NRL Rd 7 - Sharks v Bulldogs
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 24: Siosifa Talakai of the Sharks is sent to the sin bin during the round seven NRL match between the Cronulla Sharks and the Canterbury Bulldogs at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, on April 24, 2021 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

At the conclusion of Round 7, we look at several big names who face charges for hits around the grounds.

Sharks forward Siosifa Talakai looks to have a mid-year trip to New Zealand’s travel bubble planned with Talakai likely to miss up to six weeks for his shoulder charge on Bulldogs Forward Matt Doorey.

With an early guilty plea, Talakai can be back in action after a month on the sidelines, with the match review committee grading the shoulder charge – that left Doorey unable to return to Saturday night’s game – a grade three charge.

After being sent to the sin-bin on Sunday night, Warriors forward Josh Curran has been charged for his hit on Storm winger George Jennings that looks likely to result in a one to two game ban.


Mitchell Dunn is facing two weeks on the sidelines, for a crusher tackle in North Queensland’s Saturday night match. The Cowboys forward can accept an early guilty plea seeing the ban reduced to just one week.

The Dragons look to be grounded in the coming weeks as two of their wings were charged over the weekend. Mikaele Ravalawa’s shoulder charge on Josh Morris has found him staring down the barrel at two to three games in the stands.

Fellow Winger Jordan Pereira looks to have an extended break on the sidelines after his 34th minute hit on James Tedesco caught the Roosters skipper high.

The hit was graded a grade-three careless hit, with Pereira being offered a three-game ban with an early guilty plea. There are no indications whether he will challenge the ban, but if so Pereira risks a further two weeks to a total of five if he challenges the judiciary.

The delicately sixth-placed Dragons look set to miss both wingers for next week’s game against the Wests Tigers, who are looking to bounce back after a 40-6 horror loss to the Sea Eagles last week.


The following players have been charged with fines for hits that occurred throughout the weekend:


  1. The fact that Curran got sin binned is ridiculous.
    What’s even more laughable is he is facing a suspension.
    I can’t belive Annesley is still defending his ref’s and the judiciary process and the MRC.
    The game is in a worse state than it has been for years.
    I had high hopes that the game would become better once V’Landys took over. How wrong was I.

  2. There is so much inconsistency with the Judiciary and rules in the games. Pereira deserves to be suspended but I think Ravalawa’s shot on Josh Morris was borderline. He went straight to the aid of Morris after the hit and doesn’t deserve a 2 game suspension IMO.

  3. You are kidding!
    Ravalawa only went to have a look at Morris, as he knew he was in it up to his eyeballs. After a straight up shoulder charge. They’ve been playing with rules for a while now & know to put the arm around the tackles player . Instead of just using a shoulder . How bright are they, that they still can’t get it right?
    To me, it makes no difference with wrapping the arm around the player, it’s still a shoulder charge. They are the rules though! Ravalawa is big enough to do a real tackle , without using a shoulder charge. Just do that!

  4. Actually got to agree with mreel. Curran did nothing wrong. He just hit heads with the player he was tackling.
    There was no shoulder charge, no swinging arm . He can’t help a head clash!
    Seemed like another very favourable ruling for the Storm , to get them on top in the game. Plus allow them to get an 18 man replacement. Worked out well for them! No surprise there…

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