Injured Wests Tigers talent Adam Doueihi has made headlines by taking the bold step of personally negotiating his own contract, rejecting a minimum-wage offer from club CEO Shane Richardson.

The 25-year-old, who is on the road to recovery after 13 months out due to injury has addressed Richardson directly about his contract concerns.

Doueihi's decision to handle his negotiations independently is a rare move in today's game. Most players rely on managers or agents to navigate these discussions, but Doueihi's approach shows his belief in his worth and his business acumen, instilled by his father.

"I come from a business-minded family. My dad owns his own dry-cleaning business and I've got a good close network of friends who own successful businesses and I enjoy trying to pick their brains,” Doueihi explained to News Corp. 

“The challenge of having tough conversations with people is something I'm always looking to improve and I feel like this is a good stepping stone for life after footy, where I will be dealing with different people and networking and having those tough conversations."

In a week marked by David Fifita's backflip on his deal with the Roosters through his manager, Doueihi's self-directed approach stands out.

"I've always had the mindset that my footy is going to do the talking and whether a manager is involved or not, I know my worth," Doueihi stated.

Doueihi's comeback game is anticipated within the next five weeks.