Shane Richardson

Rabbitohs general manager of football Shane Richardson has resigned effective immediately in a bid to help ease financial pressure from the suspended season due to the coronavirus crisis.

Formerly CEO of the club, Richardson will stay on board in a consultancy role.

South Sydney released a statement on the matter on the club website, where Richardson addressed the club members.

“In times like these, leaders have to step forward and lead,” Richardson said.

“When we were reviewing things with Blake (Solly) early in the week, it became very clear to me on Tuesday that I needed to step down. The cost of having me remain in the football department was one of our largest costs and as a club we need to cut the cloth to suit the suit.

“I made the decision on my own, it’s my decision, and then I informed Blake, the Board and Russell (Crowe). No one pushed me into this decision. It became very obvious to me that this was a decision that needed to be made for the next 18 months for the club.

Souths co-owner Russell Crowe added: “Quite simply, without Shane’s focus and input during the decade leading up to the 2014 premiership win, that victory would not have happened,” Crowe said. “Such is his vital contribution.

“Shane has made an incredibly selfless gesture on behalf of South Sydney. It’s something I’ve come to expect from him, he always puts the needs of the club first in everything he does.”


  1. Dirty Richo is the first casualty of the Toxic Relationship between the Dirty 3 Bennett, Crowe, Richo

    Bennett will be next to go… Word is he and Crowe dont like each other at all!!

  2. Crowe has been desperately trying to lose the chokers tag hoping to emulate the highly professional Roosters grand feats of the last 20 years and win a true comp
    He feels that they have spent huge money on enough players to have won them a comp but they didn’t deliver.
    Their focus was more on partying and penis snapshots to fans as well as dancing with young girls on your ” unmovable” nudge nudge wink wink shoulders
    If Derryn Hinch were here he would be outraged…. shame Souths Sombreros Shame

  3. I used to really enjoy this website until a few clowns ruined it. Continually allowing people to post under different user names is ridiculous.

  4. TragicTitan March 26, 2020 At 9:39 pm
    I used to really enjoy this website until a few clowns ruined it. Continually allowing people to post under different user names is ridiculous.

    incorrect.. there are many Souths Sombreros haters on here that can no longer stand for the blatant Disregard for doing the right thing and the Pompous approach of their coach and owners
    The Toxic relationships at the club have already started to unravel with one of the Dirty 3 resigning yesterday
    Good riddance you sweeping under the carpet, cap cheating arrogant half a man

  5. TragicTitan. We have been trying to get rid of this idiot but ZT seems to enjoy him. It’s the one person talking to himself all of the time.

  6. It has emerged that the relationship between the Dirty 3 is so toxic that Souths Salary Cap Burglars that they have given good ol Richo a $400 K payout to get him to ” step down” LOL

    It was reported on this site some weeks back of the Toxic relationship some time ago
    Next is Bennett and Crowe
    Then the Non Anthem Singing Quartet vs The rest of the team

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