SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 30: Trent Hodkinson of the Sharks passes the ball to a team mate during the round four NRL match between the Cronulla Sharks and the Melbourne Storm at Southern Cross Group Stadium on March 30, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

The Sea Eagles have announced the signing of halfback Trent Hodkinson, for the remainder of the 2018 season and for 2019.

The 29-year-old was recently released from the Conulla Sharks to return to Manly, after playing there in 2010.

Hodkinson spent his first season at Brookvale Oval, before moving to play in Canterbury, Newcastle and Cronulla, playing 160 career games.

“Trent’s experience and game management will be of enormous value to us,” Sea Eagles coach Trent Barrett told

“As a person, Trent is also highly respected for the wonderful amount of work he does in the community, so he will bring plenty to the Club on and off the field. This is a great signing for Manly.”

Hodkinson is available to be selected for the Sea Eagles for their clash with the Storm at AAMI Park on Saturday night.


  1. Brings much more then being a steady 5/8th.
    Releases dce to do what he does, gives us back walker at centre just as he has found his confidence again, and a good all round kicking game… if he holds up will be great for next 18 months to get us through bad salary cap, that Dessie caused not myself

    • I agree Bozo.
      I was nervous when I heard “multi year deal”, given his injury history, but i feel it was prudent by the sea eagle hierarchy to sign him for a year and a half and then reassess.
      I hope he runs out against the storm.
      Remember Manly faithful, this year is our ten year anniversary one of our finest moments.

    • If that’s the real Bob Fulton then lucky there was no cap in 1983 when you went back home to Manly and stole Noel Cleal, Paul McCabe, Dave Brown, Kerry Boustead, Marty Gurr and Ian Schubert, and Ian Barkley from the Roosters and a few others.

      • Bob Fulton, John Harvey, Russell Gartner, Jack Elsegood, Ivan Cleary, Jared Waera Hargreaves, LamaTasi, Michael Oldfield, Dale Shearer …lucky the Roosters don’t have a salary cap any year!

        • Who the hell is Lama Tasi? Sounds like some sort of Indian God, Oldfield played 1 game for the chooks after playing about 20 for Manly. Dale Shearer came to the Roosters all washed up after Manly cut him. Jared Waera Hargreaves was an Australian Junior Rep Rugby player in 2007 before Manly poached him. He played 6 games throughout the entire 09 season for Manly and he wanted more first grade time which Manly could not guarantee, So he left for the Roosters as a 6 game rookie for peanuts and the Roosters coached him into the player he is today not Manly. Bozo was at the end of his career and only came across on the promise of a coaching role when he retired which he did and took the Roosters to the 1980 GF. As for Cleary he came to the Roosters from Norths and he only played 15 games for Manly before joining the Bears. So I wont mentioned that your Manly side nicked our Australian halfback Johnny Mays in 1973 who guided your team to the premiership before we took him back and he won us 74 -75 GF’s, I wont mention how you stole Ronny Gibbs ans I wont mention that you took our Rooster local junior in Tom Symonds. 💪

    • Every man and his dog knows Fulton fu.ked that club up, that’s why he bailed all of a sudden, his dodging of questions from the media resembles him at his finest when he was a great 5/8 – centre nobody could touch him.

      Still he was a great player for Manly and Australia.

      • You forgot to mention that he got top of the class in the Andrew Gee School of Salary Cap Management.

  2. Play him at halfback which is his position where he led the Bulldogs to two grand finals and let the running game of Cherry- Evens blossom as a running 5/8.💋

  3. Lama Tasi wss Holden Cup player of the year developed by Manly before poached by the Roosters….Ian Barkley, Dave Brown,Ian Schubert…reserve traders,Noel Cleal Bozo turned from an ordinary centre to a rep backrower like Ron Gibbs…Gurr and Bousted at the end of their careers…Tom Symonds was one of those rare Rooster juniors that was shown the door but now has a annual reunion with all the other Rooster juniors in a phone box

    • The painter wins hands down. This guy doesnt even know who lama tasi is hahaha some rorters fan.. and jwh left because rorters offered him more money he was only a rookie you stole another one woodchuck. Ps 2013 premiership 100% fixed 2 penalties in 80 minutes. Dce clive church hill medalist. Different rules for each team. I bet shayne hayne is still sitting pretty for his part. Roosters 13th in 2012. 1st in 2013. Definition of buying a premiership. Your move sir

      • You think every time manly doesn’t win that the game is fixed you are a typical manly joke of a fan.

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