CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA - JULY 01: Greg Inglis of the Rabbitohs holds his hand after being injured during the round 16 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the North Queensland Cowboys at Barlow Park on July 1, 2018 in Cairns, Australia. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)

South Sydney skipper Greg Inglis will miss a chunk of the pre-season after a flare up of a lingering knee injury, as confirmed by coach Wayne Bennett to The Daily Telegraph.

The 32-year old is unlikely to play in any of the Rabbitohs’ trial matches, beginning with the Bunnies clash with the Panthers at Redfern Oval on February 23.

Additionally, Inglis is not expected to line up for the Indigenous All Stars in their clash against the Maori team on February 15.

The star fullback missed most of the 2017 season after undergoing a construction of the same knee that is troubling him now.

Alex Johnston and Corey Allan shape as potentially opens to replace Inglis in the No. 1 jersey.


  1. He wasn’t going to make the All Stars squad anyway. He nominated himself as a right centre and fullback and was losing to James Roberts and Ben Barba.

  2. I agree with lucas02 inglis is done in his prime great player last few years his spent more time out of the game then in it he should have retired from rep footy this year and concentrate on souths

    • Agree with that. I believe he will miss that game and a few others, and I hope that there is footage of him sitting on the sideline at any game he misses. I reckon that there is more to his recent demeanour than what’s being let out. This could well be another rabbitoh swept under the carpet scenario.

  3. There isn’t a person on this site that wouldn’t have him in his team, and as for being behind Roberts and Barba, come on, he’ll be right for the season, nothing serious and he is fit, declared that he wants to play fullback, although i believe that centre is his best position now, give that young bloke Corey Allen first crack there with Johnston back on the wing.

    • We do not want him penz0. He would only become the Roosters feeder club Norths Captain, or if one of our brilliant wingers got hurt he could propbably fill in on the wing for a few games, until they came back. Inglis is easy pickings these days. He is not hard to tackle and he has lost strength and is much slower.= Hasbeen🤣😂😆😁🤣😂😆😆😁

      I will pay him this though, When he drinks and drives he certainly has lost no speed. Just maybe Bennett can give him three schooies before he runs out onto the footy field. 🍻🍺🍺🍻🍺🐇🥄🐇🥄

      • Didn’t the Roosters sign Ryan Hall for the wing. He did his ACL before even arriving there. Is he one of these brilliant wingers?
        So I guess you’d have Greg Inglis come straight into the side to replace him, if he was at the Roosters?
        Who are these other brilliant wingers? The best one was Ferguson, who’s gone now.

        • Didn’t we buy Brett Morris? So it will be Morris and tupou on the wings. Morris is still better than Hall.

          We have the best backline in the game

        • Oh Brett Morris. So they let pace & height go, for an old guy. Lot of future in that move. Did he bring his walking stick with him?

        • Parra signed Ferguson for close to 800k, the roosters don’t waste that much money on a winger, we picked Morris up for under 400k. Morris will be filling in until we can get someone worth buying. That’s why the rooster and storm are so successful, we don’t just blow all the money because somebody average comes on the market.

          Who do you support? Or are you to ashamed to admit it?
          If I was to guess your a tiger or panther

        • Whilst I’d be the first to admit Parra has a track record for paying overs, I don’t think we have with Fergo.
          He signed a 3 year deal on $500k p.a.
          If you think BMoz on $400k p.a is a better deal/fit for the Roosters, fair enough, but It wasn’t a big $ saving, especially considering Parra would have had to pay more than the Roosters to intice the move.

        • Ferguson was apparently on 500k with us, do you think he would leave a premiership winning team for the same amount of money? We could of easily kept him for 500k. We just would not of signed hall or Morris.

          Personally I think the eels needed to get playmakers and a couple of decent forwards. They have one decent player in there spine at the moment (gutho) just goes to show how badly your club is run.

        • I doubt Fergo was on $500k given he was signed back in 2014/15, after his off field incidents.
          I believe he was only offered a 1 year deal to stay at the Roosters, which is why he signed with us.

        • Well from 2015 he was getting roughly 450k, I couldent find what he was on before that. 50k year extra doesn’t seem that good, if eels sit at the bottom of the ladder for the next 3 years, his price will drop on his next contract

      • Oh great buy for $400,000 , if you can keep him on the field? Wishing them better luck than the Bulldogs had for the last few years.
        The Bulldogs went with some much younger , faster backs than Either Morris. Say what you like ? They got that one correct!!!!
        Still , anyone saying ‘Brilliant’ wingers for the Roosters now , must be living in the future . Looking forward to the next good winger the Roosters just Buy!

        • He played 23 games for the bulldogs last year and was arguably there player in 2018, Bulldog will be lucky not to get the spoon this year.

          I notice you avoided my question about who you support. Are you that embarrassed?

        • Roosters turned Tupou into the player he is after debuting with them many years ago winning two premierships played Origin and for Australia, not purchased but created by the Roosters great development coaching statergies. Hall and Morris are brilliant finishers and have won premierships and played for their country. Some team Knicks one of our brilliant wingers then every great winger in the world want to come to the Roosters and claim the vacancy. Eastofthedivide is that where you left you brain???? All Rooster knockers take note. Even with Ferguson leaving we now have three brilliant wingers vying for two spots. AHAHAHAHAH

        • I wouldn’t take to much notice of Eastofdivide he is to ashamed to say what team he supports, I think he is a tiger because I would be embarrassed of that team to lol

    • “There isn’t a person on this site that wouldn’t have him in his team”

      I will say I would of had 2014 Inglis, but there isn’t many clubs willing to pay a 32 year old centre 1million

      I would have Latrell Mitchell for half the price all day

  4. Unquestionably it is certain and incontrovertible that Greg Inglis, our beloved South Sydney captain, has come to the autumnal equinox of his illustrious career.

    Indeed it is assuredly obvious to the avid League follower that his injuries have forced Greg to withdraw and transfer excess weight from his body to alleviate the stress on his knee. Therefore transforming this once brutally strong being into a mere slim mortal, hence the opposition number marking him has a simple straightforward plain sailing uncomplicated easy to tackle mark.

    We at South Sydney Rabbits need to follow the brilliant structure that has been evident in our arch rivals camp the Sydney Roosters for a couple of decades, thus continually producing brilliant attacking weaponry in the form of Latrell Mitchell and Manu. But to name a couple.

    Recurrently and periodically a player will play beyond his best and participate in a season too many. Greg Inglis I fear has arrived at this phase with his status showing all the signs of an outmoded antediluvian ancient antique.

    • Sounds to me Russell that I have finally convinced you that Inglis like your old fart coach are both has beens and past their use by date. 🤣😂😆😁😆😂🤣 Your shout for a Latte tomorrow you old posh rabbit.💪🐔👍🎱🏆🐓18🏆🐓19

  5. Alcohol, which impedes recover and rehab, has obviously caught up with him. Not to mention the stress loading a led foot can cause on surrounding joints.

  6. I must admit when I seen the headline “ Inglis set for stint on the sideline” I thought there was some justice, but no the grub gets off Scott free. I hope karma catches up with him and he gets a career ending injury.

  7. I just like to reply to rediculous statements. One’s such as The Roosters wingers being Brilliant !
    As I don’t give a crap about you, I feel no need to reply to any questions you have either.
    You have a good weekend though.

    • Eastofthedivide in case you missed my reply above then here it is again.

      Roosters turned Tupou into the player he is after debuting with them many years ago winning two premierships played Origin and for Australia, not purchased but created by the Roosters great development coaching statergies. Hall and Morris are brilliant finishers and have won premierships and played for their country. Some team Knicks one of our brilliant wingers then every great winger in the world want to come to the Roosters and claim the vacancy. Eastofthedivide is that where you left you brain???? All Rooster knockers take note. Even with Ferguson leaving we now have three brilliant wingers vying for two spots. AHAHAHAHAH

    • Your are more than happy to try talk crap about our successful team and it’s funny your are targeting our wingers haha

      You have Benji, Farah and josh Reynolds oh I almost forgot mbye hahah you team is full of reject players that no other club wanted. Teddy left because he knew that the tigers were going no where.

      • Tigers have the worst spine in the comp, they have 1 rep player in the team (packer) hahaha that’s embarrassing

        • The results in 2018. For Wests versus Roosters. Wests 10-8, Rosters 16-14.
          Not bad for a team with the worst spine in the competition & one rep player. Against the premiers , who you lot say are all brilliant.
          Does that make them almost brilliant?
          Ha,Ha,Ha.. Should check your results before you sprout Your Tri Coloured Diatribe.

  8. So again we do not want Greg Inglis and we have no need for Greg Inglis. He reminds me of three of the immortals Beetson, Fulton and Langlands who all went a season to many and those three immortals had poor last seasons before their retirement. Looks like we have to put up with two poor seasons from Inglis.

  9. Just as you put crap on one of the best players to represent Australia. Greg Inglis.. Have some respect for someone who’s done something in the game . No matter what he’s done off the field. Still one of the best players ever.
    Don’t talk rubbish about the Roosters players. Wingers in particular. Just because they’ve played for the Roosters doesn’t make them all brilliant.
    Especially when the best one is now gone. The Roosters have one decent winger. One old hobble around , with his ACL gone. Never proven anything in the NRL. One old injury prone , formerly decent back. His best is far behind him . Who they’ll be lucky to keep on the field for a whole season.
    None of them could shine a light to Inglis as players. Yet you think they are ‘Brilliant’!
    You look at all Roosters current & former players through Rose coloured glasses I guess?

    • WAS a good player at the storm. I like him at souffs, as all he’s doing now is sucking up your salary cap!
      Now he has a fake knee injury to stop being embarrassed in the poll for the All stars game.

    • Inglis isn’t the only player playing footy past his use by date. See I’m talking about this year and the second half of last season. Inglis recent form has not been of his younger days. Like I said before. Inglis is over the hill now. Not 3 or 6 or 10 years ago. NOW.

      • We all know that. We just went through the fact that the Roosters bought two of them. You call them your new brilliant wingers remember?
        Just for you… Hall ,old & did his ACL. Morris , old & injury prone. Hope you can remember this time.
        The money they paid for both of them. They could have just kept the better winger, Ferguson.
        Looks like a pretty good deal now for Parramatta supporters!
        Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

        • That’s where byour wrong as usual, The Roosters picked both up on the cheap in fact Ferguson’s money bought both of them for what he was on. Hall when he hits his peak come mid season will be better than Ferguson and is probably the best winger in the world until he injured his knee, whilst Morris was purchased super cheap as a back up. Fact mate they are the Facts. = Two brilliant wingers and one Origin back up in Morris.

  10. You’re so called facts are all in your mind as per usual.
    Hall is way past his best. Just as Super League commentators have said. Never played in the NRL & suffered am ACL injury. His chances of coming back & even being competitive are very small , in this coming season. Just the same as any player who suffers such a serious knee injury . The chances of it reoccurring are high. Especially playing in a position like the wing. Where quick turns , stopping & starting quickly, trying to cover other wingers centres who change direction quickly occur all the time. Add his large size, that makes doing those things harder to do. Add in trying to jump for the ball, which he’s never done that well at. Then add in the fact that the NRL is harder than the Super League. Plus , no players come back to play well in their first year back from that type of injury.
    Don’t like your chances!
    Both Morris brothers are way past their best. Just as you like to say about Inglis. Both are injured a lot & spend a lot of time on the side line. No way either would be picked for any rep teams now.
    Past it & should both retire now. Isn’t that what you say for Inglis?
    Also Morris was a panic buy, as they expect nothing from Hall this year.
    No bargains there TimberBird.

  11. By the way.. Either you as one of your many sign ins, or your best buddy above ‘ BackToBack ‘, said the Roosters signed Morris for under $400,000 . If it’s $350,000 , or let’s even say $300,000 ? Add in the same for Hall. That’s $600,000 – $700,000 for both. Still sounds like one very Good winger for that price.
    So much for not paying a lot for wingers!
    Sorry, dont spread it so thick & maybe you can try & avoid stepping in it?

    • You are fighting a losing battle E.O.D. My comment will probably get deleted but, this site runs adds, they need clicks to justify charging customers for running their adds, plain and simple. There are so many alias’s on this site who just create argument for the sake of keeping the site financial. These alias’s want an argument, the site needs you here, it’s not rocket science. They are not getting advertising from George’s fish and chip shop. I would say there are probably at a guess less than 50 genuine accounts here, and that’s overestimating I reckon by 50 percent. There would be a lot of those so called posters that have multiple accounts to create the click bait, otherwise no one would advertise on here if there were only a handful of posters. It’s been set up so badly and it’s so transparent, a laugh actually. I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority are all the same

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