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New Parramatta signing Bryce Cartwright has suffered a suspected broken jaw in a freak training accident.

The 26-year-old was struck by a stray boot at training and was sent to hospital.

Cartwright is expected to be out for between four to six weeks.

The injury-plagued second rower joined the Eels at the end of last season after three seasons at the Titans.

Cartwight made seven appearances in 2020 to take his NRL tally to 112 games since his debut for Penrith in 2014.



  1. No worries EastOfDivide.

    Just another panther reject that wasn’t wanted in the first place.

    Blake and RCG weren’t wanted at the Riff and came to Parra to reignite there careers and are playing better than they ever did in the Riff.
    Thanks for paying most of their salary for the next couple of years. Lol

    How is your team full of other clubs juniors going?

    Do you think you will make it to the GF and choke again off the back of a halfback who can’t handle the pressure?

    Remind me again which team was the only team that beat you in the regular season last year?

  2. Ha, ha….
    An unwanted reject. That was going to start the year in the top 17 players. As touted by the Eels. What does that say about the rest of the squad?
    I’d rather not win only two games in a regular season . Even with a referee assisted win by Parramatta . Than start like a house on fire . Then fade away to yet another sad seasons end. At least a GF loss, is at least making the GF.
    Two excellent tries scored against Penrith in that loss to Parramatta, Scored by who ? Oh, another Panthers import!
    Guess who Parramatta was looking to sign , as a new centre? To replace a Penrith junior . Stephen Crichton!!!! What a surprise!
    What else do you have mreel?
    After next season, a lack of any good wingers, if they don’t sign Sivo on a larger contract for one thing!
    ( Where’d they sign him from? Need a tell you? Ha, ha….)

  3. In your mind mreel.
    If players were released from a club. That means the didn’t come from that club , to your Eels?
    If that’s the case, how do you count Salmon or Sorenson as Penrith imports? They weren’t wanted by their former clubs.
    How ridiculous! Both ways & the middle , mreel?

  4. I’m glad that you wanted to talk about a reject player, that your Eels wanted to put in their top 17 players though mreel.
    Who’s the most likely centre starter with Blake?
    Michael Oldfield!!!
    Clubs rejected by: Manly, Roosters, Catalan, South’s, Penrith, Canberra. Now at Parramatta!!!
    I love it!!! 😂

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