just an unfortunate accident. Yes there is past history of similar accidents, but I cannot see any way that it is “illegal” and therefore how you can change the laws/rules to completely combat such accidents from happening…

    • Its illegal to make contact with an opponents head. Accidental, careless, reckless or intentional. Full stop.

      • The height of the tackle that Napa came in at is perfect for the chest and rib area. McCullough has clearly lowered his body to a point for the heads to clash, Napa has correctly performed the tackle with his head to the side but McCullough for some stupid reason has braced for impacted and crouch into the run on impact. If anyone is at fault it is McCillough for changing the height of his run just before impact when Napa had already committed to the correct height of the tackle. Napa’s shoulders and body hit at a legal height and the heads clashed. It is plain and simple for all to see, Nothing illegal, people should stop trying to make something that clearly never occurred twisted to point that fits their ridiculous theory of events.

  5. If this was the first time I’d give him the benefit of the doubt…but this is becoming somewhat regular. His technique is effective but flawed. He was never onside and rushed the tackle. Leading with the head is dangerous for both the tackler and ball carrier. He must be cited if nothing more than just to get him to adjust his style. I don’t believe for one second he was intending to hurt anyone but if he doesn’t rectify his style…someone will be badly hurt. In both the Maccullogh and Sims tackles…. if he doesn’t collect them with the head… he connects with the shoulder…. and then he’d be in for a long suspension. I don’t want to see the gladiator aspect censured in the game but just sweeping it to the side does no one any favours.

  6. Napa has always tackled that way.
    He leads with the head in a dangerous manner.
    Another two prime examples of that style of tackler are Sam Burgess and James Graham.
    Fortunately they have done the kind of damage that Napa has.

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