SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 26: Kyle Flanagan of the Sharks passes during the round 24 NRL match between the Cronulla Sharks and the Newcastle Knights at Southern Cross Group Stadium on August 26, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

The Roosters have announced the signing of emerging halfback Kyle Flanagan.

The 20-year old has signed a two-year deal with the reigning premiers, beginning next season and tying him to the club until the end of 2022.

““Kyle is a crafty playmaker and an exciting young talent, whose services we are delighted to have secured,” Roosters CEO Joe Kelly told the club website.

“We look forward to welcoming Kyle to the Roosters and to watching his development over the coming seasons,” he added.

He has totalled nine NRL matches for Cronulla, including seven this season.

The youngster expressed his disappointment of leaving the Sharks but declared he was ready to play regular first-grade footy.

“It is disappointing to leave my junior club but I feel that I am ready to play regular NRL,” Flanagan said.

“The club has been such a big part of my life and it is tough to leave. I will be doing everything I can to get back in the team and finish the year on a positive note.”


  1. Flanagan is yet to prove himself as anything special but at the right price is worth the risk given all the current top line halves are locked in with other clubs.
    Unusual for the roosters not to poach an already established top liner as history shows but probably keeping as much in reserve as possible to secure Mitchell.
    Time will tell.

  2. With no juniors to develop and bring through the ranks like Souths, there aren’t any other options outside looking at other hopefuls from other clubs as we have come to expect from them.

  3. Easts robbing another junior that a club has nurtured, the sooner the NRL give incentives to salary cap relief for clubs that bring in juniors to the NRL the better, all the work clubs do just to see clubs like Easts, well Easts actually, taking them is heartbreaking and it’s got to stop, bring back loyalty NRL, relocate Easts or make them invest in a country district so they can develop their own juniors, not this rediculous development crap they go on about.

  4. Hey Eddie, will still have 7 juniors playing first grade this year, how many Easts? not to mention juniors in our lower gardes, juniors cannot fill all positions, has for South fans being spiteful, grow up, all club supporters hate Easts, not just Souths, no matter what spin you put on it edwoodwood nothing you say will erase the history of what Easts have done to other clubs, you want to follow Easts then be prepared for the fact that you are always going to cop it when it comes to this, so suck it up

  5. Penso you make some very good points for reasons why the roosters relocation makes a lot of sense.


  7. Media is suggesting the roosters are trying to offload Crighton to have ago at Frizell.
    Cordner apparently disgruntled with Crighton paid more then him.
    Interesting times at the roosters.

  8. We are about to have 2 premierships in 2 years, very interesting times at the roosters stephsyd.

  9. How could the Roosters have no juniors if we developed all these players?
    They are all in the senior squads at their current clubs: Kenny-Dowall, Guerra, Tautau Moga, Connor Watson, Pearce (Knights); Joseph Leilua, Jack Murchie, Iosia Soliola (Raiders); Ryley Jacks, Treymain Spry (Titans); Jahrome Hughes, Sandor Earl (Storm); Brad Takairangi, Kane Evans (Parramatta); Tuivasa-Sheck, Jackson Frei, Leivaha Pulu, Taane Milne, Blake Ayshford (Warriors); John Asiata, Javid Bowen, Nene Macdonald (Cowboys); Momirovski, Matterson, Esan Marsters, Luke Garner (Tigers); Rhyse Martin, Napa (Bulldogs); Sean O’Sullivan, Joe Ofahengaue (Broncos); James Tamou, Frank Winterstein (Panthers); Ethan Lowe (Souths); Brendan Elliot, Lloyd Perrett (Manly); Kurt Capewell, Braden Hamlin-Uele (Sharks).
    Look for yourself:

  10. “Back2back19 what happened to Manly beating Souths by 30 and 20 to Cowboys?
    A good judge LOL.”

    Where did I say any of that? Put the pipe down it’s killing what’s left of your pea sized brain

  11. Roosterman also HarryC we dont care about the rooster juniors from the dark ages.
    Where are their juniors now?
    They DON’T HAVE ANY.
    Give up with the garbage please.

  12. TwentyOne. rooster juniors from the dark ages? Looks like you never clinked the link and read Goulds article.
    The 37 players he cited are playing for NRL clubs NOW. And Where are their juniors now, They DONT HAVE ANY.
    Yeah they do. They have junior development teams in U13s U14s U15s U16s and U18s.
    And as stated by Gould 19 players from their current squad come through teams as just mentioned. Unless you think a player is not a junior if he doesnt play from the very start, and a teenager doesnt count. If you do then your not in sync with the Souths club.
    In 2008 Souths named their junior team of the last 100 years. At fullback was Eric Simms. Simms with his family moved to Sydney when he was 18 years old. Played for La Par 1year and was then contracted by Souths at age 19.
    So if Souths consider Simms a junior then all the players that have come to the chooks before the age of 18 would also have to be considered easts juniors wouldnt they?

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