SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 30: Mitchell Pearce of the Roosters celebrates a try from the bench during the round nine NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the Newcastle Knights at Allianz Stadium on April 30, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

The Newcastle Knights are set to sign NSW State of Origin halfback Mitchell Pearce to a $4 million deal.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting the multi-million dollar contract would be over four years and include huge incentives if Pearce can win a grand final with the Newcastle club.

Pearce was said to also be weighing up offers from Cronulla and Manly but the Knights have the most room in the salary cap to work with.

The Newcastle offer is reported to be worth more than $1 million more over the four years compared to what Cronulla can offer.

Once the deal is signed, Pearce will join former Roosters teammates Shaun Kenny-Dowall, Aidan Guerra and Connor Watson.

The signing will be a blow to the Manly Sea Eagles who recently released five-eighth Blake Green to the Warriors in the hopes of securing Pearce.

Just yesterday Sea Eagles head coach claimed the club was still in the fight for Pearce’s signature but wouldn’t break the bank to sign him.

“We are still in the fight. We can’t match the money Newcastle are going to throw at him,” Barrett said.

“I can’t put the club in jeopardy and I have a lot of kids here I want to retain so I can’t risk that. I really want him to come.”


  1. Looks like MW47 can keep supporting Manly hey…..

    This will be a massive test for Pearce now, leading around a young team (although he will be very well compensated for it)

    • He was never comming , what are we going to do with 2 million dollar hacks ! Apology to Sharkies fans but word before lunch was he would head to shire on less , smart move however he can start fresh and own his position, he will have more respect, good luck Newie
      As for my groupies , my Sargent fishies

      • No more talk of barnacle’s on your backside PLEASE MW47, I beg you. Keep going on about barnacles and someone is apt to apply a reference to “Barnacle Boy” in SpongeBob SquarePants” and I am in no mood to play “Mermaid Man”.

  2. No one can compete with the money knights are being made to spend, I would be happy if he came to manly on 800 tops but not over mill.. he’s isn’t worth that. Good on knight he will improve then for sure. Talk of lamb to manly, either him or hodko will move on for sure, depends whether knights play hard ball about lamb

    • Just think crowy, the Knights could have signed Cam Smith for $2 mill a season… that’s $1 mill per Golden Boot! Bahahahahahahaha

  3. Didn’t MW47 say “I told you so that Pearce was going to Manly”? Newcastle is a good move for Pearce. Good Luck, your gonna need a lot of it.

    • I never said he was comming , I simply said speculation, just like this morning when it was news that he would take less to go to sharks

  4. Manly should sign hayne.Imagine him and DCE in the same squad.They would really need a upgrade at lotti land to fit there egos on the field at once

    • @ CBB4eva

      I am NOT a gambling man at all but… I would be very interested in the odds the Knights will get at the start of the season for making the top 8. Let’s see, $10 at 500-1… $5,000! I tell you what CBB4eva, I’ll put up the $10 if you put up the $5,000 deal? Not feeling too confident now are you? Bahahahahahahahaha

      If the Knights avoid injury and everything clicks then the Knights have a very real chance of making the top 8 next year IMO. But Pearce and SKW need to behave!

  5. Sucked in Manly, I always thought Pearce would go to the Knights with so many other Roosters there. Pretty arrogant to let Green go when you didn’t even have Pearce’s signature. Anyway great move by Knights and I’m glad Pearce went to the spooners. Knights will push hard for a top 8 finish this year. They got gipped several times last year and could have easily finished 6-8 points higher. Much better squad this year.

    • If manly let green go thinking they would get Pearce, Pearce would be at manly.
      Manly let green go as he always had a long term lucrative deal from warriors offered and manly were never giving him more then the year remaining. So made sense to let him go. Would of been good to get Pearce but plenty others around,
      Brick lamb was coming along nicely so could see manly picking him up very cheaply too

      • We should grab Hodgo , value for money , or toddy , as long as he can stay away from water fountains , yuk imagine having to train with him ! Yaaaaaaaaaaaak

        • Hodko be great but I think his knee is too bad, I reckon we should give Hastings a shot. We have him, Cullen and Croker al sitting there waiting for a shot. Hastings a good goal kicker also

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