Kangaroos coach Mal Meninga has whacked the Melbourne Storm for reportedly forcing coach Craig Bellamy to decide his coaching future by this weekend.

It is understood that the club asked their legendary two-time premiership coach to give them a verdict before their game against the Broncos on Sunday.

The Broncos have tabled a four-year deal to Bellamy that will begin in 2020, or potentially earlier, trumping the $1.7 million-a-season extension the Storm are offering, which would be the biggest NRL coaching contract in the league's history.

“I can’t believe the Storm put an ultimatum on him, like a date. If I’m Craig I’m saying, you know, I’ll do it in my own time,” Meninga told Fox Sports .

“I would suspect that he wouldn’t make a decision this early, he’s still got a bit of time to have a bit of a think about it.

“I think it’s a bit tough on him. He’s been a great warrior for the club.

“Without Craig Bellamy they wouldn’t be where they are today, so I wouldn’t be putting any ultimatums on him really.”

Bellamy's annual salary at Melbourne would be higher than the four-year deal being offered by Brisbane, which would be $1.4 million-a-season.

No matter where he signs, the 58-year old coaching great is expected to retire at the completion of his new deal.


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