Former Sydney Rooster Paul Carter has furiously denied he has been at the centre of the leaked Dylan Napa sex tapes, in a bid to receive money from his former teammate.

Carter was named as the potential leaker when an unnamed source attached Carter to the story.

A message from a "senior Roosters staff member" claims Carter was in the WhatsApp ground and had access to the videos, and posted them after falling out with Napa 18 months ago.

Carter, who spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald about the rumour, suggested he was shocked when he first heard about it, and quickly called his manager to dispel the situation.

"I heard the allegations from people close to me, who messaged me in disbelief asking, ‘What’s going on here?’ I was in shock," Carter told SMH.

"Then I started getting a lot of follower requests on social media. I found that a bit strange. A friend, an ex-player I played with, gave me the heads-up. 'I want to let you know that I’ve heard this …' I got on the front foot and called my manager, who also manages Dylan, and I wanted to clear it up straight away.

"When I was at the Roosters, I had a great relationship with Dylan and still do to this day.

"He sent me a message [on Tuesday] confirming the exact same thing: that we have a good relationship and there’s no bad blood. I left the Roosters but there’s no bad blood with the club or any of the players."

The NRL are still unsure who has been leaking the videos, with Napa yet to tell the Bulldogs who he believes is at the centre of the leak.

Napa and the NRL integrity unit met on Tuesday, although the league's head office is still yet to comment on the matter given CEO Todd Greenberg, COO Nick Weeks and chairman Peter Beattie are all on holidays.


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  3. That is Rubbish as the person who leaked the video is suspected to be a player from the Rorts 2013 team, currently still playing in the NRL but at another club so Carter? NO CHANCE!

    It must be one of these 9 players!
    Shaun Kenny-Dowall, Mitchell Pearce, Aidan Guerra, Tautau Moga, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck,
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