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Manly hooker Joey Lussick has signed with English championship team Salford for the remainder of the season, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

The 22-year old will look to give the Red Devils a boost as they make a push for the the finals.

Salford head coach Ian Watson said Lussick will get the opportunity to rejoin fellow Manly recruit Jackson Hastings at the English club.

“He’s played Australian Schoolboys with Jackson, played at the Roosters with Jackson and at Manly with him so the combinations that normally take time to develop will already be there with a solid connection which will be a massive plus for us,” Watson told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“He will add some solid support alongside Josh Wood at this moment in time. He made a try-scoring NRL debut for Manly last season with a clever acting half- back play and has been a standout performer for Manly’s feeder team – Blacktown.

“He is always high on the tackle count and really strong in defence. We’re looking forward to welcoming Joey into the side for the remainder of the season.”

Lussick joins Salford after playing just one game for the Sea Eagles, making his debut for the NRL club in 2017.


  1. Sinking ship ?
    They can’t get out quick enough.
    Its not surprising really. Demountables for training, dog walking park for a home ground. DCEgo.
    Has Parra signed Sean? Lane ?
    (One of their best this year)
    Who’s next ?

    • Go sip your latte ya cheat
      You duds bought your spine of other teams stars. Now you lose Ferguson and get morris and hall. Must be nice to just buy all the other teams stars. Lol peanut boy over here

      • “Go sip your latte ya cheat” coming from the manly fan, you do remember that manly were the last team caught cheating? Go back to your soccer you little pansy.

        • Little pansy? Soccer? hahaha look at this homunculus what a dead set loser caused by upbringing. Crawl under your rock my homunculus and stay there. Red v 90 the zero tackle clown

        • Says who my lil homunculus? Back under your rock please you arent smart enough to construct anything footy related, its really pathetic mate. Hope you enjoyed the world cup 😉

        • What can’t your pea sized brain remember when you admitted to playing soccer and watching lord of the rings? You say talk footy but all your comments are just rubbish, claiming nrl is rigged just because manly lost in 2013, haha enjoy fighting it out for the spoon this year.

        • Hahaha what a sad little homunculus you are. Your the load your mother should of swallowed

        • Nothing wrong with lotr champ as for the nrl if you cant see how rigged it is then your not smart enough to figure it out LOL what a homunculus

  2. Better team lost tonight. Parra were giving Souths a footy lesson but their two extra men in the middle got them home. A quality game ruined by poor officiating with the refs gifting Souths a very much undeserved win.
    It’s game’s like this that have killed the once great game of rugby league.

    • Dont worry kev old spore at least you didn’t have to watch manly let 22 points happen in under 8 minutes and lose. We took the two when up by 18 and dudCe hit the post… imbecility at its best. Parra played well took chances and it paid off i didn’t see the last 20 but sounds like a typical shafting by the nrl. In the manly game badger is standing right over the ball as its clearly racked from taufua hand.. and he calls lost with this face he made like oh its unfortunate but he lost it. Cheating 101 the nrl has been a joke since 2013 gf but now its beyond that

  3. NRL are a bunch of crooks and thieves. This game is so rigged and full of conflicts of interest its amazing they get away with what they do. But people are starting to wake up to this rort fest

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