Paul Gallen and Justin Hodges are about to step into the boxing ring for the second time.

As they get ready to take down each other, this is a look into what current NRL players could be next to take the plunge into the boxing ring.

4. Brandon Smith

A self-proclaimed fanatic of boxing, Smith always loves stirring up the opposition and always seems to be at the centre of many scuffles. He is destined to find himself in the boxing ring in the future.

The new Rooster recruit and Storm cult hero has apparently knocked out a former New Zealand amateur boxing champion in his youth according to Triple M Footy.

Boxing promoter and Director of Dynamic Marketing sat down with Sporting News last year to discuss what players he has been in contact with.

"I Instagrammed messaged Brandon, he gave me his phone number to call him and he said 'Sign me up' and he was the first contract back," Livermore said.

"He's a guy who has boxed as a junior, I think whoever goes up against him has got his work cut out for him and Brandon said he'll fight anyone."