SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 31: Blake Green of the Warriors runs with the ball during the round four NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the New Zealand Warriors at Allianz Stadium on March 31, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Immortal Andrew Johns has depicted two key areas the struggling Bulldogs need to attend to in hope of regaining faith for their fans, per WWOS.

Johns mentioned Warriors playmaker Blake Green to potentially will a void for Canterbury, while the club should also consider moving for a “class” fullback.

Warriors owner Mark Robinson revealed that Green would likely be one of many players heading for the exit in a mass exodus due to controversial NRL agent Isaac Moses, with Moses’ client Stephen Kearney recently being sacked by New Zealand.


Green, 33, has been in strong form for the Warriors since the season’s resumption and was listed as one of the club’s best against Brisbane last weekend.

Featuring on Wide World of Sports’ Freddy and the Eighth, NSW coach Brad Fittler said Green’s leadership is unparalleled.

“At the moment he’s doing a great job,” Fittler said.

“Personally I couldn’t think why you couldn’t put people around Blake Green and have him as the steady person in the team.

“I think at the moment he’s shown me enough that he could be that steady ship if you have someone around him.”

Following years of financial strains and salary cap pressure, the Bulldogs will be able to reach deep into their pockets in the upcoming off-season.

After missing out on Canberra star John Bateman, the Bulldogs have kept their focus on the Raiders’ playing group, moving their interest onto Nick Cotric.

Cotric is reportedly linked to a $600,000-per-year deal from the Bulldogs.

While the Bulldogs latest recruitment hopeful has caught the eye of many, Johns believes the club should be looking to add stronger stocks to their playmaking depth.

Johns backs Green to play alongside Kieran Foran, who has struggled to find a stave companion as young halves Jack Cogger, Brandon Wakeham and Lachlan Lewis are yet to prove themselves alongside Foran.

“Blake Green and Kieran Foran behind that forward pack, throw in another world class fullback,” Johns told Wide World of Sports’ Freddy and the Eighth.

“With Blake Green there and Kieran Foran healthy and fit, they would be a hard team to beat.”

The issue with both the Bulldogs and Johns’ plans is the limited amount of star fullbacks that remain without a contract.

A-grade playmakers in James Tedesco, Kalyn Ponga and Tom Trbojevic have all sewn up long-term deals while the likes of Latrell Mitchell and Matt Moylan remain signed until the end of next year.

Roosters youngster Joey Manu has looked promising under Tedesco’s absence and could be a viable option for the Bulldogs future but remains to be another name contracted until the end of 2022.

The Bulldogs will sit in a strong position financially and will enter a vital era when they begin eyeing recruits for the next two-three seasons.



  1. bulldogs should look to build off the Luke Thompson signing by going back to the UK and sign Jackson Hastings (24) and Daryl Clark (27) both players in their prime and will bring x-factor to the bulldog’s spine.

    the bulldogs have a ton of players off contract and id let a lot walk including Keiran Foran if someone offers him a big deal. id give him 400k and if something bigger comes in then he can go. Along with him I’d let Adam Elliot, Raymond Faitala-Mariner, Aiden Tolman and Jack Cogger leave.

    Id target Jamil Hopoate, a bruising back-rower who the broncos can’t afford who gets the chance to play with his brother.
    plus Billy Magoulias from the sharks, a young workhorse who has huge potential.
    then lastly Hayze Perham, a fullback/centre/five-eight with great potential who isnt getting much of a chance behind RTS.

    1. W Hopoate
    2. DWZ
    3. Perham
    4. Smith
    5. Crichton/Meaney
    6. Lewis/Wakeham/JMK
    7. Hastings
    8. Napa
    9. Clarke
    10. Thompson
    11. Jackson
    12. J Hopoate
    13. Magoulias

    14. JMK/Averillo
    15. Britt
    16. Stimson
    17. Sue

  2. Think Blake Green is going to the Super League or will have to settle for less money or a backup role.

    if he stays in the NRL maybe he could be a fit for the Cowboys who lack experience in the halves, or Manly where he could be the Keiran Foran of 2016 that DCE needs. Walker can fill in at fullback with Tommy Turbo out injured or in the centres his best position

  3. Some good thoughts there swa9amuff1n, especially Hopoate and Magoulias. I’m not sure what to make of the Bulldogs this year and the way things are going they could be headed for the wooden spoon.

    I think Blake Green could be a real asset for them with his experience and durability and the Bulldogs would benefit from getting a couple of big boppers in their forwards. An experienced centre would be good for them but the problem is the lack of quality centres coming off contract at the end of this season. Maybe they could entice Tim Lafai from the Red V to come back or Euan Aitken, who was linked to the Dogs a couple of years ago.

  4. I’d be going all out to sign reed Mahoney 3 years , failing that I’d sign Jake friend for 2 years
    I’d definitely try and retain hawarira-naira. , And Okunbor Also .

    I’d be getting rid of Tolman, JMK, sue, holland, cogger , chrichton , DWZ plus more .

    I’d like to see this next year

    1. Meaney
    2. smith
    3. Hopoate
    4. Averillo
    5. Cotric
    6. Foran
    7. Greene


    Faitala mairiner



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