The 2023 season might be gearing up for the finals, but in the ever-changing world of the NRL transfer market, attention is already shifting to 2024 and beyond.

Every NRL side has less than ten spots available in their Top 30 for next season, while a select handful of clubs are closing in on a full complement already.

Zero Tackle have compiled the current status of every NRL club for 2024, with signings, losses, players still off-contract, full squads, best 17, and an overview of what every club still needs to be successful come next season.

You can use our easy dropdown menu below to navigate between each club, and we will update this every time there is a signing or player movement for next year so that you can keep on top of how your club is shaping up for next season.


Canterbury Bulldogs

Bulldogs 2025 Player Movements

2025 Gains
Tom Amone (Leigh Leopards, 2026), Sitili Tupouniua (Sydney Roosters, 2028)
2025 Losses
Harrison Edwards (North Queensland Cowboys)
Samuel Hughes (2026), Max King (2027)
Off Contract 2024
Liam Knight, Joseph O'Neill, Chris Patolo, Hayze Perham, Toby Sexton, Jeral Skelton, Zane Tetevano, Jackson Topine

The following is correct as of December 25.

Full squad
Josh Addo-Carr, Matt Burton, Stephen Crichton, Josh Curran, Raymond Faitala-Mariner, Samuel Hughes, Drew HutchisonKitione Kautoga, Viliame Kikau, Max King, Jacob Kiraz, Liam KnightReed Mahoney, Kurt Mann, Zac MontgomeryKarl OloapuChris PatoloHayze Perham, Jacob PrestonJaeman Salmon, Jordan Samrani, Toby Sexton, Jeral Skelton, Ryan Sutton, Blake Taaffe, Jackson Topine, Connor Tracey, Jake Turpin, Blake Wilson, Bronson Xerri

Best 17 and full squad
1. Stephen Crichton
2. Josh Addo-Carr
3. Bronson Xerri
4. Connor Tracey
5. Jacob Kiraz
6. Toby Sexton
7. Matt Burton
8. Max King
9. Reed Mahoney
10. Ryan Sutton
11. Jacob Preston
12. Viliame Kikau
13. Kurt Mann

14. Jaeman Salmon
15. Josh Curran
16. Samuel Hughes
17. Liam Knight

18. Karl Oloapu
19. Kitione Kautoga
20. Blake Taaffe
21. Jake Turpin
22. Hayze Perham
23. Jordan Samrani
24. Jeral Skelton
25. Jackson Topine
26. Raymond Faitala-Mariner
27. Blake Wilson
28. Drew Hutchison
29. Zac Montgomery
30. Chris Patolo

Roster spots open: 0

2024 Development List

1. Bailey Hayward
2. Joseph O'Neill
3. Joash Papalii
4. Kurtis Morrin
5. Poasa Faamausili

What they still need

Karl Oloapu (after he comes back from injury) is likely to be given the season-long keys to the number six jumper without better options on the market - and at any rate, the club's contract for Oloapu is a big show of faith. However, Phil Gould has admitted in the past that he is likely to transition into the lock-forward position.

This will give Toby Sexton the number six jumper, while Jaeman Salmon and Blake Taaffe will also fight for minutes, and there is a school of thought that suggests Oloapu will become a lock forward.

In the forwards, Ryan Sutton and Max King will lock down the middle, with Chris Patolo also in the squad. However, they will be without key enforcers Franklin Pele and Luke Thompson.



  1. Sharks: New signings NIL. Roster spots available NIL.
    Don’t expect any improvement this year if Craig Fitzgibbon does not give game-time to the players the club has been developing.
    If he thinks that they are never going to be better than NSW Cup, why has he re-signed them?

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