SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 22: Greg Inglis of the Rabbitohs shows his emotion during the NRL Preliminary Final match between the Sydney Roosters and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Allianz Stadium on September 22, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Alex Johnston’s future with the Rabbitohs is set to come down to Greg Inglis.

This comes after Wayne Bennett said that Inglis would be offered the opportunity to become the side’s first choice fullback in 2019.

Johnston has been clear in the fact that he wants to be a first-choice fullback and has filled such a role since Inglis’ knee injury in 2017.

Bennett believes that Inglis has earned the right to pick where he plays.

“I want to talk to GI about where he wants to play, where he thinks the team will benefit most from his position,’’ Bennett said to The Daily Telegraph.

“He’s been one of the great players in our game and when it’s all added up in history and Immortals and everything else, he’s going to be right amongst them all.

“So I don’t like telling those guys where they have to play when they have given so much. I want them to be happy where they are playing.

“I put Darius (Boyd) in the centres this year (at Brisbane) and he was happy to do that because that’s what the club needed.

“And I’m sure Greg will be in the same boat.

“But I need to talk to him first and just make sure that if he doesn’t want to play fullback that centre is his preferred position, or vice-versa.’’

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Johnston missed out on the chance to sign with Cronulla and could have to settle for a backup role should Inglis move back to fullback.


    • While your future is in my hands. Don’t get all serious now after letting your mouth run out of control. Or do you also have a soft side tough guy?

      Should I call you “marshmallow” Rick with a silent “P”? Or perhaps “Mr Stay Puft” the big scary marshmallow man in “Ghostbuters” who really is just soft inside. 😂😂😂

  1. AJ’s best position is left wing. GI’s best position is FB. It’s that simple. Unfortunately, GI’s knees are gone and he won’t get through a full season at FB without risking further injury which could possibly be season ending like his famous 1 game season a couple of years ago.

    QLD young gun FB Corey Allen, straight off his history making appearance for the PM’s XIII as a reserve grader, is ready to go NOW! IMO Allen should play FB with Inglis and AJ combining on Souths’ lethal left side attack. Jennings can play on Souths’ right side preferably at centre with Gagai in his more familiar position on the right wing with Graham for depth.

    • Wayne let Corey Allen leave as coach of Brisbane, so I can’t see him change his mind just because the colours have changed.

      • Well those instincts (including severely limiting TPJ’s mins) served him so well at the Broncos. Unless Papa Smurf wants to become even more of an ancient relic he has to do “a Dracula” and embrace new blood. ❣🧛‍♂️

        Perhaps Allen’s call up for the PM’s XIII might change Bennett’s mind. At least I hope so. He could at least give Allen a shot during the trials to see how he goes. Fingers crossed. 🤞🏻

      • Actually Corey Allan went to the Rabbitohs under Bennett’s recommendation around the time Broncos refused to extend his coaching contract and the speculation started about Seibold to Brisbane. Can you connect the dots?

  2. I don’t get all this hype on Johnston. His not that great of a fullback, been around for a while now and still hasn’t stood out to be a elite player. Might just be me but I don’t rate him. Good average player and wing is his position.

    • Has played for Australia, and one of the quickest wingers going eelstragic, quality player who we cannot afford to lose

      • But still only a good winger at best. Like Nathan Merritt, another great Rabbitoh player, wing is your position.

    • That’s because he isn’t a FB, he is a left winger. He has been one of the leading try scorers in that position for most of the last 4 years except when injury and a shift to FB interfered with his natural game. He is a great finisher especially outside Inglis.

      • Your girl friend Danielle gets it right when she writes “Johnston missed out on the chance to sign with Cronulla and could have to settle for a backup role should Inglis move back to fullback.”

        Looks like he was heading to Norths as a back up fullback but now that the Roosters have North Sydney as their reserve grade side then he will be playing for Souffths, reserve grade😎

        • Woody please don’t talk about “Alex Forrest” I don’t want you to feed her fantasy and obsession with me.

          That’s why I gave her the name Voldemort (“she who shall not be named or mentioned”).

          Interesting also that “Vol de mort” means “Flight of Death” in French (or to the death) in this case. But I am now bored of this game and disgusted by her personal insults aimed at my family. She has never dared to do the same to anyone else.

          I intend to ignore them from this point (and ask that you do the same), just let them continue embarrassing themselves as eels47 suggested. 👍🏻

  3. Inglis won’t last a season playing fullback… u can’t be over 100kg & play fullback, wear & tear will kill him.. especially his dickie knees……

    • That’s my entire point. Inglis is lucky to be 95kg in his old age, during the semis he was bundled up so easily. If he has kept the weight off then he will be fullback next season 100%💪❗👍

  4. Anyone that knows Rugby League can tell you that ALex Johnston isn’t even a 1st grader. How many times was he backing up Cook during the year? Not once.! Tedesco plays 20min of football with Cook and they combine for a try. AJ absolutely refuses to hit the ball up an get tackled, he dosent like that. Every attacking play Souths put on through him ends up with him running on an angle to the sideline, running out of room and being smashed over the sidline or passing to a team mate who’s hugging the sideline and then in turn he gets bundled in to touch. Throw in the fact that he doesn’t like to tackle and positionally in defence always seems to be in no mans land ie, not out the back or not up in the line, makes for a poor player.

    • Obviously not a souths supporter walker, if you were your opinion would be different, last season he carried hamstring and groin injuries, when fit he is one of the best wingers in the NRL, not a fullback though, those injuries obviously retricted his running cause the year before when winger he was always supporting the hooker in the middle of the ruck which nearly gave him most tries for the year.

    • No, AJ is a first grader but he is a left winger NOT a FB. I already addressed this on the “Cook recommits to Rabbitohs” story so I won’t rehash it here.

      Reg Reagan December 5, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    • I think after he had a series of shockers during the semis that the new skinny with less strength Ingliss will play fullback next season which is making it lighter on his knees but easier to tackle him and Johnston who can’t tackle will continue the Soufffths weak link legacy of poor wingmen for 2019.👈😂👎

  5. Until he snapped a hammy against the Warriors a year or so back when he skinned RTS, he was looking good fine (backing up, up the middle etc,etc,etc)… admit he hasn’t got back to level……
    But putting GI back at FB would shorten his career… simple as that.. Corey Allen seems to have potential – but given Clint let him go from the Broncs, suppose means he won’t give the kid a crack at it…

  6. AJ should have a chat with Nathan Merritt about not playing a position that is best for the team. As I recall Merritt left Souths to play for the Sharks way back and languished in reggies for two years, then couldn’t wait to get back to Souths. The grass is always greener. He should work hard at his deficiencies and he may get his wish.

    • 100% correct on the Merrit comparison chalky. Maybe it’s best to keep him on the wing- especially if you are in a tied Round 10 game against the Tigers with a few seconds left and the ball has been spread wide.

      • I have said for some time now that AJ is a left winger and not a FB and that Sutton, Inglis, AJ should be out left edge attack. Corey Allan (with an “a”) should be South’s FB to start the season.

    • I hope you are right 3hats, just like you were THIS TIME about Cook. IF Corey Allan does play FB that would mean you have been right twice now!

      But then again, even a broken watch is right twice a day. 😂😂😂

  7. Johnstone as a fullback = 4/10 (looks so bad under a high ball). As a winger = 7/10. No brainer. Can’t understand why he thinks he is a fullback? Does he miss the video sessions?

    • @suechi

      The voice of truth, thank you. It’s not like it’s even a big statement saying AJ is average.

      • “Johnstone as a fullback = 4/10 (looks so bad under a high ball). As a winger = 7/10” – suechi

        “not like it’s even a big statement saying AJ is average” – “Johnnie Walker”

        Less than average as a FB (4/10) (which I agreed is NOT AJ’s position) but well above average as a winger (7/10) which the STATS and the FACTS support despite your hollow argument. Bottoms up “Johnnie Walker”. Have another drink!

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