SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 25: Bulldogs coach Des Hasler speaks to the media after the round four NRL match between the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles and the Canterbury Bulldogs at Lottoland on March 25, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Two-time premiership winning coach Des Hasler says he has the desire to coach in the NRL again with the vacant spot at Manly his prime opportunity.

Hasler had a three hour conversation with his manager George Mimis in Sydney on Monday following his arrival back in Australia after holidaying overseas.

While Hasler explains he wishes to once again coach Manly to glory, there is still much discussion to be had before he becomes the permanent replacement for Trent Barrett.

The 57-year old coach has enjoyed much success with the Sea Eagles over the past decade, leading them to premiership wins in 2008 and 2011, before leaving the club to join the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs.

Hasler told the media on Monday that no contract as been offered to him at this stage.

“I haven’t signed any deal. I’ve just arrived back from overseas,” Hasler said.

“Obviously I have a desire, or I would like to coach in the NRL again. And that’s the chance this offers me.

“Basically it was just a matter of being briefed [by Mimis] and catching up about the possibility – the possibility – of coaching at Manly again.”

While Manly’s chairmen Scott Penn is set to return from holiday in New York later this week, CEO Lyall Gorman has taken over discussions with Hasler’s management this past week.

New Zealand high performance manager Don Singe told he too would like to make a return to the NRL and is hoping to link up with Hasler again.

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Singe worked at Manly under both Hasler and Geoff Toovey before making the switch in 2016 to the Bulldogs in order to follow Hasler.

He left the club after two years and spend 2018 working for Cadence Health, an online health and nutrition coaching college.

Singe said he hasn’t been contacted by either Hasler or the Sea Eagles but is definitely interested in working for an NRL club again.

“I am definitely interested in resuming and growing my career at Manly,” Singe said.

“My time away from the NRL has been very positive in particular my growth as an educator through Cadence Health.

“The NZ Test matches this year kept my wits sharp and I have missed my connection with driving and influencing athletes to perform. I have missed the intensity and demands of hour by hour, day by day and week by week [in the NRL].”

Singe was apart of Michael Maguire’s staff for the Denver test match against England earlier this year, as well as last Saturday’s win over the Kangaroos, but has been allowed to miss the three-test series against England in the UK in order to pursue a career in the NRL again.

As well as the length and value of a proposed new contract, Hasler would also need to figure out a football department staff, as Singe could be a handy inclusion given the success the two shared over eight seasons together at Manly.

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Singe said he’d very much like to work under Hasler again.

“Des knows process, is innovative, and encourages you to explore and learn. He then expects application and evidence of progression,” Singe said.

“If he believes you are pursuing a line of interest for the team he will back you 100 percent. He doesn’t mind giving you a rocket but he is happy to move on once the problem is identified, rectified and understood.

“He’s a very direct communicator and I love that.”

Singe was made redundant by the Sea Eagles at the end of the 2015 season when a clean-out of the club saw Barrett take over as head coach, but states there is no bad blood there.

Barrett’s assistant coach John Cartwright is also in the frame to take over the coaching role, but his future also seems up in the air despite signing a two-year contract extension with the club.

Could this be the return of the golden years for the Brookvale club if Hasler, and Singe, were to once again sign on at the club?


  1. I swear without manly articles this site would be dead. See even ZT needs us! Des is going to bring us back to glory not right away but we have a good squad and a better spine than most and a pack that can match it with the best. Top 8 next year if injuries dont kill us again. Same the next then top 4 the 3rd year imo.

    • We don’t have wingers and centres to finish off the hard work. Until we get backs that can catch and tackle we will struggle.

      • We have centred walker/Kelly is fine for a centre combo. Need wingers desperately. Taufau seems to be nowhere near his best and well Matt wright…
        We need 2 wingers. Gotta be a rookie winger needing a shot and a performered winger around we can pick up. Keep thinking we going to sign Nathan Ross, which unless e real cheap I wouldn’t want him.

        • Walker is one of tjr best centers in the game and kelly showed he has potential our wingers on the other hand… maybe throw ken sio a line he would be cheap and hes faster than that old woman wright or the ross dog. Taufua will come good under des imo but he and kelly defending together worries me!

          LOL@bev aust hb turbo played origin and for Australia this year last year best fb by a mile api is a great tough lil sob and elgey well he looks like he has potential under the super coach he will shine you watch.

    • A better spine than most?
      You have a overpaid nuffie at 7 and a 5/8 that wasn’t wanted by the Titans.
      When you are saying a nuffie giraffe, an overrated fullback and a Titans reject are one of the better spines in the NRL, you really show how clueless you are.
      Bottom 4 again next year and the only thing that will save you from your first spoon is Parra getting their 15th.

      • Arthur is still on the Manly pay book. Being employed by Manl Arthur was successful in preventing Manly with their first ever Wooden Spoon. Lots of brown paper bags were seen being shipped out of Brookie and heading towards Parra last season. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • Do you even watch footy kev,
        Api (hooker) very dynamic, turbo- international, DCE- pretty well officially best halfback in the world.
        That’s a spine.
        How do you like them nipples?

        • Come on Screaming, you’ve got to warm people up to a punchline that, ” DCE- pretty well officially best halfback in the world”, otherwise they could, and just as an example of course, spray a mouthful of beer all over the place.

        • screamingeagle October 16, 2018 at 10:33 pm
          How do you like them nipples?

          eelsalmighty October 16, 2018 at 11:01 pm
          Come on Screaming, you’ve got to warm people up to a punchline that…

          @ mighty

          Are you actually asking Screaming to warm your nipples “Nip”? (queue Seinfeld transition music)

  2. Hasler is toast!!!! Outdated.
    I’m no watnough fan but he’s spot on with DCE. He’s taking up too much of the pie.

  3. Manly stole our Clive Churchill medal in 2013, how did DCE get the award? There needs to be an investigation. Oh Bob Fulton was one of the judges, I almost forgot. Sorry DCE won that award fair and square. Good one Bob💩👴👎

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